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  1. It would be interesting to know who the players are that do not want to play for us, a team of supporters from the kop would want to play but might not be very good. I'm sure Palmer, Lees and Pelupessy all want to play for us but despite the odd decent game they are not good enough for this division and may fail at a lower level. Harris always puts effort in but again the intelligence and control don't match the speed and effort. The other side of the coin is what offers from other teams will our players receive, some of our players that don't suit our style might be a perfect fit for others. What style do we play that of the last couple of years mainly defensive with a long ball element (needs a Fletcher rather than a Joao) or more of a passing team that the current manager appears to favour. Another big factor is what wages can we pay, do any of the players want to play for us so much that they would agree to a pay cut.
  2. You could say that K Lee scored far more goals but in addition was far better defensively than BB. Same would apply to Sheridan , why is it that BB cannot defend.
  3. Except their duties are usually as sitting/holding players!
  4. I'm not sure we will lose him, someone (Chansiri?) would have to judge if they believe letting him go will outweigh the benefits of keeping him. He is under contract. It might be the case that he knows he is guaranteed a place here and would occupy the bench elsewhere so if he is financial secure and happy he may stay.
  5. He was at his best when played with the players who were better no doubt, the likes of Westwood, Pudil, Hutchinson, Loovens Lee, Hooper and Forestieri were all more effective for the team. I think now he feels he has to take on the mantle of best player but does not have the intelligence of where to be on the field. He is often like a moth drawn to a flame in his search for possession of the ball. He needs to learn when to let others have responsibility and if as I believe he is total lacking in defensive skills we need him to play further forward and be braver. It is far easier playing in the quarter back pocket sending bombs for wide receivers. Much prefer him up there sliding passes than looping bombs. Remains to be seen if he is here next year and if indeed anyone is willing to pay money for him, you would think so but it is up to the scouts or manager of other clubs to make that offer.
  6. Probably the main reason being that the attacking play maker drops deeper than the holding midfielder/s stifling the space and hampering our ability to come out from the back. You can than add the fact that our wingbacks are very weak and prefer to shadow rather than challenge for the ball.
  7. Also universally acknowledged that Rhodes is the most prolific striker at this level and only needs half a chance, but we bench him and criticise when he misses a chance. I'm glad SKY don't know about Iorfa, just hope other clubs scouts are not aware too.
  8. Anyone can miss a penalty and he has scored a couple, his lack of goals from open play for a technician is more worrying. We were more than likely down before today though so we should start trying to find a way of having more control of games.
  9. Sorry Jim but we don't want the likes of Borner and Hutchinson trying to be proactive and steal the ball and also competing with the opposition. We need the players that shadow and never quite get there (the timid ones who shouldn't get booked) or the ones that stiffen up under pressure and can't play. The other thing against them is if left to it they can bring the ball out of defence and pass it. We'd much prefer to have 10 men around our own box booting it to a lone striker. Best add Iorfa, Dunkley and Urhoghide to the proactive ones they need canning too.
  10. Need a team that can give Bannan a free ride further up the pitch and for someone to keep him up there. Some decent creative play by Hutchinson (Borner is also capable of bringing the ball out) shows that some of our defenders can use the ball but Bannan coming to take everything stifles us and does not get the best out of him. Tom Lees, Palmer and Pelupessy along with Marriot and Katchunga both weak and poor. Harris tries,s Reach has the ability but does not use it. Not sure about Windass and Patterson.
  11. The weak midfield have cost us relegation and they compound it by dropping back onto the back 4/5 at the slightest bit of pressure. A legacy of Monk trying to create a defensive team without the players to break and pinch something. We have created more under Moore but that could be because we had to. or may just be a better way of playing long term.
  12. If your midfield sit back on top of your back 4 that is the result.
  13. That is what you get with a pathetic weak midfield.
  14. Get Hutch as play maker we get more drive and better long balls.
  15. Once again class from Hutchinson, pity others don't have that commitment.
  16. great long ball by Hucth few mins ago then a brilliant header to his man that gets us away, midfielders need to watch and learn.
  17. We got on top in last few mins of the half but they were better than us for a period with 10 men, cut through our midfield too easily and got to our back line. Palmer ok forwards but not much cover going backwards, I cant see what JP and KH are offering. We should be able to get a grip in the middle with the extra man. Bannan needs to keep getting it wide as he is not that good at threading as when he tried near the end of the half. Can take Hutchinson off for me to cover for the red or second yellow but we need to get the ball and keep moving them around.
  18. We need to get a grip of midfield here to stop them coming onto us.
  19. However Hutch on a crutch would get to his man quicker than Bannan.
  20. Just looked at the second goal again because my memory is fading in old age. Shows Hutchinson in the right sided centre back position (where he started the match) covering Borner who in turn is filling in for the wing back. Should he have left the guy to attack the area and get into the box?. The captain has played a great part in 4 out of the last 5 goals conceded yet he supposedly walks into any top six team in this league. Watch what the players do not the pre conceived crock angle where someone is going to play one miss ten and get sent off more often than not. How many goals from open play has the former centre half Shaw scored? more than our captain who could have been booked and sent off in two of the last 3 games, good job his reputation affords him some protection from the refs.
  21. It took Wilder a little while to get his way of playing into the players, I hope if DM is the manager next season we cannot adopt a more pleasing style, preferably a winning one.
  22. We had two ball playing CB's last night both comfortable with the ball at feet despite it often being taken from them by our midfielder coming back. We lost it once again in the middle. A little more practice bringing it out from the back might help but we have been a long ball side with everything through Bannan for too long now, and that has been worse than what we have witnessed in the last couple of matches.
  23. Yes all the squad collectively poor, Hutchinson had a far better game than the captain last night and did what he was supposed to do as well as getting forward. For a crock he has probably got more man of the match performances than our superstar. Hutchinson can play as a midfielder in a strong midfield but more legs needed if BB is part of the midfield therefore play him at CB as he is comfortable with the ball at his feet. Patterson, Pelupessy, Palmer and Lees nowhere near good enough for playing possession football this or any other season.
  24. I do think he is playing within himself (he's not the only one) but he did get the shot away that caused their keeper to make a good save. He also got into the box with his missed chance where he should have gone with his head but appeared to get his foot on it. Most of the season our midfielders have shown a reluctance to get into the oppositions box. So there is something in him that in the right environment can be developed and there is the question is he a centre back rather than a midfielder. If the manager picks him he is not going to refuse to play but maybe he does not want to get injured before he moves but a number of our players appear to be in that frame of mind. The owner and structure of the club are probably the main reason the player is now leaving and he will take stick regardless.
  25. If you don't understand that he constantly comes back into an area that he does not need to be in that's ok. He has tackled Borner earlier in the season and got in the way of many more of our players but it is never his fault. When he plays between the centre backs or even behind the defensive midfielder it creates problems and encourages the long ball style that we had developed. He also brings a man with him into dangerous areas. If he found a gap gap further forward he could receive the ball in a more advanced position and play from that point where he would do more damage. This would encourage more balls down the side of centre backs and more passes on the ground than the soft loopy punt over the top. He is good at close control and very happy to receive the ball but needs to be braver and get further forward. Modern midfielders need to be able to do both jobs forward and back, he is not very good at the defensive side so keep him up front preferably to the left side.
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