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  1. Yes they have, Just read back through recent threads !! What have Bannan, FF or Westwood got to do with a Tom Lees thread.
  2. They obviously didn’t discuss this with the so called experts on hear. According to some he is not worth his shirt. What do the PFA know heh !!
  3. Where was Iorfa for the first goal ?. Right centre back giving a free kick away on the left touchline then jogging back. Palmer is actually the one who misses the ball first not Lees. Second goal, Fox was miles away from his man when initial cross field ball was played. You can actually hear on commentary Monk shouting get there. From then on Fox leaves the runner and Lees does get caught with ball over top. Cover in box not existent, and who picked up Hoilett’s run from midfield Bad defending all round.
  4. You said the defence was less confident with Westwood not playing. That means they must have no confidence in Dawson. Now it’s the defence and nothing to do with Westwood or Dawson. Just a little confusing that’s all
  5. Cannot say Dawson has made any errors since coming back in.
  6. Iorfa has had a shocker last few games. Think you might find we go back to Borner left side, Lees right side as at start of season. Lees is having to play left side CB which is not his natural side, and is a far stronger defender IMO
  7. A bit of an over reaction when we are sixth in the league coming into the new year. At the start of the season any Wednesday fan would have taken this. Yes we have been poor last couple of games and yes we haven’t exactly set the football world alive but we are still there. Bruce said it would take at least 3 transfer windows to sort the team, Monk has not yet had the honour so let’s give him and the club a chance. The negativity on here sometimes astounds me.
  8. Okay we get you don’t like Lees but he has been excellent recently. Iorfa was all over the place today and was by far the worst of the centre halves.
  9. Paul Canoville Chelsea - ( Owls 4 Chelsea 4 ) Came on as half time sub, We were winning 3-0 and ripped us apart. Michael Owen - hat trick, pace and finishing was different class. Team- Everton when they scored 5 in cup. What a side that was.
  10. Looked like scoring! How many saves did Dawson have to make, how many times did they get round the back of us,
  11. Pretty sure we played 46 games previous to get into the play offs.
  12. He’s not had a transfer window yet to change things, we are around the play off places with the transfer window coming. Give the guy a chance ffs.
  13. What do call backing the club? In your opinion he has been incompetent and irresponsible. In my opinion he has come in with the intentions of getting our club into the premier league and will do all he can to achieve this. Mistakes are made by every chairman and P&S will affect majority of clubs in the next couple of years. Will that make those chairman incompetent and irresponsible? All boils down to the EFL rules not being fit for purpose.
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