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  1. Really don’t know with today, just isn’t good enough.
  2. Really need some fresh faces, League 1 might offer that if Chansiri doesn’t bury us deeper than we already have been.
  3. It’s a familiar sight, giving me a lot of memories of Nuhiu. Can be an absolute clown sometimes but when he delivers, It’s mesmerising.
  4. He’s certainly got a big ego for a player who’s spent most of his career out on average at best loan spells. 🥸
  5. Pretty much, realised that after learning our enviable fate. Wish I learned sooner. Watching this Wednesday is like a train-crash in slow motion. Just have to pick up the pieces from there.
  6. Just don’t see it working, As good as Carlos was, it was his underestimation of players and injuries. I rather not fall back into that again.
  7. Was booked at that point to be fair, but why didn’t he sacrifice himself?
  8. Those 30 seconds are breaking my heart as this and the last few seasons have done. Feels like my heart has been ripped out and stomped on by those so called professional footballers. Get paid to kill our club
  9. Rotherham could’ve easily put the game to bed in the 1st half, as a relegation bound team, that’s admirable in comparison to ourselves.
  10. ‘We’ aren’t getting relegated, our players are getting us relegated. Doesn’t matter to them where we end up. Fact is most won’t even be there come our time in League One. To them it’s another Wednesday like any other.
  11. You honestly think Monk is and was the problem?? One Word.... CHANSIRI
  12. 10 men down Rotherham still not having any reason to be worried
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