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  1. Agree with all of this… truly was scared to death when the ball came to his feet
  2. Agreed however Berahino gives him the option of a genuine number 10
  3. I’ve got to say I’ve grown to like him. What he lacks in talent (and that’s debatable) he more than makes up for in character and passion.. and all successful squads need someone like him
  4. I watched it live on I follow and have just watched the extended highlights. I got to say we played some excellent football going forward. There were some twitchy moments in defence but overall I’m hugely optimistic if we can carry on with the standard of passing and movement shown.
  5. Ronnie Moore’s comments after the pen save were exuberant
  6. If you’re winning at 5 a side, in the park , on Xbox or at Hillsborough.. it’s a positive… the club and its fan base need a positive of some kind to build on . League One is where we level out and build and enjoy
  7. Without the huge turnover of players it would have been like turning the titanic
  8. Normally I’d agree with that but we need to get out of L1 on the first bounce. .. and if it was choice between an ageing Cahill or ageing Hutch at centre half my money would be on a player that’s played over 60 times for his country
  9. F@@k it .. name them. The half glass empty, we’re doomed, they earn more than me so they should world class, blinkered, out of touch with reality half wits . They damage the club as much as DC and I suspect they don’t even understand how!
  10. Just like any other player, sometimes you’re only as good as the service you receive Open minded on this one
  11. Probably so . .. however some players thrive with quality around them on the pitch . That’s not happened in a while at S6. Just like you’re average bloke in the street , all footballers deal with their situation differently to the next person
  12. This.. without doubt Lees is the most nervous player I’ve ever seen with the ball at his feet, to pull on the Wednesday shirt
  13. It’s looking increasingly possible that Derby are relegated to League 1
  14. ...Or Moore pretends to play Chansiris game in a hope to eventually get his own way?
  15. Loyalty shows it self in different ways. maybe he signed the contract knowing he would be leaving and in turn get a decent fee for the club as he’s under contract?
  16. His dad did say that . In other words he wasn’t looking for a move after relegation. However if a club comes in with a bid and Chansiri decides to sell that is a different situation
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