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  1. What do call backing the club? In your opinion he has been incompetent and irresponsible. In my opinion he has come in with the intentions of getting our club into the premier league and will do all he can to achieve this. Mistakes are made by every chairman and P&S will affect majority of clubs in the next couple of years. Will that make those chairman incompetent and irresponsible? All boils down to the EFL rules not being fit for purpose.
  2. This 100%. Don’t know how some have the front to call themselves fans, when all they do is criticise. Why not back the club for once !!!!
  3. Schoolboy answer. I never said we wouldn’t receive sanctions, just cannot be bothered with all the club bashing.
  4. Great informative post. However the resident Owlstalk mafia will Know better. Cannot be bothered to read all previous pages, but can imagine the doom and gloom Chansiri haters will have been out in force and we will be better off without Him. Be warned, be careful what you wish for. Dave Allen ( awaits visit from his minders), Azerbaijan goon (lucky escape),Dave Richards( spend banks money then jump ship), Geoff Sheard ( no comment) all charlatans without a pot to P—s in. At least Chansiri is investing his own money and currently servicing our debt.
  5. Yep !!!!. Also a better player than all of above. Just my opinion
  6. No, we won the game 3-1 and every game is won, lost or drawn after 2 halves.Yep he did miss a sitter, but many other players have missed more sitters this season. Seems that when FF does it, it’s the end of the world.
  7. Exactly, needs a run of games to get full match sharpness. I just wish fans would get behind him rather than look for any opportunity to slag him off. Anybody would think we had lost 3-1
  8. May have already been said, but looking at those figures a lot more clubs will be struggling in next 12 months against FFP. Just shows that the current rules are not sustainable long term. There has been no real term increases of the 39 million taking into account massive increase in transfer fees and wages. More and more club chairman/ Owners will be trying to find ways round the current rules and more like us will get charged with misconduct or breaking the rules. In cold light of day, if we have broke the rules then we deserve punishment, but DC and other owners would not have to find ways round if the FFP was fit for purpose. If a owner has personal wealth and is willing to invest up front on transfers he should be allowed to spend what he wants. The fit and proper rules should also determine whether the owners have enough money to invest without putting the future of the club at risk. FFP should apply more to clubs who dont have wealthy owners and rely on generating income to sustain the club. Just my opinion.
  9. You just can't help yourself can you. Still no reasoned answer to my original post, so this is my last reply to you.
  10. Whats the matter, incapable of giving a reasoned answer without slating someones post. Sad really, thought that's what forums were for. You really are making yourself look foolish.
  11. I have no problem with people having opinions different to mine if they have a reasoned debate. You just tried to put down my post with sarcasm. Why have you chosen someone else's post to make this comment and not to my reply to your previous post. I wonder why ?
  12. Another failed comic. Whats up with having an opinion ?
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