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  1. I never said he was signed, Just quoting from an article.
  2. Stats can be misleading. His overall with us is 29 in 127 appearances. You have to break down how many goals he scored from starts and how many from the bench to get a true reflection. In my opinion he was given numerous chances under Carlos and other managers ( and was loaned out because he wasn’t performing). Stats below ( subjective as no info on subs apps ) Even so suggest he was given plenty of chances to establish himself. 15/16 48 app / 8 goals 16/17 12 app/ 1 goal 16/17 13 app/ 3 goals Blackburn 17/18 34 app/ 9 goals 18/19 32 app/ 10 goals
  3. Yeah, 7 million with add ons. As I said Their is a 20% sell on clause, and there is no evidence of any third party ownership. Our accounts are as rare as rocking horse S@&t.
  4. Please provide evidence the Daily Mail article isn’t truthful as well as the comments from Godfrey himself, BEIN sports this evening and several other media outlets. I’ll gladly debate the merits of the article with you and accept you may have a differing opinion. The fact your trying to belittle the poster rather than debate the article, or your inability to produce any facts shows who really has messed up.
  5. The article is from the Daily Mail, Not a mistaken view. Your denial of the truth in front of you is most certainly Trump like. I bid you good evening Donald
  6. I was pointing out an article the Daily Mail had written. An article that highlights a player we had on extended trial ( then let go) has now gone on to play premiership football and represented at international level. My post was not to look clever at all. To accuse me of wanting to criticise the club is laughable, As pointed out in a previous post. Your post is either for likes or you do not understand Owlstalk is a forum for discussion, which is it
  7. Just quoting an article, and yeah the wording is misleading.
  8. I never said he was on our books. In my opinion we failed to spot his potential after an extended trial, Not hindsight just opinion. Despite the score it’s a good game. Enjoy the second half UTO.
  9. Its not an assumption that we failed to spot his potential it’s a fact. Or we wouldn’t have let him go. Any stick ? Are you joking me. I have been warned by the moderators on here for sticking up for the club.
  10. So your making an assumption based on If, but’s and maybe’s. The fact other clubs let him go is irrelevant. The fact remains we let him after an extended trial and failed to keep tabs on his progress. As per my original post, definitely one that got away.
  11. Why give him an extended trial if he hadn’t shown anything. ?
  12. I was quoting an article from the Daily Mail, nobody said he was signed that was your assumption. The truth is, we had him on an extended trial then let him go as our then coaching staff thought he wasn’t as good as what we already had. Then went to York, Norwich and to Everton for 25 million. Definitely one that got away.
  13. Yep, that post confirms it. If you aren’t willing to discuss the thread then there’s no point you being on here.
  14. How long did it take you to come up with that nugget. Last time I looked Owlstalk was a forum for discussion and opinion. If you don’t like the thread then fine move to something else. Comments like that ( looking for likes) just makes you look foolish.
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