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  1. Surely part of this topic is relevant to match days. I have seen a cash strapped council send out teams of workers to put down cones only on match days in order to force people to park further away. These restrictions were not in force for the normal rush hour periods. Coupled with the orders to allow restrictions (double yellow lines) to be added (even on lightly used roads) once again people are moved further away from Hillsborough and traffic wardens are then routinely sent out police our home matches. They may do the same at the lane, I don't know. The above coupled with the fact that from memory they refused applications for residential housing and a supermarket on our training site when we were desperate seems to back up the feeling the council is anti football. They did allow others to build near the training ground and indeed allowed the Sainsbury and Kilner way developments. They also take great delight in how much their music festival contributes to the local authority but do not appreciate football fans spend. I can't comment on who foots the police bill for non football events though. It should be noted that the most profitable hours on the supertram network is after Wednesday home games. In short football clubs contribute to the local economy.
  2. I have the perfect solution it just came to me. I have seen Chris Waddle playing for an over 35 side, it was quite obvious his corners. free kicks and long range passing was far superior to Barry's efforts. So we give him the same instructions, you only come back from the half way line when our players have the ball and insist they give it you to pass. You don't need to track back when the opposition have the ball (no tackling/heading required) and you ball whoever is the designated defensive midfielder for not getting forward. Job done!
  3. Would have loved Hector as captain but Fulham have more money.
  4. Ok LS respect you points, I suppose I'm getting wound up because I been watching his flaws since 3 months into Carlos's second season. I enjoyed that first season with Bannan forward and to the left but not subsequent seasons. Carlos should not have tried to copy Hull and Boro's style because we did not have the players to play that wa.
  5. Yes he does what he wants, not what the team needs. Winnall was a one in two man at Barnsley and he only had Hourihane to feed him who wasn't a patch on BB, he must have thought he be a goal a game here with all our star midfielders assists. Of course none of the Utd's side midfield that came up were fit to lace his boots either, nor Moy, Cairney , Shelvey and that Madison at Norwich. I wonder who might bid more for Bannan then any of them? We could of course change all our team to wide receivers in order for BB to play quarter back (and special teams free kick taker) let him off defensive duties and play where he wants, though we should not adapt to Jordan Rhodes style of play after all strikers do not win games. looking forward to massive bids for a player who nearly always wins MoM but no one seems to want!
  6. Ok I will explain it a little further, most of Sheffield United's midfield did not cost a packet, nor the centre halves, however I'm sure they style they play was developed and dictated by Wilder and that the defensive players had to become comfortable with it, would he (Wilder) have allowed Bannan to stifle that and take the ball of them constantly? I also note they appear to press as a team I don't often see one man for them decide to break the shape and run off into the distance waving their arms about whilst never getting to the ball, James O'Connor was the last one at Hilsborough to do that before BB. I accept I could be wrong and that no other player in our back line can be coached to pass a simple ball wide or twenty yards forward. It might be people love a couple of pirouette's passing around the back four before a lump up field from the goalkeeper to KH or FF because we can't always hit Fletcher from that far back. On reflection we did use FF as a centre forward at the start of one season against Preston and pumped fifty yard balls in the air for him, he nearly scored a header above their keeper from the edge of the area. However our defensive shape did not hold and Lees gave away a penalty late on, that match was as entertaining as the last few.
  7. It is not hard to find examples, the 2 min clip of Cardiff beating us is still on skysports, look how far he is up field for the first and what he does for the second. It has been going on years but we had a classic example that he had not changed in the pre season game against the Villarreal we he just lets his man wander off him and score. In short he makes it hard for the defensive players so move him up the field out of the way, better playing with no one there than a distraction you cannot trust.
  8. What about the crime of playing like a schoolboy, has to have the ball to pass but does not want track back nor tackle. The playmaker is supposedly there to set the pattern of play, as has been seen we a very entertaining side with him dictating play. I excuse the fans that do not attend because the highlight clips will not usually show he has let his man go as he is out of the picture when the opposition scores. Funny how he wants to be at the back when we have possession, I guess it is much more difficult playing around the oppositions box. So we let BB be the defensive anchor we can drop Hutchinson and next hang Luongo out to dry when he cannot be the forward midfielder we crave. I see speculation that people are considering bids of £12m for Joe Allen, looking forward to huge bids for our talisman the best midfielder in the division, oh and take the non tackling (give it to me to shoot) Reach with him. Realistically there will be no substantial bids if teams have watched him therefore we have to clear him out of the defence, possibly play him up the left and let Borner and Iorfa bring the ball out. I'm sure Wilder would have stopped him taking it off his centre backs thus stifling their development.
