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  1. Is this a fact? If so do you know why he only trains 2/3 times a week? As far as I recall he wasn't some old age pensioner and a "cripple" off any sort when we signed him, so by training 2/3 a week, would he not be in breach off his contract? Also, Does anyone have any idea why we seem to have the longest injury list ever known too man kind? and once a SWFC player is injured, we never seem to see them again? This is going back to when I first started watching, and It always seemed like Hirst and Chamberlin were never on the pitch together for a long run.
  2. At 139 games? why 139 games? That number just doesn't make sense. A % off a season would make sense, 100 games would make sense, 150 would, but why 139?
  3. And expanding your post...…. what will season ticket sales be like next year?
  4. That's a thing I don't get, Take Duffy for example all his career he's been no better than League , and at best bang average, Yet here he is in the championship playing out off his skin, at the age of about 300
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