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  1. The definition of the perfect championship defender. sadly got found out in the Premiership hence little game time.
  2. He didn’t play on Saturday. Was an unused sub
  3. I think he’ll sign a new contract. Not saying you are included but I think people under estimate how much players enjoy working with DM
  4. This season might be a flash in the pan.. I think it’s unlikely. I think he’s got to a point of maturity and confidence that all players achieve at some point . He’s head and shoulders above anyone out there at this moment of his age. No reasons at all to sell such an asset
  5. I’d argue any offer is very easy to turn down if you want a successful club at this level
  6. I’ll say it again. Some people wanted him loaning out this season! well done Fizz
  7. I still find it astonishing that some people on Owlstalk wanted to loan him out this season. I mean come on! They must rate players by their own performance on Subbuteo! Clearly all he needed was time playing in our first team
  8. I’m reasonably certain Bannon isn’t any bigger in stature
  9. Exactly what other clubs do when there interest. Sell him or review his contract. I’d sooner keep him with a 2 year extension cause the lads got huge potential
  10. Surely that is the priority of any club that gets promoted from any league? it would be incredibly naive to think a promotion squad is going to be good enough to compete in a higher league without changes
  11. I’m not entirely certain he’s bothered whether people agree or disagree. Ultimately he’s doing what he feels is best for his club.
  12. Yep you are . For me he was close to being Player of the Season if it had not been for an exceptional season from BB. He delivered so many excellent crosses last season and despite being so high up the pitch (which was essential) he still managed to get back and be effective in defence. Feel free to watch back some games and see the extra movement (and anticipation) in the box from our forwards as soon as they saw Hunt had a yard to cross
  13. Wednesday Top of the league Wednesday, Wednesday Top of the league
  14. Well, you are correct in saying that the PL as a league does not benefit. However those clubs that make up the PL have the vote and those that are capable of relegation are the thick end of the wedge.
  15. As touched on before, a significant amount of clubs in the PL are at risk of being relegated. As those are the same clubs that contribute or have a vote on PL decisions they are obviously going to be in favour of a significant insurance policy should their club be relegated. It’s the self preservation society
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