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  1. If that ring is ‘The Pacific Ring of Fire’ then it’s a disaster waiting to happen.
  2. The Nags Head Inn - Just Outside of Loxley in High Bradfield. Honestly miss going here before games especially Tuesday nights kick-offs. Bradfield Brewery do some lovely brews as-well, highly recommended.
  3. The Scottish Magician! He can even levitate!!!
  4. Makes me think Nuhiu hasn’t left us!
  5. Was slightly with some of his mistakes in the first half, but he grew into the game. That sloppy pass to their front man at the end was the biggest butt-clench.
  6. Literally just walked through our midfielders and defence...
  7. The only reason why I would say yes is because we need all the players we can get. Hutch fit > Joey undoubtedly.
  9. If we do win today, you’ll definitely make up the money required for that season ticket refund!
  10. Worst year of football in my life. Worst Calendar performance in 40 years. Lockdown. Players don’t look up for it. Relegation Bound. The list goes on really, hard to see us nose-diving into the dark ages again. Seems like an eternity since Carlo’s first season.
  11. Funnily enough, it was both Hutch and Nando who missed their penalties
  12. Really find it hard to see who can be complemented for any little thing that game, I’ve gone with Iorfa for trying a few times to move the ball forwards.
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