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  1. Itchy

    The shadow of The Blades

    Just like they did 2016/2017 Wilder is a different, take that attitude forward and we lose again.
  2. It’s posts on topics that give us are deluded title , stop it!
  3. Itchy

    How are we feeling ?

    Them b*stards are already there for fizz sake
  4. Itchy

    How are we feeling ?

    To be honest I’m not feeling too chipper but I feel worse is to come. I predict that come May, owls fans all over the world are going to have to be very brave but brave we will be . It fills me with great sadness
  5. Every club has their idiots
  6. I agree but as the ffp goes on a three year cycle think we will have to wait another season longer, the season we lost 21million is a noose around our head . I think Lee Bullen should be given this and next season to steady the ship and if he’s not successful bring in a new manager and give it another real go in 18 months time. Going poo or bust with Bruce, not worth the gamble, he’s failed before , we cannot take the chance.
  7. Itchy

    Adam Reach Injury update

    I think some people are being optimistic on the valuations on our players unfortunately everyone knows we are skirting with FFP and they’re going to use it to their advantage. For us to get a sizeable fee, we need a bidding war to start without it these figures of 10 million plus are way of the mark
  8. Itchy


    Perhaps a suggestion but no more I’ve always know it was unlikely but without a chance so take however you want to.
  9. Itchy


    Actually I didn’t I just asked the question if they were out of sight, it is a forum for people to exchange views.
  10. Itchy


    Great player on the pitch , the problem is even if fit you can’t guarante he’s going to be on it for 90 mins he’s a bit of a hand grenade running about with out the pin in , always likely to do some stupid and get sent off. Quite a few games we’ve lost though his stupidity in the past . Let us hope he’s going to play with his brain and not let emotion take over like it has done in the past all to often. Lets not get carried away everyone on here seems to be now we’ve got rid of stupid Jos . Shall we have some balance
  11. If you haven got a criminal conviction. My wife is an eu citizen and it one of the question asked on the application form for the right to remain.
  12. I honestly believe if he had a justifiable reason for non attending his solicitor would have put this to the court and arrest warrant would not of been issued
  13. Seriously ill in hospital may get him off but not much else will cut it. Missed a flight from Argentina or Italy won’t Dont think a lot of people on here understand the gravity of the offence . Not regarding Mansfield, it’s not turning up .
  14. The case is he’s not turned up the other stuff my be defendable. You need a bloody good reason to miss a court date if you are to avoid a custodial sentence, lame excuses won’t hold up . This time he’s really f*ck up Bye fernando close te door on your way out.
  15. He’s in danger of putting his who’s career in jeopardy as it is an offence on its own failing to turn up to court and is punishable by a custodial sentence of up to 3monts. As a non British citizen he might even lose the right to remain because he now has a criminal conviction.