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  1. Need a win tonight guys, get your scoring boots on and 90+ minute lungs and legs pumping. UTO
  2. Didn't mean you personally making the excuse BTW. Meant if that's is the case, then doesn't sit well with me.
  3. It did look like that TBF or was it they just gave up after WW scored. Let's face it, it's what they're paid to do, train for and get paid handsome wages for etc. So an excuse of being tired (if that's what it was) doesn't sit well with me at all.
  4. Exactly this. In the past I've got into spats and the only result is your own frustration. So as you say, I still read all posts but now smile and skip past the ones I think are unreasonable or just comment and move on. It's a forum, so there will be a range of differing opinions of which people are entitled to. Took me a while to realise it mind
  5. Let the meltdown, finger pointing and name calling commence.
  6. Always has been but we need to do something about it
  7. Even their commentators admit they're good at it
  8. Yep, think I'd bring Patto on for his physicality
  9. Both of them were tussling but when Dunkley got to the ball he had the guy round the neck and dragging him backwards, hence the lack of his protest.
  10. A hard game today guys but I'm sure we'll step up......UTO
  11. He's not a centre back He's not a striker He's not a wing back and my favourite...........He's not being played in his natural position.
  12. Yep, provisionally reserved seats on Hoyland Owls coach.
  13. Agree but it doesn't help when you go defensive and invite them on.
  14. Strange one for sure, need goals for goal difference and takes the striker off, weird.
  15. Crikey, how frustrating was that. Better half coming up.
  16. My wife can't, I've just told her to sit down and shut and hasn't done either.
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