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  1. We need to start chasing refs when we get fouled. We could be a little smarter like stopping in front of a chasing player or toe poke the ball away before contact and roll around as if we have been shot.
  2. Some decent play in the first half, a team low on confidence/form was always going to get a bit nervy at the end. Pity JVA showed him inside instead of outside where Borner thought he would push him, perhaps that's why he was withdrawn.
  3. Borner. Mistake by Westwood certainly but would the other two keepers punch or catch that ball? (I favour Joe over Cameron by the way). Where was the marking after the punch? One mistake by the keeper ,15 or more by captain fantastic, he only has one job. pass the sodding ball cos we excuse him winning possession and tracking back etc. Rhodes gets stick when coming on for a team down to ten men. that barely creates a chance when we have eleven on and then has to play a Fletcher role.
  4. With regard to Fletcher he may have thought moving to another team might reduce his workload and at the same time he might be provided with more chances to score from open play.
  5. someone tell Derby changing the manager does not work, they need to think long term.
  6. Barry Bannan mom again. he will get one on target out of fifty.
  7. Great but would have been better to take 3 points off a couple of our relegation rivals, still suggests we will struggle. Only hope if true is it instills some confidence in the players.
  8. Got lucky tonight against a complacent side that thought they only had to turn up. Poor defending allowed our goal but the effort put in deserved a bit of luck. We still panicked even with the extra man but the result is everything, may just improve the players confidence a little.
  9. On looks alone 3 great looking shirts, possibly for me the best set of 3 I have seen.
  10. The best payer in the league that nobody wants, not even uncle Neil W. The pundits and journalists rate him there is no doubt of that but equally they tell us that Jordan Rhodes is the best finisher in the championship and only needs half a chance. Norwich did at least try to sign him. But Brentford having gained £50 million for just a couple of their players refused to speculate more than a million for someone so good he would power them to the title, surely a no brainer. Maybe when we play Blackburn next they will put that giant beast of a player Lewis Holtby to mark Bannan out o
  11. Both our Yorkshire premiership neighbours churned managers until they found the right one, In both cases the teams performance changed from the off. Results might not have been instantaneous but certainly they arrived pretty quickly, none of the managers spent sums far in excess of their peer teams to achieve success and did not spend vast fortunes to further improve them. Another issue is performance v results, anyone who saw O'driscoll's Doncaster team at the foot of the league recognized that their performance would eventually get points, which is what happened, our performances
  12. Should we play Westwood in midfield or up front because he is a nasty sod apparently.
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