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  1. Willow Owl


    Totally agree regarding the patience not given to Dawson. On a different scale i know but remember Schmeichel and De Gea at Man Ure. Both had poor first seasons and they haven't turned out too bad. Point being the club/fans showed patience and believed in the decision to make them no 1. Westwood is finished at the club and both Dawson and Wildsmith are the future. Fans need to move on and leave sentiment at home.
  2. Willow Owl

    Gary Hooper

    I might be wrong but Isn't he out with a groin injury though and nothing to do with his hip? The club doctors must have authorised the golf so don't see the problem.
  3. Fkin hell Hirsty. Did you start to post that yesterday
  4. Willow Owl


    Exactly this, they would rather talk about how good it was to see Hector having a go at Dawson for not catching a cross. They forget the time Dawson Bxxlcked Hector for giving the ball away.
  5. Willow Owl


    Of course it does, it was designed to attract the Westwood in brigade to post against young Dawson. Pathetic really, that some of our fanbase feel the need to slate a young talent just because they like Westwood instead. Can't they see the potential harm they could to Dawson for no good reason apart from he's not Fkin Westwood.
  6. Willow Owl

    Taking two others up

    Would hate Leeds scum or Forest scabs to go up. F.. K them both.
  7. Willow Owl


    Do you really think that starting the thread was necessary while the game was going on. It beggars belief what goes through some of our fans heads.
  8. Willow Owl

    Barry Bannan - groin injury

    I have absolutely no idea what your point is as you keep contradicting yourself. End of discussion
  9. Willow Owl

    Barry Bannan - groin injury

    Hutch- fit and training Abdi- fit and training Winnall- started training Matias- Hamstring minor injury Bannan- Will be fine for Middlesbrough Van Aken - Took a bad challenge on ankle at Sunderland. Hooper- Groin injury not related to other injury and wasn't rushed back. Lee- Knee injury not related to his hip injury and wasn't rushed back. Name me s player that Jos has rushed back from injury? He is very cautious with these things.
  10. Willow Owl


    Why was this thread started if it wasn't designed to slate Dawson? It was started while the match was going on. The Westwood love in needs to stop. We are 6th in the league without him. Higher in the league than when he last played for us regular. To quote Alf Ramsey (i think). Best players don't always make the best team.
  11. No disrespect Bluey but this has been done to death. Lets celebrate the fact we are sixth after all the turmoil of recent months. All the players (Dawson especially), after the scrutiny he's had, management and staff deserve massive credit and all without WESTWOOD. The answer to your question no, no and no again. .
  12. Willow Owl


    Westwood was a great keeper and maybe still is. The cold hard facts are he is unlikely to play for us again for whatever reason, and as you say back the lad who has the shirt rather than dissecting his every move. It doesnt benefit us as a club if our own fans are constantly slating him on forums. Opinions are fine but some need to think before they post.
  13. Willow Owl


    Ridiculous thread and thread title.Sometimes parts of our fan base are embarrassing. We are 6th (yes 6th) in the league in a transtional season where we are blooding some promising young talent. Leave the lad alone FFS, Westwood was no David De Gea and made numerous errors. I am sure some are just waiting for him to make a mistake (hence starting a thread while game is on) so they can bang the Westwood drum.
  14. Willow Owl

    Keeper comparisons

    Have to disagree about Lees. He his currently holding things together while the young lads grow and develop. He is as solid as a rock and is getting far to much unnecessary stick in my opinion.
  15. Willow Owl

    Adam Reach Goal

    Think thats blown somebody's arguement apart.