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  1. He’s well and truly lost the plot. It won’t be much longer until we will start wanting Jos back
  2. There’s certainly a lot of competition..
  3. Watching this is rotting me to the core, miserable performance after another, ever since beating Leeds. It’s criminal how we’ve performed these past few games and we’ve been exposed for the team we are. An average Championship team.
  4. MONK OUT, doesn’t know how to play the team without Fletcher.
  5. I want us to start winning games again so we don’t have to hear so much calamity like this.
  6. Everytime Wednesday, time for a go at the transfer market
  7. And back to normal, here we were thinking that we could carry the momentum from Brighton and L***s. Oh well, that’s the Championship for you.
  8. Just had a calculation of the average ticket price based on each league game we play at home (23) £20-£25 per home game sounds about right for a ticket price, Good on DC for lowering the price down. If away tickets prices are reduced, this could increase our attendance and increase sales.
  9. What a start this youngster has had today, hope this is start of a trend of getting some more youthful players in the 1st team.
  10. What’s going on with us? The last three games we’ve played, we look like a completely different team, struggling with defending and attacking. We are in need of some players this transfer window. Seems we rely on Fletcher too much for scoring goals. Needs sorting out soon.
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