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  1. A Jack Bannan, a propensity to chase the ball and no spatial awareness when he doesn't have the ball!
  2. Ivan Toney a player highly regarded took quite a while to get going, his stats for Barnsley show 1 in 15, but he was loaned out a number of times. It might also be the case that whilst playing for Peterborough and Brentford they created far more chances for him than some of the clubs he was loaned to, no one can argue with young Hirst's stats for us or young England before the standoff took place. Both club and player possibly lost out.
  3. More ability and more speed than Palmer at RB or RWB, doubt he has ever been fully fit with us, but before his last injury was showing promising signs. It is a real problem for Moore does he keep the ones that after a few weeks of the season will be shown to be lower end L1 standard, amongst them JP TL KH and LP, or does he gamble with people with possibly more ability but are injury prone like Luongo. There is also the possibility that an embargo may prevent him signing players so he may think it better to keep even the ones he does not rate in the absence of any replacements.
  4. Is this because our creative midfielder lacks football intelligence or is it the coaching plan to kick for touch?
  5. You cannot compare BB to Sheridan, not in the same ball park. BB not as effective as Megson or Shelton or indeed Wilson. Palmer and Sheridan were way above the standard of Bannan and played at a level above. There are different ways of playing, anyone watching the two champions league semi finals would have noticed that the flair players for Madrid and PSG did not have the discipline or football awareness to track back and so the more disciplined Chelsea and City teams prevailed. If you like a long ball style individual game then I suppose BB brings that if you prefer to
  6. We can have opinions all we want but the stats show him as one of the all time greats of the championship in outright and goals per minute. This despite playing for two long ball sides far more suited to a big target man. The only other player in our side that might be considered up there is Westwood with his clean sheet records. Our style does not suit him it was, getting better (the football) under Moore but equally if we had kept Joao he would not be in double figures with our lack of creativity and numbers we get in the box. LJ used as a target man does not work just as it does n
  7. Agreed but unfortunately he does not suit our long ball style, if we continue to play that way we need a younger Fletcher.
  8. Stats show Pelupessy up there he also must be an absolute keep therefore, along with the not good enough Palmer, Lees and the "can't be bothered Reach. The 9 yellow cards show up that lack of discipline often highlighted when he goes charging at the opposition goalkeeper like a Jack Russell chasing a ball and losing team shape. Are the stats confirming per minute that JP is better? I appreciate there will be people on here who may think we should hang onto three of those who are panic struck with the ball at their feet and possibly Reach who is worried by the opposition getting
  9. It doesn't really matter the proof will be how much interest there is in him and at what price, that is to say what do professional advisors value him at. I'm not expecting a 25m James Maddison valuation although I recall the statement he "wouldn't get in our team above BB" quote, the same with Hourihane who made Winnall a one in two man or any of the more recent Wilder midfielders.
  10. The point people are making is he is the playmaker and dictates a lot of our play but it has not proved to work. For most of the past 18 months we have looked like a schoolboy team where everyone gives the ball to the popular/captain type player and he punts it, he also takes all the free kicks corners. His stats might show he has got ten percent more assist than anyone else but he has had 90 percent of the attempts. The captain comes to take the ball off players who can pass it if required, if he found a pocket further up field between the lines they could even give it to him in an
  11. Bannan has a good fitness record with out doubt he is just not effective and clueless positionally. He has been a liability playing left back alongside Reach in recent matches as players waltz by him, he does not track well. He doesn't have the capacityof dragging us up like Mooy, Cairney and Shelvey did for their teams. I notice when he cocked up in in midfield Saturday when the player attempted to go around Westwood no one blamed him as usual.
  12. Wilder was when he recruited some of the players who dominated our midfield when they came up, at the time the usual rubbish was spouted that none of them were fit to lace Bannan's boots yet they obviously were. So the point is there is and will be more effective midfielders in L1.
  13. And his midfield blew us away on the way to a top ten ish finish then promotion. If you prefer the long ball way of playing that Bb engenders then that is ok, as every year we will see what other clubs feel he is worth to them.
  14. We are not going to get anyone to buy him for more than 1.5m if that, scouts will have a dossier on him and will not be swayed by pundits. I don't think he has too much football intelligence particularly of where he needs to be to be effective on the field. He does not miss many games and has excellent close control and has the bottle to accept under pressure but plays far too deep. Whilst he is easy on the eye a lot of the strikers are chasing too many of his long balls and any striker we bring in might be starved of service. Can he be persuaded to play further up the fiel
  15. Yes no brainer can pass the ball from CB if we play that way, doesn't have to go hunting the ball as much at the back. Tries too hard to recover the ball in midfield. Might have won as many MOM awards in half a season as any of our players have over the full season.
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