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  1. Something is genuinely wrong with our club if we keep getting injuries this frequently.
  2. Toytown winning… funny how our one losing result is causing a meltdown
  3. Sunderland winning and playing against 10 man Cambridge
  4. Just settled back home now, fantastic day out!! Wasn’t expecting the 1st half but was definitely paranoid all of the 2nd half. Hung on and battled well. Hope that’s the outlook for the rest of the season.
  5. You could say the 1st 10 minutes we were in control and the clear-offside goal changed the game. But there’s no excuse for the Sunday League defending. Can’t do the basics..
  6. The supporters who have travelled tonight even with an accident on A1(M1) The only people who showed up for Wednesday…
  7. Durham’s Wetherspoons - Bishop’s Mill Quite nice, got myself a whiskey and Coke. Waiting for a burger.
  8. Realistically, I would sacrifice the integrity of the club if it meant we would. Be playing Premier League football with a massive fan-base. Buying and selling amazing players. The boost to merchandising, stadium facilities/capacity, live coverage of all our games. It’s clear to see the benefits of having a superpower of an owner who can splash the cash like other big teams like Man City/Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool etc.
  9. I think the number of draws we’ve had recently made me think we were defeated at some stage!
  10. Well.. that was a nice surprise wasn’t it! Begs the question what catapulted our team to victory tonight. Corbeanu? Sunderland absolutely binned it? Or has Moore giving us a glimmer of hope that makes our 5 games unbeaten run a interesting stat for us currently? Long May it continue.
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