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  1. Sadly the prospect of trying to prise him away from toy town isn't one that would be very fruitful imo. That's how far the club has fallen. Come the summer my main hope is we can sign the majority of donnys players. And I can't believe I just wrote that.
  2. My initial thought was his legs were trying to commit suicide and he was doing his best to stop them. If you look at it that way you can take some sort of confort from it.
  3. Sorry, but he's not going to get rid of his son.
  4. I might buy one, if I get a refund from my last one. Otherwise. No.
  5. Im doing mine naked in an attempt to find something that leaves me feeling more cold than the current situation.
  6. He's a cancer that needs swiftly cutting out before he does any more damage. Sadly I cant see how that will happen.
  7. Just woke up in a hot sweat thinking it was all just a nightmare. It was on a scale that I had to check. No more sleep for me. Damn you Owlstalk.
  8. I wouldn't say he's a thug, but he does like a full blown tackle. Often a millisecond away from a red.
  9. This is great news, there can be no doubt on that, but what happens at the end of the season if (let's say) we stay up by 1 point at someone else's expense. Could we find ourselves in a situation like that lot and West Ham? Or would any litigation fall at the feet of the efl? This whole thing has been a total sh*t show and I'm asking myself if this is the end of it, or just the start!
  10. You're probably on the money, but when we're sleepwalking into what could be the lowest point in our history Mr Chansiri really needs to grab the rudder and give the fans some sense of our direction. Right now I feel the building is burning down and no one has even bothered calling the fire service. Its all very worrying.
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