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  1. Cannot understand why any Wednesday fan would want their club to lose because of an ex player.
  2. If he was happy with the contract, Why didn’t he sign it and fight for his place in the first team. In my opinion, He was never going to sign after premier clubs came calling and also being away on England duty finding out how much them top youth players were being paid. Championship clubs cannot compete with that sort of money. The club was right to take a stance and refuse to bow to excessive wage demands. It’s ridiculous wages that have got us where we are now.
  3. The threat of FFP hangs over half the league in the next 18 months, the 39 million figure has had no real term increase despite massive increases in wages and transfer fees. All clubs under threat cannot be badly run. The EFL is not fit for purpose and it’s starting to show. Look at the Wigan fiasco.
  4. A wingers job is to get crosses into the box. I’m afraid Harris couldn’t put a cross on the spot the ball coupon, The stats also back this up. Give Reach a run of at least ten games and you will see him back to his best and with more end product.
  5. Still our best defensive centre half by far. Has always been the centre half who has had to cover and change position because of injury to others, tactics new Players, New managers etc, and his game has suffered because of this. People saying he makes mistakes but have a look at Iorfa since the restart and in general this season and he’s a fans favourite! In my opinion Tom Lees is still a top centre half at this level when played in his best positions, right of a 2 or centre of a 3.
  6. Just covering their backsides in case of the worst case scenario and points deducted. No need to go by bookies on this.
  7. That’s got to be a worry for our porcine friends,( HA HA ),’The Prince hasn’t a pot to pee in. That’s why DC deserves a bit more respect than he gets from some quarters. Just my opinion.
  8. We gambled for two years failed. Now having to rebuild based on FFP.
  9. Not seen any gigantic transfer fees paid out for 2 seasons. We have been a lot more shrewd for a while now
  10. Didn’t take them up neither. Some are suggesting you don’t need to spend big to be successful in this division as long as you’re a good manager. So Why did he not get Ipswich promoted? In my opinion he’s a dinosaur and 10 years out of date. Some on here were also clamouring for Paul Hurst to be our manager a couple of seasons ago. Where’s he now ?
  11. Have to agree, Harris crossing is woeful for a winger. Hardly ever beats the first man and the assists stats back it up. Murphy’s assists aren’t good either but has played a lot less and scored more goals. Reach on the left for me every day of the week. Has double Harris assists and in less games, also capable of a worldly. All strikers need service
  12. Carlos was given a blank cheque book. Bruce said it would take 4 transfer windows to turn it round. Monk has inherited all the crap that Bruce was talking about. Hutchinson’s comments just prove( to me anyway ) that we are better off without these so called large personalities who never do anything wrong. Harris has been on twitter talking about team harmony and the last 2 results have shown a new spirit and desire. Maybe that is a sign that the players who remain are happy with the manager and are happy to see the back of the players leaving.
  13. One was a banking error confirmed by an apology from the bank itself. The second a rumour yet to be confirmed. Why would the chairman go through all this with the EFL, sell the ground to himself for 60 million or what ever it was, Single handily fund the club through Covid 19 and Offer season ticket refunds. Also sign the 4 on loan players on extended contracts if he had no money. Smells of scare mongering to me and disputes over what departing players are owed. Sooner the said players are gone the sooner we can move on. WAWAW
  14. You said he brought in 3 players hardly having his hands tied. I only pointed out that they cost us nothing and we’re loans. None of our so called top players left because we’re top six at the time and nobody was probably willing to pay the wages.
  15. They were three loan signings and not one penny was spent on transfer fees. Hardly a January spending spree !!
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