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  1. I didn’t want him then and I don’t want him now
  2. Agreed. Sow has shown much more in his cameos than Shopido
  3. It’s not Christmas yet. So it could happen… but yes I agree I’d hoped for a more aggressive style.
  4. We always look a better, more fluid team when we lift the tempo. Which invariably happens in the last 15 mins when chasing a game
  5. With respect, you could have just written he has nothing to give. Because that sums him up. It’s a bit sad really
  6. Very embarrassing day for our club. I remember getting in early and talking to a policewoman. ’we won’t have many problems today’ she said. If only that was the case. We were shamed by idiots.
  7. ‘Some fans have been slating Gregory and saying he should be dropped’…. And I’ve no idea why. Just like Kamberi last night, he once again put in a big shift
  8. Their manager is Lee Johnson Thats all you need to know
  9. You make some interesting points. However times are different, football is different and life is very much different because of an on demand society. Im not sure you can compare Charlton and Moore if only for those reasons.
  10. Thought he had another strong game against Lincoln today
  11. He may have been a useful manager in the past but football has moved on. Would he be a better than Moore with the current squad..? Highly unlikely. We have an attacking squad (currently not been used properly) that Pulis would just dismantle
  12. Meanwhile in the real world.. no he wouldn’t. .. and that’s nothing to do with the players we currently have
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