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  1. Agreed, but it’s our club, our badge, our shirt. All footballers and managers are journeymen.. we the supporters, are the only constant and so if it helps (?) I believe we have to be supportive of whoever wears the shirt
  2. Totally agree.. I’m angry as hell with the whole situation at S6 but believe in supporting the team on the pitch. Even when Lees and Pelupessy play I can’t see the point of verbally abusing them
  3. I always live life being positive but that is a very real scenario
  4. True.. until his listens to people that understand the game we are on a continuous downward spiral.
  5. It’s a very salient question given that Bruce before him actually had his team running the team for a while.. unfortunately I feel it’s too late for Monk anyway . He needed his team when he started
  6. I’m still trying to work out why we had right footed players at both left back and left wing. One position yeah, but both?
  7. Well it’s better than against Luton .. there is some commitment, a little invention and also cohesion.. see what second half brings
  8. Be grateful for small mercies! Lees isn’t in the starting line up!
  9. This idea just throws more negativity at the club when the opposite is required. Im as pissed off as anyone at the moment but this is not the way forward
  10. Regardless of what both player brings to the team, any footballer should have discipline. Whichever way you look at it there has obviously been a lack of discipline by the pair. This may mean they underminedGM in some way but clearly if it was just down to ability they’d be in the squad. Read between the lines.
  11. I rarely ‘over react’ . I take a balanced view on everything. But last night and Wigan game had me ina foul mood because players were just not good enough
  12. I just goes to show, even in our darkest moments, there are people with a sense of humour! It was a joke, yeah?
  13. Sorry, but some of them needed (need) a kick up the arse! They are the one on the pitch making poor decisions in the 90 mins
  14. Hoping Lees gets taken off at half time.. then we may look less nervous at the back
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