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  1. But you know he loves the club think he would have known what was needed
  2. True. If your not feeling up to it u shouldn't take one ff did and what am trying to get across is he's not the real deal when we really needed him to produce the goods didn't do it but we'll able to try force a move out of the club when he felt like it
  3. Hopefully Mr paxaio doesn't have to take a pay cut as he's advise to dc is top notch
  4. I won't lie was delighted we sign a player like Jordan at the time and at than price tag... But we only had 3 centre half's and one of them was dodgy how we didn't strengthen that area I will never know back to cc or ap someone has to be held account for it... Villa away the 2nd season will back up what I've just stated
  5. Were good at ruining players. stockpiling strikers
  6. When the pressure came on he bottle it I can remember penalty at Brighton plus Huddersfield flaky mentally not up to wage packet he earns and he's not the only one
  7. First of all well done dc for giving honest interview about club and recent loan transfer dealings....... Now for the good of the club have tell the truth. Great interview tell u siad amudeu paxios is your advisor can just understand why the mess were in... Would Chris waddle not do as a advisor... Ff was both a attention to the club by paxaio. we watch rubbish for years and having Ff wearing owls Jersey was great but heard Keith Andrews say when at Watford he had loads of talent good enough for prem but personality plus attitude kept him back so not great scouting as hes not team player and u don't go places with these type of players... I suppose paxaio suggested cc a no body as well the man who sign or who gets the blame for bad signings
  8. Score against hudders away. score against qpr away Cup. set up pen against Bristol City when big dave falls over and that's from very few mins has one bad day against Wigan lambasted. He has no proper match shapness and also if a club try to wreck a player morale tell me a worst club. He going to leave and score goals like he did when on loan with derby
  9. What has winnall done wrong think the guy getting a right raw deal from the club has a bad game drop but others kept being played and continue to be poor.... If I was him I love to get out of wednesday
  10. Alot to do with bad results that none are available to play we wouldn't be in playoffs but we would be alot better off
  11. He has a whole sea of tuna of mess up to sort 5 years of them
  12. Think gray the job he done under mm with no money and a pitch which look like a beach was unreal...... If it ain't broke don't fix....
  13. The signings of melo and bus from The mickey mouse leagues the start of the incompetences From dc...... did Stuart gray sanction these signings? My guess no
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