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  1. Still had the two muppets (Waldorf and Statler)behind us. Constantly moaning about Bannan. They really are clueless
  2. Totally agree. With my credit of £140 next season my season ticket on the South will work out at £17.17 per game. Tremendous value in my opinion
  3. My point is, bringing the Papa Johns into an already ridiculous argument is just as ridiculous.
  4. Won one in the league, rest were in the chicken supreme trophy. On that basis we’ve also won more points than that without Farrell, Hutchinson, Iorfa, Dunckley, Adeniran, luongo etc. Just saying
  5. Agree with this 100%, Still by far our best player.
  6. I’d agree his hold up play is slightly better than Gregory, but his finishing is not as good. Gregory’s goals per game stats are way better than Madine’s in both the championship and league 1.
  7. What aspects of Madine’s game do you believe makes him a better player than Gregory ?
  8. Neuer Cannavaro Desaiily Maldini Makalele Figo Scholes Iniesta Zidane Maradona Ronaldo ( )
  9. Be interesting to know why you think Madine would be a better option than Gregory spearheading the attack.
  10. Great point considering the make shift defence and 10 men for nearly half hour. BPF for me pal
  11. Great news. Continues to prove people wrong and for me has been our most consistent player across numerous positions this season. Deserves more credit than he gets from certain quarters.
  12. The only way to achieve promotion is to be given a chance. Warne achieved promotion via play offs by being given that chance. They also lost 15 games that season. Are we still in with play off chances, of course we are.
  13. I don’t think you understand that nobody gets promoted in October. who’s to say we aren’t on course ??
  14. Nobody gets promoted in October so you are factually incorrect
  15. Why is he been touted as a possible replacement for Moore
  16. Yet he’s not our manager, and nobody gets promoted in October
  17. Took Rotherham down last season, all of a sudden he’s a cross between Pep, Kloppb and Jose. Only Wednesday fans can think he’s the answer !!!!
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