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  1. One of the best scoring records in the junior category that we have had in recent years. Very good scoring record for England youth and named in the team of the tournament at the Toulan competition suggests he was very promising. Possibly the wrong club and manager at the time to further his development, if he had been at the dark side of the city or Barnsley he might have been sold for £25 M. Remember Carlos bombing out Lewis Mcgugan and Lavery who had shown promise with us, but he had his chosen few meaning it was difficult even for Rhodes and Winnall to get in the team. Hirst should have been loaned out to develop just like when Tottenham were not sure Kane was good enough. In hindsight the situation was handled very badly but for years we have been poor at realising value for our players something that United and Barnsley are much better at.
  2. Reach had all the tools but not the desire and would have been an expensive luxury in this division. His wages may have unsettled some of the other players in the squad. When he first arrived he burst past the opposition with a bit of power and pace (in an inside left type position and caused the opposition problems) as he got comfortably established in the squad he played well, but within himself I thought. This last season was an embarrassment and he should be ashamed of his efforts. To watch him and Bannan get ripped apart by an average championship winger in our left back area time and again was depressing to watch. He became a leg dangler and shirker of tackles and just played when he felt like it. He has the engine and physique to be so much better and may be more suited to another challenge and indeed it might be the case that WBA are defensively tougher to penetrate allowing Reach to stay up the field. There is a player there when motivated time will tell if he is a success at WBA, but in our current situation I'm glad he has gone.
  3. In the past whenever we have been struggling other clubs appear to have been able to pick up our players on the cheap. It is possible that Swansea are sounding out Bannan on the basis we let him leave for free to save on wages, much like Borners situation. Brentford may have been thinking along the same line.a; The offers for Windass also looked opportunistic.
  4. They (pundits) are even more gushing as regards Jordan Rhodes whenever he comes on the pitch, however Jordan probably suffered from a lack of service in part due to Bannan being more suited to the long ball and a Fletcher type of player. Bannan confuses and stifles the defence by coming back into them he is then more or less having to play a longer ball type game. Bannan and Reach were probably the worst defenders we had last season, but both insisted in dropping back and allowing teams to pin us back. He doesn't understand that he does not need to come to the ball all the time and should find a space between the lines when we have possession. So supporters of Bannan realise he cant defend, is positionally unsafe (defensively) and not that good in ariel duels. He can't shoot rarely scores and seldom assists. He has very good close control and can manipulate the ball well and that is enough entertainment for some people. He does not get in and around the opposition box nor score despite being given a free role and may well be suited to the style of another team where he is a cog rather than the wheel. I will still be surprised if he is not at the start of the season.
  5. I don't expect there to be a lot of interest in Bannan therefore I'm hoping he has found his level and can be more effective this season. With the amount of possession he has in matches he needs to do much better with it. He needs to play further up the field and be braver about supporting the forwards. There is interest in Windass and if Iorfa gets back to the standard he was then because of his raw pace he will be in demand too. I would happily let BB go as I believe he stifles us and slows play down too much, I would like Iorfa to stay and as for Windass it depends on the amount offered anything north of 2m might sway the decision.
  6. There is a possibility that the likes of Odabajo and Brown might do better in sides that are not as "long ball" as we have been. Preston appear to be better at spotting talent than us.
  7. I don't think we can sell him though ,may have to give him away. He has good close control but no football intelligence. The net result is he is pleasing on the eye but the team suffers. If BB comes back it is because the rest of the team is not good enough but if Rhodes comes back as the only supply is fight/long balls then Rhodes is useless. I have stated for many seasons professional scouts will be reluctant to recommend BB as there is little end product. I(f we get any sort of fee then we should be delighted.
  8. There has o be a buyer or someone willing to pay those wages for someone who has had a terrible season, can't shoot, score, assist or defend, it is why he is still with us.
  9. If Tom Lees had not put the ball in his own net we would not have needed pens, did Huddersfield score from open play apart from that in the play offs. If we had gone to the final though Carlos would have played for a draw and we would probably have lost the final on pens. If only Carlos hadn't turned negative after Hull and Boro had success with less stylish football. Carlos also got Swansea into a position to stay up and then went defensive and blew it too.
  10. He was not a natural striker and had only a fraction of the finishing ability of young Hirst, struggled to sort his feet out around the six yard box. His physicality was his strength early on but as the oppositions centre backs grew they could compete with his muscle and outpace him in open play and therefore his impact was much reduced.
  11. They might play him off a target man rather than use him as one, plus there is more creativity in Hudders midfield than ours and maybe less of the bang it and chase balls.
  12. A Jack Bannan, a propensity to chase the ball and no spatial awareness when he doesn't have the ball!
  13. Ivan Toney a player highly regarded took quite a while to get going, his stats for Barnsley show 1 in 15, but he was loaned out a number of times. It might also be the case that whilst playing for Peterborough and Brentford they created far more chances for him than some of the clubs he was loaned to, no one can argue with young Hirst's stats for us or young England before the standoff took place. Both club and player possibly lost out.
  14. More ability and more speed than Palmer at RB or RWB, doubt he has ever been fully fit with us, but before his last injury was showing promising signs. It is a real problem for Moore does he keep the ones that after a few weeks of the season will be shown to be lower end L1 standard, amongst them JP TL KH and LP, or does he gamble with people with possibly more ability but are injury prone like Luongo. There is also the possibility that an embargo may prevent him signing players so he may think it better to keep even the ones he does not rate in the absence of any replacements.
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