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  1. Commentator to Jack, "what would you do if an opposition player spat in your face?" JC "I'd chin him!" As others have said rescued us from the doldrums along with mcgee.
  2. Monk is not the man but it is the case we did not take the chances,"too nice a team" the only aggression shown from Wickham (not ours) and Borner. The fat Luongo going through the motions particular when he should have been first to the ball in their area but pulled out, I had my suspicions he was like Reach pulling out of 60-40 in your favour. Murphy might not be a world beater and should have done better but certainty a creator for us. Unfortunately how ever you look short term Palmer (should have given the third away) Luongo Reach and Lees are going to offer limited effort (might do something for 5 mins in some games) but will ultimately cost us. " I knew from the start of the season that Harris who was getting rave reviews and Luongo the great hope were much hyped alongside Bannan who gets man of the match but no other team wants. My hopes are that an idiot manager is fooled into taking taking Bannan Reach and the hapless Tom Lees and we can give Palmer and Luongo away and start again under a half decent manager Karl Robinson anyone?, angered us but always plays attractive football.
  3. I can only think that anyone who has Bannan down as an incredible player must just watch the ball rather than the play, much like the man himself. I'm sure junior players are told to watch the man and not the ball but he doesn't, is he stupid or lazy, it has to be one of the two. He is now living off past glories but I doubt any football scouts will miss his rather obvious limitations for a midfielder. Is there a worse centre mid in the division as regards tackling, heading, positional sense and picking up cheap bookings. For anyone that watches him from the sidelines (as opposed to behind the goal) his poor positional sense and refusal to track his runner is quite obvious, people on TV can be excused because he often disappears out of frame. No one can fail to notice him standing ten yards in front of his man waving his arms at them on the rare occasion he is in position, but this just allows them time to get their head up and pick a pass under no pressure. Of course when that player plays a killer pass through a line in the back four it is the defenders fault not his. He comes for the ball when we have secure possession (when he doesn't need to) and has a reluctance to play forward in areas you have to be a little braver in. He stifles the back four and often brings an opponent into a dangerous area near them in is quest to be the one that passes. I would be highly delighted if anyone at all would buy him and Tom Lees but as well as other managers may praise both of them there will be no rush to sign them. Bannan is purely a luxury player not required in a struggling side, I think he looked ok against a poor Charlton side a match in which he made zero tackles, let us see if he can boss Brentford.
  4. Defensively not as good as a traffic cone, however he might get man of the match for turning up.
  5. The manager and players of city also said we are a good team,
  6. He is going to stand there 10 yards away doing star jump in the hope it puts them off or makes them laugh. Maybe though he will be brave and man mark him out of the game just like the opposition always do to him.
  7. Stats show that Hutchinson got a mere 5 yellows 2018-2019 contrast that with Ben Pearson (little t**t who some of our fans seem to want) who got 14 yellows and three reds in the same season. Stats can show anything though maybe they show that with 14 bookings last season and 7 this (plus could easily have been sent of at least twice) that the great Barry is a superb defensive midfielder. However we all know he is to good to chase back or block of runs or generally get near someone when the opposition attacks so it is leaves Hutchinson/Luongo or whoever to compete and expose themselves to bookings. Conclusion Bannan has been gifted a free ride for his severely limited abilities and the rest of the midfield have to suffer for that, the more it is pointed out and BB fans watch him they can't fail to notice this (that many others now see) and the excuses for him get more and more pathetic. Perhaps Barry will raise his game on TV? Hutch over the lazy Bannan every time for me.
  8. He also comes into a bad area for the second and confuses Harris (if BB had stayed forward the space would have been there) however after it's just as normal, the man runs off Bannan and scores.
  9. Not sure about the fact that a defensive midfielder doesn't get forward enough so he is not very good, surely the team structure and ethos dictate how much he gets forward. Notice that a player people on here have rated Ben Pearson does not score much but gets booked a lot, having watched him he is certainly irratating and upsets opposition players but I don't see his heading nor passing/link up play being as good as Sam Hutchinson. We need our creative midfielder to be braver and get in the opposition box more and not to completely down tools when the opposition have the ball before coming for the ball only when we have recovered possession.
  10. Middlesborough fans were complaining that performances had tailed off and that they were slipping off the play off pace, a lot thought it down to Monk constantly changing personnel and formations. Of course it might simply have been that a manager was available and that other clubs (including us) were looking to change before a new transfer window opened.
  11. Most likely the panic setting in and then he couldn't recover his breathing through acute nerves. He didn't want the ball passing to him near the end but we still put him under that pressure.
  12. Best thing Sheffield United did was find a manager who galvanised the squad and got them playing as a team and above their individual abilities. We have a manager who has brought about a terrible long ball style such that we seem to have forgotten how to pass or play through the thirds. We might end up with the Cowleys taking a poor Huddersfield squad above us and Rowett racing away from us with a much inferior squad. A nod to Nigel Pearson for todays Watford result with another dead and buried team.
  13. This is a great description about the traffic cone aka Bannan, offers nothing out of possession two lazy to get back but then comes to the back when we have the ball. Had Bannan been sent off as he should have his disciplinary record would have been worse than Hutchinsons this season. But if we want to play with the nice guys timid Tom the hapless Joey and Liam Palmer and the I'm too good for this team Barry then I'm sure will stay up. Hutchinson has played far more games this season than the great Luongo who will become the next Kadeem Harris.
  14. Well done to the intelligent Lee carried Bannan defensively all night and still got forward, going to be hard for him on his own against better opposition unless mr lazy wakes up.
  15. Got lucky with the bounce at the end last night although overall we deserved the laboured win. Charlton are a poor team and got their tactics wrong by Taylor going up against Borner who was too strong in the air for him he should have moved onto Lees. The chance Taylor hit the bar with was a result of Lees hanging back, both Borner and Fox had pushed up and left him offside but Lees sat in and did not call them back. The poor Charlton midfield enabled Lee to block of or frustrate their attempts through the middle and for him to get box to box. Bannan did what he normally does, no participation in tackling their midfield nor indeed tracking back, he just used his energies when he got the ball. We were fortunate that Murphy had a good game and Forestieri was lively allowing us to push further up and indeed got more numbers in the box. Iorfa for me every time and coached correctly with the addition of pace is the better short term and long term. Not confident the same side has the beating of a mediocre Derby but hopeful none the less.
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