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  1. Great point considering the make shift defence and 10 men for nearly half hour. BPF for me pal
  2. Great news. Continues to prove people wrong and for me has been our most consistent player across numerous positions this season. Deserves more credit than he gets from certain quarters.
  3. The only way to achieve promotion is to be given a chance. Warne achieved promotion via play offs by being given that chance. They also lost 15 games that season. Are we still in with play off chances, of course we are.
  4. Not when he got relegated last year
  5. I don’t think you understand that nobody gets promoted in October. who’s to say we aren’t on course ??
  6. Nobody gets promoted in October so you are factually incorrect
  7. Why is he been touted as a possible replacement for Moore
  8. Yet he’s not our manager, and nobody gets promoted in October
  9. Took Rotherham down last season, all of a sudden he’s a cross between Pep, Kloppb and Jose. Only Wednesday fans can think he’s the answer !!!!
  10. Yeah right oh, I could say we don’t concede the goals against Plymouth 1 (maybe 2) Ipswich, Shrewsbury and Oxford with Wildsmith in goal. Defenders are to blame yesterday not Wildsmith, unless you’re looking for a scapegoat.
  11. Can’t believe people are scapegoating Wildsmith. The first his positioning was spot on and he parried the shot 15 yards away and it was a great finish. Question i’d ask is who was marking the goal scorer. The second is a great cross which nobody closed down and Brown lost is man. Spoke with an ex keeper this morning and he said none were Wildsmiths fault.
  12. Is that the best you got when called out for talking crap.
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