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  1. Exactly. Come on Stevie and issue a 'not interested' statement.
  2. Everyone will have a different view on what Francis did for us. For me, loved him as a player but not as much as a manager. Suffered with man management skills. The comment about Atkinson's team is one with which I agree. Atkinson left us (unfortunately) in a great place and although Francis made some excellent signings, as you quite rightly point out, the next 2 years were a steady slide downwards. But as I said earlier IMO.
  3. Well you know what FA stands for, probably what's between the ears of the people responsible for this farce.
  4. Old man in football terms, not the way forward for me.
  5. spot on, matthews would make more sense but probably at a cost, so I guess there's a balance to be made
  6. Precisely. Total wind up and taking the p1ss about our FFP position.
  7. Really, a 30 year old pig supporter, no thanks.
  8. Do I really give one. My point was about building for the future, not just getting across the line and not being able to sustain it.
  9. TBF players with potential are in their teens, not in their mid 20's. The guys 26 and being released by a club that finished one place above us on the same points. Is it really the way forward? I'm sure SB has a better angle on it than anyone of us on here.
  10. Kin ell, let him digest his weetabix first...............
  11. Couldn't see from where I was, only heard it. WTF was the message ?
  12. Yep and I got slated earlier in the season for suggesting Dawson wasn't up to mark compared with Westwood.
  13. HT stats Home Team Sheff Wed Away Team QPR Possession Home53% Away47% Shots Home2 Away4 Shots on Target Home0 Away2 Corners Home2 Away2 Fouls Home3 Away8
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