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  1. Surely any change that could potentially re-engage fans should be welcomed. End of the day we all should support SWFC shouldn't we.
  2. £460 for a kip. Tiring all this posting!
  3. Why not give us your opinion on the thread rather than catagorising people for having a different view.
  4. For FFS switch the light on you bulb. Its like discussing the dangers of caterpillars to a rubber plant. There are curently too many schemes agreed, but the thread is not about multiple other schemes just the potential of a 6 match bundle and its potential benefits. One of the main gripes from fans is current match day pricing and i agree, ive already stated this. Despite all the uproar surrounding this, DC is NEVER going to change the current strategy without factual evidence that reduced ticket prices will increase attendances and tempt back disengaged fans. With this potential 6 match bundle in what ever format he would basically say, OK prove to me that it would work with lower POTG prices. Isn't this the sort thing that was discussed at the recent forum.. Or maybe it is too difficult for me to understand!!
  5. Im slightly confused but here goes. I commented on a post that said idiots made membership schemes and ticket schemes and special offers for the gullible. I commented that all clubs had special offer schemes and maybe there not the idiots. I then commented to RIckgoo that we were digressing from the thread title and you commented about not signing players. So i asked its relevance to the thread. I haven't picked or choosen any comparisons. If that's your interpretation then fine, but that wasn't the intention. Would be intersted in your thoughts on the thread itself
  6. Time for my bed, youre going off on a tangent. Stick to the thread
  7. Im not asking for a 4th phase pricing at all so dont know where that comes from. I am just putting forward an idea based on the thread about what the club is considering. What's s ridiculous is the fact you're saying its 2 years too late. 2 years ago we averaged 27000 so who stopped going. Poor performances affect attendances more than any pricing in my opinion. Its never too late if a pricing structure or package can encourage disengaged fans. Why is any possible proposal punishing fans. Surely this is a positivr step.
  8. Season ticket prices are not relevant in this instance. You have your opinion i have mine, unfortunately yours are very repetitive and 3 years old(your words) . I'm not telling you how to justify yourself you're doing that yourself. Surely any offer to try and get fans back is a good thing and should be welcomed. Just my opinion
  9. You cannot possibly know this though. One of the main gripes on this forum is ticket prices, and reducing prices would encourage people to start attending games again. I'm 51 and its a day out with the mates, a good laugh and a booze up the match is sometimes secondary. Plus getting tickets for away games at some grounds is virtually impossible without points. Any reduction is a win for people for whatever reason struggle on matchdays.
  10. Not even going to get into that one, as i have said all clubs have ticketing schemes end of. Tell you what, lets not digress from the original topic as this is irrelevant.
  11. The relevance to the thread is?
  12. No matter what you say Forest do not charge less than £16 for an adult match day ticket, we aren't discussing season tickets. You're going off on a tangent to try and justify yourself. Any compromise on matchday pricing is surely a good start and should be applauded rather that just going back over old ground as painful as it currently is. Proving to DC the ticket deal works and fans buy into it will surely make him reconsider. If not he is a fool.
  13. It is just an idea FFS. Which is more than you are proposing.
  14. Nearly all clubs have membership schemes and ticketing schemes. Maybe theyre not the idiots?
  15. You quoted Forest( season ticket) to try and make any offer from the club look bad. I just pointed out that they were not charging less than £16 for a normal matchday adult ticket in fact it is £25. Forest are not the discussion, its what we as fans consider reasonable pricing for a multi ticket 6 match deal for SWFC POTG fans. My proposal is very reasonable based on other teams in our league. Like i have stated in other posts if it works then surely DC has to reconsider his pricing strategy. Proof will be in the pudding.