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  1. hull spare needed

    Wednesday are housed in the east stand and in the corner.. not sure if it’s south or north stand that is nxt to the away fans.. but you get a lot of the idiots in that bit.. and I usually park near the hospital.. it’s a nightmare if you hit the coaches leaving at the same time.. police hold the traffic until the coaches leave..
  2. hull spare needed

    Me too.. I live 14 miles from hull and I’m going on the home end.. did the same the game Forestieri got sent off against hull.. just go in the west stand.. it’s like the grandstand at hillsborough.. no bother.. just humbugs been passed about
  3. Supporting Wednesday in the 80s

    Oh yh forgot about the 85 game.. I was only 7.. I remember the cup replays.. at hillsborough more.. the only time we hadn’t be tonked by them. Then we went and got tonked by them..
  4. Supporting Wednesday in the 80s

    Yh we played them 4 times in replays. And then they thumped us 5-1
  5. Hull City away - #SWFC get 2364 tickets

    I only live 12 miles from hull.. this is my home game. looks like I’ll be in the home stands.. trying not to get smacked or thrown out.. I won’t get a ticket for this as I’m only on a membership deal..
  6. Spot on. Heard the same on motd2. The fans didn’t want to move. The board Sold them a dream. It’s just like us. Only difference is they made 43 million instead of a loss..
  7. Remy Reynierse SWFC initiation song

    He knows more words than some of the fans that go week in week out. Get him in the ultra section with a tannoy
  8. The Taylor report.

    North stand is standing. Especially the end where the finger pointing takes place.
  9. Last Night's Tactics

    Think he will play on Saturday. Jos went with experience to a tough ground. At home he will go for it more.. also prob protecting the youth players. Look at the slating Stobbs has got. 1 bad game and your no good. People forget they are youth and learning and making mistakes. Even our best 11 have off days..
  10. Decent crowd expected Saturday

    The last thing you want to see and hear is a full away end. Be like a home game for villa. Especially if hillsborogh is a morgue.
  11. Last Night's Tactics

    I can’t see it both sides. Yh we should have set up with strikers last night. But we only have 2 fit strikers. And the others are wks away.. jos went to a tough Millwall team who are on form and tried to get a draw or nick a win. Even with a full strength team we might not have got anything. Other teams have gone there and been turned over. Defensive errors cost us that last night.. I can see a attacking team against villa. Try and win our home games and get some points on the road.. that’s what all teams will try and do. Every team says they play for the win. Reality is. there is games where you would settle for a point.. last night was 1 of those nights. We just shot ourselves in the foot twice
  12. Like I said small squad and league is the priority. 9 points can be clawed back easily. We have tough games coming up. Resting players is sensible.. we can still bring them on to try and change the game today..
  13. The pitch

    looks like they have been training on it.. Jo’s said the weather has meant they couldn’t get on the training pitches.. compared to a Sunday league pitch. That’s a carpet!!!