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  1. I would give my all for Wednesday, doesn’t mean I’m good enough. Shaw’s ship has sailed, but being an Owl he’s welcome to watch the club anytime. No malice from me but wouldn’t have him back either.
  2. Really enjoyed your posts and information passed on Owl66. Ignore the muppets they’re jealous because you have a job that’s in the know and they know sod all. Keep it coming mate
  3. Like I said, I have a season ticket so off top of my head I wouldn’t know. But I could quite easily go on the website and get the information. No matter how bad you try make it sound 100% of all newbie fans would be able to negotiate the clubs website. They do it every day for concert tickets etc.
  4. In my opinion it’s more than a minority. We all know a mate or a work colleague that allegedly won’t go because of ticket prices. If, as you say it is a tiny minority we can dispel as an urban myth that we can fill the ground with lower ticket prices. You’re right regarding match day pricing, I have a season ticket so wouldn’t know much about match day pricing. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to find out though as 100% of young newbies could find the clubs website and will 100% know how to negotiate purchasing a ticket. It’s not an attitude, it’s an opinion based on what I read on sites, what I hear at work or in the pub. I suppose we differ on opinion but hey ho it would be boring if we all agreed.
  5. I get everybody’s circumstances are different and if moneys tight then the Cat C and D £22/£20 matches may be more affordable for some. They will still get to support their club when funds allow. Newbies can always pick up tickets from the ticket office and check the clubs website for details. My point is aimed more at those that want their cake and eat it. Want to pay £15 to sit in the South Stand and watch Derby/ Ipswich or those near top of the league. Get a free pint a pie and a Thai massage at half time. If they don’t get that then the club are ripping the fans off and they refuse to go.
  6. You mentioned a max of £25 per game in league1. There are only Cat A A*games above this. Im sure there will be games in midweek that will be cat D £20 that you can attend without an incentive.
  7. I’m not against odd incentives, but they shouldn’t be less than what a season ticket holder pays. If we were fourth going going into the last home game people would pay whatever price it was. Hence the Pompey crowd. When the club do incentives people moan it’s for the so called lesser teams. Lets be honest, some fans just want to pick and choose their games ( top teams) and pay under £20 like I said earlier if you’re going to go you’ll go.
  8. I am a season ticket holder and yes I would be a little p..sed. That’s why we have season tickets. The club have to cater for the masses that guarantee the club income. If you can afford to go why not buy a season ticket then you would get the prices you want, £28 is okay with me. The club cannot price according to each individuals circumstances.
  9. You can’t under cut season ticket holders though. If it’s £30 people want £25 if it’s £25 people want £20 ETC, ETC. The pricing is very fair in my opinion. Taking into account how the cost of living has increased massively. In this league it’s all about turnover. Reduce turnover means we cannot compete with others on wages. We will have the same ave attendance as last year, 22-23000. Then if we do well we might pick up 2-3000 in the last 5 home games. Reducing prices by a fiver here and there won’t make no difference in my opinion. Your either going to go or you aren’t.
  10. Been a complete reset at the club last 18 months, 2 years. The chairman and the manager have done their bit now it’s up to us to get behind them. Actually looking forward to the season for a change UTO
  11. Cracking transfer window so far and all done before start of July. Well done everyone at SWFC
  12. That’s obvious, but where do those youngsters come from ?They are either discarded or loaned from Premier clubs or brought through the academy. They are a long term gamble or a short term loan deal. If they do well and we get promoted their parent clubs will want them back or they cost us silly money so how’s that going to bring money to the club. Our transfer policy hasn’t been good for majority of the 48 years I’ve watched Wednesday. The first time we have a chairman with money FFP comes along. Please enlighten me to the clubs that got promoted and did well in the Championship, Not many in recent years. Since when are we spending big money on players. The ones we are bringing in will not breach FFP. And the EFL will be keeping a close eye on our books for sure.
  13. I suppose that depends on the success we have as team this season. There has clearly been a reset at the club and so far D.C. is backing his manager and letting him make the plans. Fingers crossed it all works out this year, I am pretty confident of getting promoted this year.
  14. Then who do you sign if not proven league one players? Gambling in hope, Really ? Tell you what makes sense. Give the manager time to develop our academy while building a team to get out of this league. Signing proven players at this level will help us get out of this league quicker. Signing kids on the basis of hope is more foolish than our previous transfer blunders. Theres a balance to be found and giving a manager time is paramount to this working.
  15. Agree with developing our academy, but that is a long term project and chopping and changing managers doesn’t achieve that. For now we need to get out of this league, which will increase our revenue, increase our pulling power and these players are a better option than a bunch of youngsters.
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