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  1. And just like that, another player we could’ve sold for a decent amount, left to play completely out of his depth.
  2. As much as I love Atty. We must keep moving forward, not backwards.
  3. The Sky Commentators are having a laugh, Rhodes isn’t going to solve our problems, sure he’s a striker but what has he done apart from scoring one hat-trick?
  4. Seems nothing has changed. Going to be a miracle if we survive relegation this season.
  5. Disclaimer, only just seen OP, some cheeky monkey gave the wrong tune. Where’s the delete button?
  6. To the tune of ‘Waterfall‘ (Credits to Claire)
  7. Liking the look of these new kits, not much has changed but the digital is gone and In is some sort of mesh. The bigger surprise is an early announcement on the kits. The marketing team have finally caught up with everyone else 🔵⚪️🦉
  8. Strong 1st half but no goals. Concede 1 penalty In 2nd half. But score a last minute equaliser, massive header by Nuhiu.
  9. Think that’s the worst part. We have little to no clue on how much the EFL would deducted us on and hope it’s not too many for us to get relegated. Make a good point saying that administration is probably a lot worse than our situation. But who knows, The EFL might have a surprise for us yet. (Which hopefully doesn’t involve League 1)
  10. I think it would be unwise to have a change in management right now. I’m not a fan of Lee Johnson anyway, don’t think he has anything to offer at our club.
  11. As of now, we have been clearing out our squad, but some concerns come to mind. -The lack of a senior LB - The number of Strikers (Only Wickham, Rhodes and Nuhiu) And I’m sure there are other problems I have glanced over, the main question here is what players/transfer we should make before the start of next season? (Whenever that will be)
  12. Think it’s clear Rhodes is past his prime, but there is faith in his partnership with Wickham. Wonder if the tactic is to create space for Wickham by luring out defenders.
  13. How was that not a foul for their goal? Their striker pushed our defender out of position which allowed the first header on goal.
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