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  1. Willow Owl

    Great pic...

    Great post Tom. Far too much sense and positivity for some on here though.
  2. Willow Owl

    Forestieri Red Card

    He regularly gets kicked all over the park ( today included ). I suppose that tackle which nearly snapped him in half was also a dive.
  3. Willow Owl

    Big Hec

    Just a thought, but maybe has something to do with his massive Chelsea wages. He's a quality defender who's had a bad game FFS. Some of our fans really need to think before posting crap.
  4. Bruce out. He's had three games now and one transfer window. Why the fizz arent we playing like Barcelona winning 10-0 every game. Why haven't we signed players like Messi, pogba, Hazard and Harry Kane. Why have they not got rid of all our current players. Ohh forgot thats football manager Ha Ha. FFS we're all doomed, doomed i tell thee. Get a grip will ya
  5. Willow Owl


    It's a no brainer for me. Bannan is our best midfielder. It's not his fault that majority of our other midfielders are not up to his quality. Also our negative style of football over the last 3 seasons hasn't helped him get forward as much as we would like. Nobody is irreplaceable but i could think of ten players i would get rid of before Bannan. New management team and a massive rebuilding job is needed. We are already trying to implement a more attacking, pressing game. Give them a chance FFS. I know it's opinions but I cannot believe that people actually think that we could be better without Bannan.
  6. Willow Owl

    Starting 11 v Reading

    Ignore above. Came out all wrong.
  7. Willow Owl

    Starting 11 v Reading

    Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Hutchinson Aarons Bannan Reach Forestieri Fletcher Joao
  8. Willow Owl

    club crest

    Prefer the current one. Actually looks like a proper club crest. Not like one that was drawn up by some kid using Etch a Sketch.
  9. Willow Owl

    What the f**k is happening here

    No mate he's not that well known. Hancocks, with the emphasis on the C@cks bit.
  10. Willow Owl

    What the f**k is happening here

    Someone we grew up with was a massive Owls fan. Even had a Wednesday tattoo on his leg. Then got into the hooligan scene and because the blunts BBC ( buttered bread cakes ) had the perceived best firm he became a blade. Still see him now and again and he hates being called a blowl (mix of blades and owls). What a c@ck.
  11. Willow Owl

    Brentford at home : prices

    I prefer chilli sauce on my kebab though pal.
  12. Willow Owl

    Brentford at home : prices

    Flip it round and if Leeds and United games were £20 i bet the ones who cannot afford it would find a way. If the next 2 matches after that were Bolton and Wigan at £20 i bet they wouldn't come. The club has to think about the maximum revenue it can get and not individual circumstances hence Leeds and United will be full price.
  13. Willow Owl

    Brentford at home : prices

    If you cannot afford it then fine, but stop having a go at people who actually think its a good idea to reduce prices. Some will find excuses not to attend no matter what the ticket prices are. FFS club can't win no matter what they do.
  14. Willow Owl

    Nando Number Ten

    F@ck Brexit, F@ck the EU, F@ck Sunderland, F@ck Nissan In fact F@ck the world. Love SWFC The anger management sessions are working well today.
  15. Willow Owl

    Today’s friendly at Scunthorpe

    Should have spit mate and not swallowed.