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  1. Female copper told me an hour before kick off that they weren’t expecting any problems that day .. ahem
  2. Without doubt the scariest atmosphere I’ve witnessed at a football match
  3. I watched a few matches on YouTube last night from that era. Agreed he seemed very popular with the other players and it looked a very happy squad
  4. Are you actually being serious? What else are they going to do with them? Keep them at full price collecting dust? jeeeez!
  5. Surely if he knew he needed help from anyone (which categorically he does need help) he would have reached out by now? He doesn’t recognise the mess that the club is in on every single level. Fans morale, player morale, fighting the EFL, ticket prices, falling attendances, poor results..he seems oblivious to it all.. it’s highly unlikely at this stage of failure he’s going to be interested in anyone’s opinion. Not because he’s capable but because he’s incapable
  6. I wonder if Mr K Maguire will approach Hull City with an ingenious idea he thought up while sat on the toilet?
  7. Wallace was a great player for us. But this just makes me think that there is an undercurrent of disrespect for whichever manager has walked thru the door. Yes respect is earned but any manager at any club should have some respect from the players regardless of how bizarre the manager is. Sir AlexFerguson still has the respect of (the majority) of his old squad.
  8. Given the current circumstances we could have Luongo back when football resumes. Alongside Bannan and/ or Hunt which I think works well
  9. A number 10 role behind a front 2 with the freedom to appear anywhere in that space. Even in the dismal recent run he showed his ability to link play. Still not at his best though
  10. For it. There is no better time than now with no on field distractions and so the focus will be on the root problems at the club. Will DC accept an invitation to have regular dialogue? Well, if he doesn’t than it’s clear how much interest he has in the club and it ultimately the fan base.
  11. He wasn’t my first choice. I’m not sure he’s the right man for the job now, but the guy is clearly having to deal with a whole load of issues in and around the club that he didn’t buy in to. For that I have the utmost respect for him (and understanding)
  12. The club have brought in new players since.. by definition that is recruitment. Why we chose to bring in an (seemingly) unfit Connor Wickham I can’t understand.
  13. I agree. Logic and common sense suggests he is the rebuilder. Am I convinced he’s the right man for us? No! But there has to be a platform of stability at some point that comes from continuity
  14. Recruitment has improved but not necessarily the quality of recruitment
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