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  1. Think it could be worse points deduction for braking FFP plus an additional deduction for the way we tried to circumvent the rules
  2. If we have hopes for this seasons we can’t have many results likely that , especially because Hull are a poor team
  3. Disappointing, the early season form is beginning to fade and another slog of a session without hope seems to be upon us
  4. No it’s a rolling 3 year cycle we will still be in trouble next year
  5. To be honest I’d forgotten, but FF has earned his love, Rhodes hasn’t and he’s been given his chances, so it’s time him to go ASAP.
  6. Get him of the wage bill , I won’t forgive him for bottling the penalty.
  7. Unfortunately we haven’t got a manager at the the moment that should be the priority
  8. He’s got no chance of getting anything against Newcastle as there is no contact between Wednesday and Newcastle, as regards to Bruce and Wednesday there might be a chance but I doubt it as it will be his word against Wednesday , as Newcastle are not going to throw their own manager under the Bus. we should forget about it and get on with appointing our new manager as the season starts soon
  9. Better than a Dutch one I suspect
  10. Why worry about negative reactions, you have to write what you feel rather than what people what to hear
  11. I think people are being a little bit naive about loans , yes we may have a tentative agreement to have 4 players on loan from Newcastle , but the said individuals might not want to come or we are unwilling to pay the wages or loan fees. Their agent my not like the idea . Let’s just wait and see
  12. If it’s true about Chris Hughton turning us down I suspect it’s about his age and his location . Can’t imagine he needs the money, why fizz your life up in your sixties
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