  9. I hope it works out well for him and us, as a poster said he needs to be playing regularly now. It is always hard to know how a player is going to perform once they feel established in a side. He had a good season with us last year and showed himself to be a decent communicator/organiser but more importantly more robust than the club captain he played with. Good luck to him,
  10. Just unfortunate for Jordan, our managerial changes including temporary ones meant he suffered most. Quite often when a new manager comes in he reverts to tried and trusted or known names or goes with the old guard. He had a good season last year and for me is better than Tom Lees in a physical battle and slightly better with the ball at his feet. The game last season when assombalonga was knocking tom all over the place highlighted that, he moved onto Thorniley who went through him twice at which point he (assombalonga) sat on the floor pleading with the ref to help him. Totally put him off his game. The next piece of bad luck for him is the buys of Iorfa and Borner a combination of pace and power that should be hard to dislodge. Iorfa may have dropped his standards but he is blessed with pace something we have been lacking at the back. I have not seen enough of Bates to form an opinion but I think JT should be in front of Lees but unfortunately behind Iorfa, Borner and Hutchinson for a centre back role. Regarding Penney wasn't it the case he had a decent game at fullback but then got moved to midfield.
  11. I can confidently declare he is the worst midfielder in the championship when the opposition have the ball. Of course the opposition always stick 3 on him according to his fans, however if you watch him and his man you will find teams do not need to man mark him. His passing today was terrible, however had we been on sky they would give him the man of the match.
  12. We did not create a single chance for him, we use him as a number 9 and our long ball style does not suit him, nor Dave who does not jump, nor a natural number 10 like Winnall. When you have weal characters like Lees, Palmer and possibly Fox you will struggle. Reach is an absolute disaster, he has the engine and the physical body to do the job but simply pulls out of any physical challenge, he is just going through the motions. Players with character like Borner are dropped and we play one up front at home! Bannan eclipsed again despite all he has to do is get us forward because he certainly never has helped defensively, waste of a shirt but I suppose the forward thinking better link man and better tackler called Lee is left on the bench. Kadeem Harris now confirming what I saw pre season no brain and poor decision making. Garry Monk has to do much better.
  13. It is up to Garry Monk to resolve the game management in the last few mins of matches but we have had this issue since CC's 2nd season. We probably got away with it more in recent seasons because we had braver players then. We need full backs who are more committed to stopping opposition runs and in particular crosses into the box. The midfield needs to defend as a unit not just depend on Hutch or Luongo to stop the opposition. The whole team has to get themselves further up the pitch to give us a greater chance of ball retention and to relieve some of the pressure on our goal, and indeed to support our 1 or two attackers we sometimes manage to get in the opposition box. Other teams appear to get four five or six players into the opposition box. We can scapegoat a finisher like Rhodes (and FF) if we want but we they should not be provided with long punts allowing grizzly centre backs to come straight through them. We are possibly not fit enough or just too lazy to get both forwards and backwards enough in match and therefore become mainly a long ball side without the aggression (Fletcher excepted) required. The number of free kicks we concede is ridiculous and will be costly against sides whose strengths are set plays. A number of these free kicks are because of laziness out of possession and a lack of commitment to get the right side of the man. Next home game take a note of how far our players are away from the opposition when we are out of possession. On a positive note we may have more points than our performances deserve.
  14. I thought he showed a great attitude when he came on, combined with drive and desire. The great work he did chasing back and retrieving the ball in our area before drawing the foul being a great example. Of all our players he must be the one who draws most fouls and is often in danger of being snapped in two by opponents but he still commits. If it is the case of who trains best rather than who plays best maybe that is another matter. It could well be the case that when training with their mates that for instance Reach always tackles, and that our full backs block most crosses, they need to do this in a match. I suppose it could be likened to an amateur team in danger of relegation near the end of a season, you have two or three better players who would come in a save the day but would not train, or you could keep in the poor players who always turn up for training. It is never that simple and is a dilemma that needs solving.
  15. Bannan is lazy pure and simple, again last night his man left him countless times but his admirers must only watch him in possession because he is useless out of it, he did not help Fox prevent the cross. The so called washed up Lee had a good first half and indeed stripped their midfield of the ball several times and set us going forward. He (Lee) won some headers (Bannan did not) and tackles (far more than our captain) and got into the opposition box. His first thought seems to be to turn forward whilst BB is backwards first thus stifling momentum. I understand there might be a grumble he did not finish the chance he had but our superstar captain never got near the target with his own two efforts. FF came on and put more effort and possibly yards in than BB did all match, and got stuck in (even in our own box) but he is classed as lazy. The fact is that FF and KL play in the more difficult areas in and around the oppositions box whilst the lauded one wants to play in a pocket mainly from his own half. If he was the "messi" of the division going forward I could excuse his pathetic defensive efforts but he is not. He has to get braver and play faster and further forward or let him go on a free as I'm not sure anyone would buy him. Fox and Palmer do not appear great at stopping crosses and Palmer may be prone to getting caught out by a quick one-two but how many times is this a result of midfielders in front of them not been able to screen because one of their number has gone missing again and they are having to cover for him (BB).
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