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  1. Sam Hutchinson

    No room for sentiment in football, great player but on big wages for half a season at best, like a modern day wim jonk, the sort of decision to keep on such players left us in the mire before and could quite easily again!! Keep the faith with a few youngsters and move on the likes of hutch/abdi/mataias wawaw
  2. Well done Jos

    Let this season run its course , judge Jos in 12 months, I’d rather us have a bad season and bring the young uns through than blag a top ten spot all season with almost good enough players, can only be good for the club in the long run wawaw
  3. Sam Winnall Recovery

    Nail hit firmly on the head
  4. Sam Winnall Recovery

    Derby have said they want to keep him round the place as he’s good for morale, our season gos from strange to stranger
  5. Pelupessy

    Glad he’s had a chance
  6. Yep I reckon we are up the proverbial creek, injury crisis, left in a poo state by former manager and a chairman that I reckon hasn’t a scooby what to do next, we are in it neck deep, if the worst does come to the worst brace for the mass exodus
  7. Swansea tickets..

    Early kick off, ont tele, in a time where the magic of the cup is fading what do they expect
  8. Or just a tactical move??
  9. Needs to get out the refs ear and play football !!!!
  10. Hindsight is an exact science, after the hull game we thought the season after was ours, after the Huddersfield debacle we were promised a top 2 assault, neither materialised, yes CC in my eyes was given to long but now we rebuild, as a club along with players confidence, the end goal remains and I’m sure we will be there before much longer!!!! WAWAW
  11. Butterfield is exactly the player I always thought he was!!!
  12. Get him in celebrity big brother sharpish
  13. Means it’s dark
  14. Jos Luhukay: A good omen?

    Tickled on the downstroke and took her a fortnight to get the Harry Monk out of her bristles !!!!
  15. Jos Luhukay: A good omen?

    I once nailed a bird in Berlin with the exact same tache, it’s an omen !! wawaw