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  1. It would be interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes. The Tottenham and Man City behind the scenes is a eye opener. Just shows what we are missing. And how many key roles there is. We have 1 man trying to do it all
  2. Does that mean van aken is also back. Will monk give him a run some game time. I hope not
  3. Chansiri should sue the efl for defamation of character. Tainting his family name. Must be worth a few million towards clearing his name and the others that were publicly named
  4. They have this system at Spurs new stadium. They recon they do over 30,000 pints in the half time period. It was on that Richard Hammond programme. Southern shady drinking fairies. Only 30,000 pints. And the stadium holds how many
  5. Yh not many chances at both ends but I think we have edged the first half. We have looked more threatening. And like you said we have looked solid at the back.
  6. Trying to watch the game looks like we are doing ok. Pity about the lutv chat. They do spout some tosh the Leeds youth Makes you hate Leeds even more. It’s a under 18’s game give it a rest. No one cares about weeds
  7. Just read he has gone to Swansea. Looks like we missed the boat
  8. Yh Thats the guy. Well we will have to disagree then. Everything I stated in my post I saw him do with my own eyes. He did what you want from a big unit put himself about and caused problems. Our big unit did non of the above. And never really does
  9. At the game I watched the hull city centre forward who was a big unit Totally dominate lees and borner. His shielding of the ball. his hold up play. Bringing other players into the game. His movement. And I looked at nuhui trundle about like a canal barge doesn’t seem to have a sprint in him and thought why can’t you do that to the city defenders. Ok he created a chance. In 45 mins. But his all round game is very lacking. What attributes does he have really. He can’t sprint. He can’t jump. He can’t read the flight of a ball. Gives the ball away. Very rarely holds the ball up. He should be boss
  10. Yes you defend a corner and phases. first ball and 2 balls. But You can’t regain possession because you have 20+ players in or around the box. Usually playing head tennis. And the ball gets put back into our 18 yard box with 20+ players hovering for another phase. I went yesterday and it was frustrating. We cleared the danger and then gave them another go at putting in a better ball. Just watch the stokes 2nd and 3rd goal.
  11. No we didn’t. There was about 20 bodies in the penalty area and outside.. we had no one to pick up the headers away or clearances and it just got lumped back into the box again. We were asking for trouble against a tall stoke side. We should have Harris and Murphy or reach near the half way line. It ties up there defenders plus we have pace to press the half way line. Very strange yesterday we didn’t even play the percentage game.
  12. It’s fine margins. Sometimes you get a chance at 1 end and then 10 seconds later the ball ends up in the other net. I’d rather see someone on half way line just in case it does come out. Instead it comes straight back into our box unchallenged. Would the opposition risk leaving men unmarked on the half way line. They would have to leave someone back just in case. From a young age we always left 2 up top on set pieces. The opposition would match it or leave 3 back so not to leave a 2v2 on a break. Like I said fine margins. Seems daft cramming a penalty box at set pieces with no out ball. Im goi
  13. You can tell we actually practice corners instead of throwing it in the mixer and hoping for the best. We look a threat and cause teams problems. Especially today against a very tall team we scored from 2 corners and we haven’t got many tall players. All it takes is good movement and a good delivery.
  14. Today he won nothing. I’ve defended him before but there comes a point when you got to say it as it is. He offers very little. The 2 cb’s of stoke should have known they were in a game today with him 6’7 and 16 stone. Instead they passed it about at the back under no pressure or pressing and won everything in the air. Maybe a impact sub. But that’s pushing it. At least winnal put himself about and hounded the defence.
  15. We have gone from having on paper the best strike force in the championship and not been able to play them all. Now without fletcher we can’t hit a barn door. Sorry but nuhui offers very little. 6”7 and can’t win a header or hold up a ball. At least winnal tried when he came on.. should have started with Rhodes and winnal. let’s hope chansiri can wheel and deal in jan for a striker.
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