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  1. I could have sworn the OP was about Steve Gibson and him throwing his teddy out.. rather than what players we need to sell wow
  2. There are many ways to make this work I’m sure
  3. Exactly this. If they did give big contracts they’d have had a squad to compete in the premiership.
  4. I actually believe they are playing for the manager.. and by the reaction in front of our fans after Fletchers goal, the fans too
  5. For clarification.. even if he had have chosen to move to the left by half a yard ( imo the correct position) I still think it was too good a strike for him to keep out. Im replying to you out of courtesy btw as its irrelevant now (re result) But i hope in training today the gk coach has a word. Learn from mistakes. A couple of mistakes don’t make a bad keeper in fact it’ll make him better
  6. I’m not that person.. and calling it blame is harsh. It was just an observation prior to the kick being taken. Blame appears after the event. Moreover, I was delighted with last nights performance overall.
  7. Some delightful, fear free football at times. SB has given many of the squad confidence
  8. Myself and son observed exactly the same thing. Yes it was an excellent free kick but Dawson didn’t help himself with his starting position
  9. Yes likewise. I actually think he will blossom under SB into a more consistent player but ...money is required
  10. Maybe SB showed the players the Leeds match as part of preparation for today’s game.
  11. Yes he is very good indeed. I suggested we go get him last summer.
  12. The bank ain’t broken. The ability to spend is
  13. Some people might think this is tongue in cheek but reality is that is society. Too scared of missing something elsewhere than enjoying the moment in front of them
  14. I thought he’d only just signed a contract with Everton last year?
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