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  1. The moaners conveniently forget about that. We’ve also released 9 players and signed 8, have a complete new back line and keeper. We are still looking to bring in players to help strengthen the team further, but they want Man City football immediately. It’s actually embarrassing some of the criticism thrown at Moore
  2. We’ve only got 1 player injured, who passed a medical before we signed him. Don’t get the massive overreaction.
  3. Been honest he was absolutely atrocious. Dawson is far more agile.
  4. Got to disagree, the last 18 months 2 years there’s been a complete reset at the club. Time to move on from things that happened 3/4 years ago
  5. I think the biggest mistake the club made was offering the 8 options, trying to please everyone. I don’t think they anticipated how many would ask for refunds and cash flow became an issue because of the pandemic.Majority of clubs just issued credits to season tickets. That said the communication has been poor.
  6. It’s about time, but credit where credits due. Well done to all concerned.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday have yet to respond to the Star’s request for comment.
  8. Wouldn’t it be better to wait for the clubs response ? It’s yet to be established if the accusations are even true.
  9. Totally agree, all speculation with no actual evidence from the club to say this fan is banned.
  10. Playing devils advocate. If they intended to get a season ticket then why ask for a refund and take the club to court. The balance was already credited to their account and could have been used to help buy a new season ticket, That’s what I did. Need clarity from the club regarding their side of things. Not good PR either way
  11. What do you think of our chances are with the current squad?
  12. Educated guess would have been Jack Clarke ( winger/ forward). Tottenham signed him from Leeds for 10 million. Signed for Sunderland, still only 21
  13. That wasn’t the title, so change it back. Never change a thread title of someone else
  14. Just been on Talk Sport, more than half of clubs are yet to receive their new kits for this season. I know we can be quick to criticise the club but on this occasion it’s a massive well done to all concerned.
  15. Didn’t do enough to warrant a new contract. No consistency and went missing in quite a few games. Hence why he was here in the first place, no big miss in my opinion.
  16. Can someone please explain to me how the squad that started last season is stronger than the one that’s starting this season. I’m baffled !!!
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