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  1. I’m in no rush to bring him back .. however we got to the play offs Twice under him and had a footballing identity .. some barnpot will I’m certain comment he wasted money . Well true enough but DC was as much to blame..and sadly any kind of success require a big pile of cash spending these days . would I have him back? No! is he better than we have now ? Jesus H Christ .. 100% better
  2. Sadly I don’t see an answer unless DC chooses to move on .. i don’t like it but I’ll just have to accept it
  3. Over the years it’s driven me mad Hearing some people wanting to change the manager after a short period. However, I really do think Monk should leave at the end of this season. Not just for the clubs benefit but his own too. While ever DC is at the club we have a problem. The club needs to look in the mirror. Changing managers (and players) is just putting out the fire Instead of dealing with the cause of the fire .. Chansiri
  4. Totally agree. The problem starts right at the top
  5. You summed it up in one word .. ‘we’ . Top to bottom not good enough. The owner , the manager, the players and to an extent some the fans. many circumstances dictate the situation but sadly it starts from the top
  6. Agreed .. he was never my first choice but given what he’s had to deal with on and off the pitch he’s doing (and done) ok . And that’s most we as fans can and should expect for now
  7. Totally agree .. but service is the key . I’m absolutely certain Rhodes will verify that as would Fletcher ( although he worked hard to grab a goal from anywhere) and Winnall. the kind of quality service that got Wickham his goal last week .
  8. Reach is having a good game ! Effective
  9. I agree..but people, circumstances and attitudes change. However My point was, even though he’s not getting a new contract he was Being supportive of the club/ team Via social media.. which for me is good to see
  10. It’s a significant part of Harry Kane’s game and it works for him
  11. I have.. so you’re barking up the wrong tree. I was just observing that he is supportive of the Team/ club still
  12. But on Instagram he is 100% supportive of the team ..
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