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  1. Well not my choice style is old fashion but if he's a mick Mccarthy Neil warnock Steve Bruce tyre manager he get us up the table and in time promotion probably next season the question is prior to 2015 would u have tony pulis as manager I say every owl say ya but he wouldn't go near wednesday then so ask the question if dc appointed tp 2015-16 would we be in the prem and the answer is yes...... So welcome Tony pulis
  2. Fair enough pity couldn't had being given a one month deal.... But joey probably stuck in for more
  3. Surplus to requirements needed to sign a replacement that's were the manager earns he's wages
  4. Given joey a new deal was a major og when mass was always going to get injured
  5. A great Manager but siad he never manage wednesday as family in Sheffield and get too messy so he's out if he's keeps to he's word
  6. Tell me how many centre half's and I mean decent proper centre half's had we in jan 2017 when we sign rhodes
  7. Our problem we having done the right think since Jan 2015 who sanction Rhodes signing at the time can you remember how many fit plus decent centre half's we had... the answer is 3 we stock pile forwards and no Cover in the back line this happen when you make wrong appointments.... remember mick Mccarthy Ipswich with no money spend was battling out for sixth place 15-16 season if Mccarthy had us we be up as champions
  8. Cc manage 15 clubs before Wednesday not good and relegated swansea that's he's legacy when the pressure came on he poo he's pants at both clubs when no expectations a great man so if your happy with a unproven foreign manager we'll good for you.... see how Chris Haughton got the job done with Brighton dis isn't playground stuff your talking millions of pounds at stake you got to and I repeat got to get it right it's the difference from mickey mouse clubs and were one now
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