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  1. Millwall pubs

    Grapes or the George on London Bridge. Train to Bermondsey Okay these days to get to and no trouble. Not like the old cold blow lane.
  2. Short-termism.

    Or it could be an incentive to give fans (who can commit) a great deal on season tickets. With the added bonus of potential Premier league football. I personally think today's announcement on prices is great news. Cannot understand how some think that by today's statement DC is trying to sell up.
  3. Short-termism.

    How do you come to this conclusion?
  4. Swansea replay ticket allocation

    Would be like the jolly boys trip to Margate on only fools and horses
  5. Young George Hirst

    No one bigger than the club, No matter what your name is. We offered a contract, largest offered ever to an academy player and it has been turned down. That is his decision and good luck to him in the future, move on. Why should Hirst senior give Georges side of the story and not George?
  6. Torn groin from pelvis ouch!! At least it shows he has the bottle to go through the pain barrier for the team, even though it has cost everybody in the long run. Again bad management by Carlos!! letting players play knowing the long term risks. A fit and firing Tom Lees is still one of the best defenders in the league. Welcome back Tom
  7. Pelupessy

    I was criticised for having ago at people who were slagging him down after only, 4 games. The irony is the same people are now saying what a signing FFS
  8. Pelupessy

    Suggest you look at some of the comments on here, and I stick by my opinion. Or is it the new fad by certain sections to butcher a new player that has only just come in, when the problems are long standing and not his fault.
  9. Pelupessy

    Not a fan blamer, just cannot understand the level of criticism for a guy who has played 2 games. I am entitled to my honest opinion same as everybody else even if upsets certain sections.
  10. Pelupessy

    Wasn't aimed at the poster, it was about some of the posts after, and having read the thread further I stick by my original statement. Maybe a little hasty with the scapegoat part.
  11. Pelupessy

    Before crucifying the guy give him a chance FFS. He could not have come in at a worse time with all players missing. There were ten other players out there that were equally poor. A new record for Owlstalk, scapegoat after 2 matches
  12. Sam Winnall - Out for the Season!!

    Mulder and Scully, damn predicted spelling.
  13. Sam Winnall - Out for the Season!!

    Derby must be in the poo as well as us. Operating on Sam's Acl just so they don't have to pay £10.50 appearance money. Its a conspiracy I tell thee its a conspiracy. Where's mulder and scull when you need them.
  14. 30,000 v Swansea

    Even if we get through and one game from Wembley?
  15. 30,000 v Swansea

    Was a little tongue in cheek to be honest Torry. Was just trying to call on the stay away ticket price fans to make an appearance. Suspect it will be like a normal league game though with season ticket holders paying for their seats and making up 80% of the gate. 20k for me at best