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  1. Yep you are . For me he was close to being Player of the Season if it had not been for an exceptional season from BB. He delivered so many excellent crosses last season and despite being so high up the pitch (which was essential) he still managed to get back and be effective in defence. Feel free to watch back some games and see the extra movement (and anticipation) in the box from our forwards as soon as they saw Hunt had a yard to cross
  2. Wednesday Top of the league Wednesday, Wednesday Top of the league
  3. Well, you are correct in saying that the PL as a league does not benefit. However those clubs that make up the PL have the vote and those that are capable of relegation are the thick end of the wedge.
  4. As touched on before, a significant amount of clubs in the PL are at risk of being relegated. As those are the same clubs that contribute or have a vote on PL decisions they are obviously going to be in favour of a significant insurance policy should their club be relegated. It’s the self preservation society
  5. With the use of a sq/barcode on each adult ticket it would be relatively easy to limit the amount each individual could purchase.
  6. So did I and recognised Lees game had become woeful at S6
  7. Positive momentum! If ever a club needed it , it’s ours. I’m delighted you’ve used the two words cause usually I get a blank response
  8. It would help the club on many levels if every fan grasped all of the above points. The lack of realism and over expectation far too often creates division in the fan base. More so than any other club it seems. People need to get real.
  9. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/chairman-of-argentinian-club-speaks-out-on-transfer-speculation-regarding-sheffield-wednesday-player/amp/
  10. Not on the level that’s at S6. But I believe it’s mainly from the usual suspects that believe that we are actually a Premiership club, that a manager can click his fingers and we get promoted or even worse thought Pulis was going to be good idea. .. or Paul Cook. Their expectations out weigh reality and when a player doesn’t click on their debut he’s a waste of money. However I think the majority of Owls are quite balanced, realistic, patient people
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