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  1. You could say the 1st 10 minutes we were in control and the clear-offside goal changed the game. But there’s no excuse for the Sunday League defending. Can’t do the basics..
  2. The supporters who have travelled tonight even with an accident on A1(M1) The only people who showed up for Wednesday…
  3. Durham’s Wetherspoons - Bishop’s Mill Quite nice, got myself a whiskey and Coke. Waiting for a burger.
  4. Realistically, I would sacrifice the integrity of the club if it meant we would. Be playing Premier League football with a massive fan-base. Buying and selling amazing players. The boost to merchandising, stadium facilities/capacity, live coverage of all our games. It’s clear to see the benefits of having a superpower of an owner who can splash the cash like other big teams like Man City/Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool etc.
  5. I think the number of draws we’ve had recently made me think we were defeated at some stage!
  6. Well.. that was a nice surprise wasn’t it! Begs the question what catapulted our team to victory tonight. Corbeanu? Sunderland absolutely binned it? Or has Moore giving us a glimmer of hope that makes our 5 games unbeaten run a interesting stat for us currently? Long May it continue.
  7. One of these days, I’ll have to get myself to an away game and post some pictures. Love seeing this thread.
  8. I think this will make our summer transfer window a 10/10. Iorfa will undoubtedly be a key player for us this season and it’s about time we transferred our own players to other clubs.
  9. It’s not like we’ve been crippled enough by the EFL, Chansiri needs to go ASAP
  10. Unless we can sell him for a reasonable figure, I don’t think we should lose him.
  11. Looks like he’s staying put for the meantime, anything to suggest he’s leaving? For me, it’s his smile (probably thinking about wanting to stay so everyone can sing about his massive…. Contributions to the team.)
  12. Something fun to cover up how miserable things are right now.
  13. Bit more of a realistic price (£17.70) for a now league 1 team, wonder how high of a price Chansiri willing to go for next season.
  14. Seems like the one thing we really need to do is protest our frustrations so Chansiri will have no choice but to listen. I hope that we can fix this mess. Can’t expect Chansiri to do anything based on his track record of consistently making baffling decisions time and time again. Hoping we get sold to a chairman that actually knows what they’re getting themselves into.
  15. I mean Westwood saved us but to be honest, I wish the season was over and done
  16. Can’t wait to see the lot of them walk out of our club knowing that they single-handily relegated us whilst getting overpaid for years.
  17. Barnsley 2-0 Rovvrum Blackburn 1-1 Udders Cardiff 1-0 Wycombe Derby 1-2 Brum Colin 0-1 Wednesday
  18. Really don’t know with today, just isn’t good enough.
  19. Really need some fresh faces, League 1 might offer that if Chansiri doesn’t bury us deeper than we already have been.
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