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  1. I think people are being a little bit naive about loans , yes we may have a tentative agreement to have 4 players on loan from Newcastle , but the said individuals might not want to come or we are unwilling to pay the wages or loan fees. Their agent my not like the idea . Let’s just wait and see
  2. If it’s true about Chris Hughton turning us down I suspect it’s about his age and his location . Can’t imagine he needs the money, why fizz your life up in your sixties
  3. Me too , as a director of a company I know that you have inform companies house before the end of the tax year and therefore these changes won’t come into the profit and loss for previous year , so I think we still could be in trouble for the coming year , hope I’m wrong
  4. I’m all honestly does anyone on this site want Rhodes back I just want rid of him what a waste of space. i can’t see why Norwich or anybody playing in a standard above league one would. If we get more than a million we’ve had their pants down.
  5. The Chansiri comment , How can seriously pay their debts , that sort of thing would get him banned from football.
  6. Don’t believe the EFL will have any choice if the club is wound up . No ground no club etc. An unlikely scenario I know but if it happens there’s nothing the EFL can do.
  7. As you said brilliant today but must be gone in the summer
  8. I think they will be , but sooner or later some one is going to fold , this madness can not continue
  9. If they fold they’ll have no option as they will not be able to furfil their remaining fixtures. Unlikey but one day a club is going to fold it would just be our luck
  10. Wonder who going to be out injured on Wednesday My money is one Hooper follows by Matias
  11. True but still slightly worrying
  12. Could be bad news for us they’re in court soon with the possibility of been wound up. The effect of this would be all of their results being expulsed from league and the table would be as follows . We could then kiss playoffs goodbye ☹️
  13. Its a contact sport obviously you’ve never played
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