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  1. Correct ! I didn’t doubt you but had to check lol.. remember it being sunny and chilly! Maybe I’m thinking cause Chesterfield drew we went up ? Irrelevant now of course
  2. Great memories of a promotion winning 0-0 draw at Exeter!
  3. I keep saying this. A 10 yard pass into the box is far more dynamic and valuable than one in and and around the centre circle. The whole team need to compress a little and play further up the pitch a lot
  4. It looks worse than it is .. imagine that we didn’t have a goal to aim for . The ball would be passed around aimlessly because they know there is no end result ... we don’t have a centre forward to aim for right now .. a target man or men hence the ball just gets moved around in hope.. no excusing, just explaining
  5. It’s a lack of confidence .. right across the squad ! I realised on Saturday while watching. It’s been there that long as a constant that many have mistaken it for a group of poor players .. If anyone needs a confirmation how does anyone explain Bannan’s corners yesterday?
  6. Because he clearly loves the club .. regardless of his ability he loves the club . That Can’t be said for many of the journeymen that passed thru S6 over the years
  7. I’m with you for most of this post except Peter Crouch who at that time scored 22 goals in 44 games for England (2005-2010). I’d have signed him only on that record! He only managed 1 in 5 for Stoke but he fitted in Pulis’ system... as a foot note I’m not a Pulis fan
  8. I can see that DC may have had enough of the continual bleed of money from his wallet.. not to mention the negativity towards him.. however, I can’t see him pulling the rug from under his son and say no it’s not your club. Also , if he was to sell he will most definitely want top dollar. So for arguments sake £125m . Anyone wanting to develop the club and stadium ( yes it goes hand in hand) will then have to at least match what they gave to DC to get things moving I’m not saying you’re wrong @Therealrealist , I just feel it’s unlikely
  9. I’ve never seen one .. possibly as scarce as a D Taxi
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