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  1. Mister Soul

    Big Hec

    I genuinely thought he’d been smoking on Saturday.. awful game by his standards
  2. I think the OP is suggesting that the club should question the decision not just for our club (and FF) but also for the entire football league . I believe (and I could be wrong) it was created to discourage Cantona type moments. However Celebrating in front of your own fans in such a passionate moment and it is part of football . You can’t Pre manage that situation. Emotions should not be squashed.. it’s what we love football for. It’s what we pay money to see.
  3. Mister Soul

    Over paid and under performing

    No footballers are actually over paid.. they are only paid the amount their clubs are stupid (or wise enough) to offer them. If a club doesn’t do due process.. it’s their own fault
  4. Mister Soul

    Summer Sort Out

    I’m inclined to agree with regards both Palmer and Fox to a point . If we can get full time (stronger) replacements both we be good back ups. However (Palmer in particular), I feel under the SB team of coaches there is still some improvement still to come. Rhodes is an enigma and again under SB maybe he has someone that knows what to do to get the best out of him. Not least because he’s a very British coach. Rhodes has not had the benefit of that for some time.
  5. Mister Soul

    Summer Sort Out

    Palmer is thriving under new regime imo. what would you do with Rhodes?
  6. Mister Soul

    Adam Reach

    Totally agree again!
  7. Mister Soul

    Positivity on a night of moaning

    A very realistic assessment. I agree. There was fleeting moments of dynamic, flowing, passing football. But just moments. Im sure SB has begun to give the squad some confidence and belief. However it may take some time to get back to where we were
  8. Mister Soul

    What the f*ck was that?

    I agree with most of your point. However it’s an excellent collection of very good players ( mostly) that have been mismanaged and demoralised by JL and to a lesser extent CC. SB will bring out the best of some of them, others won’t make the cut. Shower of shyte they are not
  9. Mister Soul

    Underlying Problems for SB to sort out.

    In the early days of CC I recall us pressing and being quite aggressive.. the squad ain’t change that much since then so it’s well within their capabilities
  10. Mister Soul

    Nuhiu coming on as sub Saturday.

    While ever he wears a Wednesday shirt he’ll get my full support! Hes certainly not as effective as he has been but maybe SB needs to put his arm around him and have a chat
  11. Mister Soul

    Roland Nilsson memories

    I remember the gasp on the kop to this day...... but that aside what a class act he was!
  12. Mister Soul

    Jos to Westwood :It's 'financial.'

    I think many of us knew at the time that ‘financial reasons was the whole truth. Only Jos and DC know the actual truth of the situation. However, I have a feeling that Jos misunderstood the brief and believed he had lose some players. Thats not defending him in any way btw
  13. Mister Soul

    Worried about the playoffs?

    Yeah you will.. positive thinking :)