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  1. He will get better as the season progresses.
  2. George will become the next Nick Powell, will probably follow the same carreer path.
  3. Rating him as a player, not as a role model, he was the best Ive seen play for Wednesday. Seeing the bribery scandal in the
  4. I don't know anyone who hates Dave, I know a few who think hes not a great player. Great tryer who wants to stay at Hillsborough to play and score goals, if theres any morals left in football he should finish his career at Hillsborough because he tries harder than any other player at the club. If he had fantastic skill and scored every week he wouldn't be here, we couldn't afford him. He is 100% Sheffield Wednesday and doesn't want to leave and never complains when hes left out of the team. Keep him for times when your super strikers are injured.
  5. John Terry, if I remember right told Hutchinson to come to Hillsborough.
  6. Why rest [players for the Villa game its still only 3 points, probably easier to take 3 from Millwall.
  7. 4th and 6th aren't really good enough when you've spent enough money to get automatic promotion.
  8. At least he analysed the match properly, arguing with the ref gets you nowhere, they wont change their decision. Could get him a ban.
  9. I have no interest in WIFI, Trip advisor or refunds. I recently started thinking just how much of my money is going to pay the massive wages being given to our players, many of whom have played less than 5-6 games. Big wages for sitting at home watching TV or doing the garden. Obviously we keep going no matter how bad it gets, but don't criticise the ones that don't, its their choice and why turn up, pay your money if you are not enjoying it.
  10. Sorry but with the players hes had the last 2 seasons have been mediocre, with the money hes spent an ok manager would have had us in the Premier league 2 years ago. Just look at Wolves. We got it all wrong when we went for the players first, expecting this manager to get the results, a good manager should be the first signing not the last. I also believe he is the worst manager ever. Hes also made himself look stupid as well as incompetent with his ridiculous excuses. We now have very few fit players after his hand picked medical staff replaced the original team, obviously now this will make his sacking very expensive for the club.
  11. Why are our players out injured for so long, I thought last years medical staff clear out, was supposed to bring in new people who could get our players fit again.
  12. Seems like the new medical staff take just as long to "fix" our players as the ones sacked at the end of last season.
  13. Carlos talks a lot but actually says nothing. Great coach? glad he didn't train me, he hasn't a clue. 1st season Steve Bruce showed how good he was at Wembley, last season didn't even have penalty takers ready against Huddersfield, this season cant have done much coaching as they are getting the basics wrong.
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