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  1. He also said they controlled long periods of the game.
  2. Heartwarming story of triumph over adversity. Well done Declan you are an inspiration to others, and hopefully you have a long and successful career with the Owls.
  3. Totally agree, it’s raw talent at the moment. Our fans are that desperate for a hero they are going overboard about a 19 year old who has yet to play a dozen games. Need to calm down and let his obvious talent develop properly. Great performance today though
  4. I would take him. Would be a better shout than Mick McCarthy.
  5. Think you’ve been on the Sauce matey. Sky bet must be reading Owlstalk, He’s in to 6/1
  6. More likely he wasn’t wanted anymore in the U.K.
  7. Ask yourself why he was manager at APOEL in the first place and not managing in the U.K. Maybe these are the only management positions available to him now.
  8. Absolutely no way whatsoever. Hasn’t the last few weeks taught us anything about these dinosaur managers. Nobody wanted him in the U.K. that’s why he finished up at APOEL. Now sacked from them for being rubbish and some of our fan base want him.
  9. Finishing 5th in 1985, qualifying for Europe. Only for the scousers to get clubs banned from European competition. Who knows where we could have gone and the players we could have signed.
  10. Thought Tom Lees and the back four were tremendous despite the changes. Honourable mentions for Harris and I’m not his biggest fan. Also thought Kachunga did well doing a man marking job on their number 5 who ran the show first half.
  11. Simply not true, the fact you went looking for support from others proves that. Your hypocrisy is staggering and your comments simply back that up. End of ...
  12. I 100% believe it !! Without hearing it from Pulis himself. That’s very hypocritical, after all you said yesterday.
  13. Doesn’t matter if they are run better, with no revenue coming in every club will struggle. In defence of Chansiri he is managing that debt by himself.
  14. There’s a 250 million bail out for clubs agreed. So yes other clubs are struggling financially because of the pandemic.
  15. Your bedroom antics are none of my concern to be honest.
  16. Try page 6 of this thread quote “ despite his many failings “ unquote. Saying I am attacking Wednesday fans is simply not true, It’s my opinion that’s all. You are happy to to let the Chansiri out threads run, without question and I’m hypocritical !! Thats me done,
  17. I always thought this was a forum for opinions. I came on here to post my opinions not to ridiculed and accused of sycophancy If you don’t like my opinion then fine, scroll and move on. There is absolutely no need to try and ridicule people for their opinion and then try to drum up support with other posters Take a step back and think before you try and ridicule others for their opinions, and before you start deflecting take a look back at who posted the first sarcastic post. Please do not send me a private message regarding content as it’s you that needs reminding.
  18. Grow up, your like a child who’s had his toys taken away.
  19. That old chestnut, I’ll be an Uberfan soon. After hearing the chairman’s reasoning this morning I am happy with his decision. if Pulis comes out with anything that makes me change my mind then that is my right. Just because I choose to back the chairman doesn’t make me a better fan then anyone else and I have never said this. Yet when someone backs the chairman you try to belittle them or accuse them of sycophancy.
  20. So to summarise your recent posts. 1- It’s okay for people to criticise the chairman and make uninformed decisions based on Pulis previous interviews without hearing the chairman’s side. 2- It’s okay to criticise the chairman for the sacking without knowing the facts and the reasons why, No wages, No transfer money, Embargo, Pulis has given him home truths. 3- Our chairman makes a detailed statement ( which many on here have been asking for) giving the reasons for the sacking of Pulis, but it’s NOT okay to believe the chairman until dear Tony has given his side
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