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  1. Yet last season when the defence was all over the place (66 goals )Dawson was blamed for things that weren’t his fault. Now we are keeping clean sheets it’s all because of the defence. Give the guy some credit FFS
  2. 5 games 3 clean sheets. Growing in confidence and stature every game. New defensive line up in front today and never once looked in trouble. Well done Cam, keep the doubters quiet for at least another week.
  3. Totally agree. Nine new players, so can only get better the more they play together. Time to put last season/ past to bed and move forward. Monk And Chansiri deserve a lot of credit for what they have done in this transfer window.
  4. Give him a run in his natural position and he is still one of our best players. Good options for Monk to have.
  5. No, I read it correctly. We started our process on 1st Sept, they started theirs on the 18th. My Millwall mate is yet to receive his refund. My point is that Wednesday are not the only club in this situation, the majority are in the same situation. It says IPTV is stealing from the club, so any fan using it is stealing from the club. Sorry, I didn’t make things clear enough.
  6. I have a Millwall mate and they haven’t had there’s neither. its not ideal, but looks like majority of clubs are in the same boat. People also having a pop regarding the statement, Millwall have accused anyone of using IPTV if stealing from the club.
  7. So basically, doing exactly the same as us. Ours was 60 days from 1st Sept and I would be expecting fans to receive calls from next week onwards. Plus we have probably got more than 4 times as many season ticket holders refunds to process. interesting that Millwall have accused their fans who use illegal streaming of stealing from the club.
  8. Just for balance, Where does the statement actually call our fans immoral. It says some and refers to the illegal streaming. While the statement is worded wrongly, let’s not take it out of context.
  9. Apologies, replied to wrong post, just pointing out details are on the website.
  10. Could well have been a co-op. Just really strange that it was actually in the away end. Was an intimidating ground and plenty of fisticuffs before and after.
  11. Probably think you’re like the people that keep ringing asking if you’ve had an accident. The details are on the website.
  12. There was an update on the website over a month ago. Contact will be made up to 60 days from end of qualifying period which was Sept 1st.
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