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  1. Agree with this. Plus we had 2 of the most anti football / negative managers in our history which stifled his game. He will be a stand out player again this season 100%
  2. Been a good summer so far, Very optimistic. Looks like there’s now a plan in place and we need to move on from previous nightmares and back the team. Doesn’t benefit anyone concerned with the club to get on their backs if we don’t win the first few games. UTO
  3. Thought that’s what forums were for, Opinions.
  4. Just another player, playing in same league as us this year. Hope he scores no goals at all and has another nightmare season. Will say that about any other player and any other club as I want us to go up and not them. Can’t understand the obsession with a young lad who left us, what 3 years ago and is yet to score a league goal in this country.
  5. I know, but the older Johnson is getting the further down the leagues he’s going and Boro released him. Hope I’m wrong as I’m normally a glass half full person.
  6. Got to admit I’m not convinced regarding this signing. Doesn’t fit Moore’s young and hungry recent signings, Blades mates didn’t rate him at all. But if it happens, will give him the same chance as the other new signings.
  7. Me - I, rang you last week Dave. AN- Yeah been out for a 400 mtr run. Me- It took you a week ? AN- Good in it, been working on my speed. Me- phone down, delete contact.
  8. That doesn’t seem to matter with some, Because he was a nice bloke.
  9. Judging by goals last season then absolutely.
  10. Might have helped Reach if we didn’t have two of the most negative managers in our history, Monk/Pulis who didn’t believe in attacking. Badly managed in my opinion
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