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  1. ElsecarOwl

    Team for Swansea

    I'd go with that. Would love to see the 3 new boys and Winnall (if fit). Otherwise why sign them and we've nothing to lose. We certainly need to change something, given the last few performances.
  2. ElsecarOwl

    Not good enough

    thank fizz
  3. Can't because it was a second yellow.
  4. FT stats Home TeamRotherhamAway TeamSheff Wed Possession Home44% Away56% Shots Home25 Away11 Shots on Target Home6 Away4 Corners Home5 Away4 Fouls Home15 Away13
  5. Can't believe this ferking ref, Red for celebrating FFS
  6. Don't think it's about scapegoats, more like calling it as it is on the day.
  7. really surprised at Hector's performance today
  8. That's got it covered matey
  9. TBF he's seems to have been struggling for a few weeks now.
  10. HT stats Home TeamRotherhamAway TeamSheff Wed Possession Home47% Away53% Shots Home8 Away4 Shots on Target Home2 Away1 Corners Home2 Away1 Fouls Home4 Away6
  11. he's a knob always has been
  12. ElsecarOwl

    Streams for tomorrow

    Also VIPBOX/live
  13. ElsecarOwl


    Yep but the positive is he realised after only 45 minutes
  14. ElsecarOwl

    What the f*ck was that?

    Bit harsh me thinks