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  1. Message to Owlstalk from Mr Chansiri. Please see itinerary for injured player Kieran Lee- Recovering from knee op. 7.00am- Alarm goes off and makes cup of decaffeinated coffee (club rules). 7.30am- Shower, breakfast (club diet) no frosties. Take kids to school. 9.30am- Report to gym for rehab work on said knee. Easy does it. 12.30- Lunch with rest of squad. Must not sit with Hutch, Boyd, Jones, Westwood, as on naughty table.. 1.30pm- Back to gym for more rehab on said knee. Then Thai massage (personal recommendation). 3.30pm- leaves ground to pick up kids and heads home, give them a slap if they misbehave. 5.00pm - 6.00pm Tea time. See club diet sheet. Don't be naughty and try and sneak a vanilla slice. 7.00pm -10.00pm Watch soaps if wife insists. If not watch the footie. 10.30- Cup of Ovaltine, Bed. Sex is allowed but only if last resort. Then close eyes and count the sheep nighty, night dont let the bed bugs bite. Please tune in for tomorrows enthralling Player injury itinerary report (featuring Almen Abdi). Please note this could run for a few days. Also coming soon, PLAYER CONTRACT, Starring K. Westwood. What he earns and the terms and conditions. Stay tuned pop pickers DC
  2. Willow Owl


    Because he nearly ruined us by spending money he didnt have. Loans which he took out in the clubs name which we could not afford to pay back. He then jumped ship when things came on top and got job in the FA. We spent the next 20 years in the doldrums because of him. At least Chansiri is spending his own money and not the banks.
  3. Willow Owl

    Our fault again

    Must be as thick as you mate! Neither can i.
  4. Willow Owl

    Our fault again

    Wasn't he our best player last season? Stepped up when everyone else was injured. No problem with criticism but let's make it of players who deserve it.
  5. Willow Owl

    Blackburn away - pay on the gate

    Nothing new, 99% of bookings charge a fee not just SWFC. Oh well just something else for the club bashers to get their claws into. Neg away
  6. Willow Owl


    You don't care we won! Why would you say that? Same was said about Zico Sterland in his early career. Give the guy a chance for pity's sake. He's in and out of a side very low on confidence and needs supporting not ripping apart.
  7. Willow Owl

    Realistic view

    If the intentions were to play young midfielders from the off then surely we would have sold him if there was a concrete offer. Or has the player turned down the contract offer happy to pick up his fat wage packet here. That then begs the question why did Carlos the clown sign him?
  8. Willow Owl

    Realistic view

    I think in an ideal world we would have loved to have got rid of Jones. At the time though we were under an embargo with only 2 other fully fit central midfielders in Joey and Bazza. If we had the embargo lifted earlier and been able to bring in Hector and Onomah then i'm sure we would have let him go. With the current situation with Westwood being no 3 keeper (allegedly) i'm sure if we had a concrete offer we would have sold him.
  9. Willow Owl

    Mick McCarthy for Ireland job

    Tell me any part of my post that is not factually correct. Try answering the points made rather than the poor attempt to be a smart ar.e Goon
  10. Willow Owl

    Mick McCarthy for Ireland job

    MM, you've got to be joking. A dinosaur who Ipswich fans hounded out of their club because of his boring long ball tactics. If he is that good how come he is never linked to any top end championship jobs. Be careful what you wish for.
  11. Willow Owl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Fair point.
  12. Willow Owl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Didn’t Fulham sack Gray though?
  13. Willow Owl


    And who would probably have took us down in his third season. Also the main reason Jos is left with a team of over paid ageing crocks.
  14. Willow Owl

    Reach to Wolves ?

    Way off the mark. Stepped up last season when we had a Massive injury list. Was immense and was one of the main reasons we pulled away from the teams at the bottom. Has also proved the boo boys wrong. Credit where credits due.
  15. Willow Owl


    Totally agree regarding the patience not given to Dawson. On a different scale i know but remember Schmeichel and De Gea at Man Ure. Both had poor first seasons and they haven't turned out too bad. Point being the club/fans showed patience and believed in the decision to make them no 1. Westwood is finished at the club and both Dawson and Wildsmith are the future. Fans need to move on and leave sentiment at home.