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  1. Can’t see anybody taking Wednesday into administration other than HMRC , and that would be for employers national insurance contributions and employees contributions and income tax which they are responsible for collecting. It comes to nearly whopping 50 percent of the players income although Wednesday are on directly responsible for 12.8 % they still have to fined the cash when there is very little income.
  2. I think Chansiri has a problem with his calendar Christmas Eve was last Thursday
  3. Let’s not be deluded . He’s J Arthur Rank can’t wait till he’s gone
  4. Personally I think we’re lucky to get away with the 12 points deduction what I feared more was a transfer embargo, at least we have a chance now
  5. Think we should give him a 2 year deal he’ll be good in league one
  6. Got to admit is funny , but it doesn’t do anything but make us out to a bit of a laughing stock , which unfortunately I think we are at the moment
  7. It’s like saying which do you want AIDS or Cancer
  8. I think people are getting carried away a bit , Tuesday night at home we put all 11 men behind the ball and told city to attack but today we went out to try and win the game against a good side , it’s a mind set at club level players and management Unfortunate we just not good enough. Chansiri Is going anywhere soon so hopefully we get lucky and he finds somebody who’ll turn are fortunes around. So as a prerequisite Monk has to go! if things carry on this way division one beckons, either next season or the one after.
  9. Agreed but any member on here could come to the same suppositions , in fact you could write the same article for most failing clubs , just change a name or two
  10. the man does love Sheffield Wednesday, but the trouble is he loves himself more
  11. hope he doesn’t get tested for drugs this weekend
  12. who‘a going to pay for the stand to be built D Taxis
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