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  1. I’m quite content to play 4-5-1 . We now have the pace for that formation to morph quickly into 4-2-4
  2. I agree with OP. It is a significant improvement on previous years. however being good at social media doesn’t cover up that the club is terrible at communicating with the fans on issues that matter.
  3. The people that have continued to be dismissive of him will struggle to get their had around your opening point .. not everyone understands how football works. Unfortunately Thanks
  4. Does anyone know what will happen Saturday? This is football, but more significantly it’s the Championship. Predictable it is not.
  5. Two great headed goals. But for those that don’t get Big Dave .. check the extended highlights at 14:30. Defenders really can not handle him and to have a player like that to bring on late in the game is just wonderful
  6. I’d much prefer to keep Reach under the new manager than have the money. He will become an even better player under Monk. However im commenting on rumour anyway
  7. Hope SAG don’t visit. You’ll be drinking alone soon
  8. What is the Owlstalk record for negs? Bob C has to be pushing hard for it?
  9. At best this is an ill considered op! feels like an attempt to destabilise the fan base. Everyone is allowed an opinion but jeeez
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