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  1. All ok now??,

    That's more like it Beanie, some positivety on here. The Carlos out brigade will still trot out the same garbage though. Money spent, players we have its where we should be and nothing to do with Carlos blah blah blah
  2. George Hirst

    But doesn't beat 20 years of near financial ruin. culminating in being served with a winding up order. All of which was down to Richards and his mismanagement of the club. If he hadn't managed the club so badly we might not be still fighting to get back to the premiership after 17 years. Short term gain long term pain.
  3. George Hirst

    Who left us in deep sh.. with massive debts. Then somehow got job as Fa chairman
  4. It's all about opinions. Finishing 6th and 4th last two seasons leads me to personally think we will be there or there abouts. Although our form so far has been patchy to say the least, under Carlos we are stronger in the second half of the season. The chairman also believes in him and anyone who has pumped in millions of his own money without sacking him gets my support. No one knows what Mandaric would have done as he did not have the funds to get us into a position challenging for promotion.
  5. So let me get this straight. You think that the season is over in November and it is Chansiri's fault for not sacking Carlos. That's absolutely ridiculous
  6. My point is, getting rid of Carlos and bringing in a British manager does not guarantee promotion. Rather than disrespecting Carlos why not get behind him and the team. I find the obsession with Wilder rather embarrassing. Who by the way will have made mistakes.
  7. All about opinions mi owd, Fully understand where people are coming from, but personally I pay under £25 per game as a fan. So I don't feel I am being fleeced.
  8. Totally lost me there Handsworth. I am also a season ticket holder and have been for years. The theory that lower prices will bring people through the door is flawed. Before last season our highest average attendance in last ten years was just over 24000.( lower prices) Last season was 27000. ( higher prices) This was mainly down to our best league position for years and the best playing squad for decades. Players to which the chairman has invested millions of his own money and partly down to increased revenue. As a fan I don't mind contributing an extra tenner if it means the chairman keeps pumping in millions and we get promoted. I also understand the pay on the day argument as well, In my opinion I would rather pay more and have a better squad of players with realistic promotion ambitions.
  9. Totally agree owlsman. He has made mistakes, but some of the bile I've read is way overboard. Who knows, a new manager may get us promoted, but so may Carlos. For now he is our manager and until otherwise I will support him. Wait for the he's had a fortune to spend brigade.
  10. What makes you so sure it is the club that is at fault.
  11. On this weekend of Rememberance

    The wife's Grandad was one of the lucky ones who survived Normandy, but he lost all his mates. The things he must have seen are heartbreaking. He never spoke about them and took the horrors of that day to his grave. Rest in peace George, now with you're mates. God bless When the sun goes down
  12. Wasn't Jimmy ( the chin) Hill also a massive part of introducing agents. Showing my age now Owlerton
  13. Agreed, about time footballs governing bodies got there thick heads together and introduced wage caps, similar to rugby. 500k a week for some players is obscene. Problem is with all the premier league millions this will never happen, plus the agents will always find a way round it ( scum of the earth).