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  1. S6!

    Great North Run

    Yep, running for Macmillan, see you at the finish
  2. S6!


    Good luck with getting in a cubicle to nick a bog roll, too much Columbian flake getting hoovered to even get near a bog !!!!!
  3. S6!


    Get a donald ducking grip, we’ve been by bummed by a below average side, no positives whatsoever
  4. So is it down to the poor managers x3 or the bad injuries x however many we’ve had??
  5. Yeah but he’s the nicest man in football coz he gave some lads his hat and gloves at Bristol
  6. S6!

    three worst teams

    We are fizzed, it’s only one of the three that has to catch us!!! I can’t see another win coming anytime soon tbf
  7. Start the thread with “all injured players miraculously recover” and I’m there wawaw
  8. It’s nothing to do with a short attention span, it’s just the dread of another long winded post that will do nothing to make me feel better about this season or yesterday’s dismal performance, after the Burton game on NYD I didn’t think things could get any worse, how wrong I was...... ps, I wouldn’t blame you if you switched off at short attention span
  9. I switched off at Ipswich
  10. S6!


    Thought we’d have enough, decent performance against villa gave me hope, but now 7 days later it looks like we are well and truly ficked
  11. Sensible solution is to get rid, he just doesn’t work with our team/tactics/game plan whatever you want to call it, he’s become a waste of a shirt(I was over the moon when we signed him) a side from brum at home for his s6 debut and Norwich at Home when we fisted em 5-1 he’s never looked like a 20 a season striker, twin that with his reluctance to take a spot kick in the PO semi cos he’d fizzed one up against L##ds 2 months earlier my mind is made up, the commentators beat us over the head with the nicest guy in football tag but that counts for nowt, he’s gone, big time!!!!!!
  12. Buy him a season ticket at the ‘ birds of paradise’ Hes gone, get rid, move on!!!!
  13. S6!

    Sam Hutchinson

    No room for sentiment in football, great player but on big wages for half a season at best, like a modern day wim jonk, the sort of decision to keep on such players left us in the mire before and could quite easily again!! Keep the faith with a few youngsters and move on the likes of hutch/abdi/mataias wawaw