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  1. It’s like saying which do you want AIDS or Cancer
  2. I think people are getting carried away a bit , Tuesday night at home we put all 11 men behind the ball and told city to attack but today we went out to try and win the game against a good side , it’s a mind set at club level players and management Unfortunate we just not good enough. Chansiri Is going anywhere soon so hopefully we get lucky and he finds somebody who’ll turn are fortunes around. So as a prerequisite Monk has to go! if things carry on this way division one beckons, either next season or the one after.
  3. Agreed but any member on here could come to the same suppositions , in fact you could write the same article for most failing clubs , just change a name or two
  4. the man does love Sheffield Wednesday, but the trouble is he loves himself more
  5. Businessmen do not do that sort of thing he’s bought the club invested millions in buying players and paying their wages , he will now be looking for the best strategy out. There’s no way he’s going to walk away making a profit but he will be wanting to mitigate his losses , unfortunately for all of us the world is a very unstable place at the moment with covid-19 , brexit and FFP hanging over our head , who in their right mind would start throwing 80 million pound at a football club other than a devout wednesdayite I don’t think there are any with that sort of cash so there’s no point in haranguing the bloke , making him feel unwelcome he’s tried his best sadly it’s not been good enough. Football is cyclical we will have happier times in the future , but for now we have to bear the unbearable
  6. hope he doesn’t get tested for drugs this weekend
  7. who‘a going to pay for the stand to be built D Taxis
  8. These are individual mistakes and each player involved should take responsibility, but games are not won and lost by these alone , it’s a matter of team coordination and spirit that shapes a season and for which the Chairman or owner who appoints the manager who organises team structure. As the Chairman who is our owner is not going anywhere soon. The manager has to go , hopefully has better luck this time, because I do believe there is a partial amount in choosing a manager
  9. correct I’m totally wrong , I’m cracking up
  10. It’s heart breaking I know but at the moment we’re 5 points from being relegated, and our general direction is not positive
  11. DC im afraid he appoints the manager who buys the players , so it has to him , I’m not saying he has to leave but at the moment he has to take responsibility for our current situation , hopefully Gary Monk is the one to turn it around , but it ain’t go going to be a quick fix because of players contracts . A clear out is needed
  12. I’m struggling, so I’m refusing to vote
  13. I can see this going really wrong , Chansiri could end up being disqualified from being a director of a company. What has he done, we in the poo and he’s in up to his neck.
  14. Think it could be worse points deduction for braking FFP plus an additional deduction for the way we tried to circumvent the rules
  15. If we have hopes for this seasons we can’t have many results likely that , especially because Hull are a poor team
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