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  1. Bar Ecclesfield, are there even any police stations open that people could report to? Seems they've all closed down!
  2. The champ is the most exciting league for me. Anyone can win it. Just look at Luton! To not want to be there, or even higher is just plain crazy imo.
  3. That can't be right can it? Please let it be right.
  4. Yup. The fans are to blame, for this poo show. Nice one.
  5. A total rebuild is needed ASAP imo. Because when he does go people will realise that there's very little quality left. And that's my whole point. Chan needs to build a team of quality players around him, not let him go.
  6. Will it be his decision? Given its his last year and he could go on a free in 12 months?
  7. I didn't say that at all. I said if he leaves we'll realise he's been propping this shower up for way too long on his lonesome. There's a difference.
  8. I may have missed others but he was the only one who looked gutted tonight. Without him there's no flair. No spark. He's the only game changer and relied on way too much too produce miracles. I truly feel for him, and expect that if there's no investment forthcoming he'll be off. He must be sick of carrying this team.
  9. I agree. I'm far from on a BB downer. I just can't see him being at Wednesday next season.
  10. Because then some may just see a team carried week in week out by a single player is going nowhere. Am I wrong?
  11. Need an owner with some footballing nous, not another manager.
  12. What a mess. Moore must wish he'd never walked through the door. Poor lad.
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