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  1. Had a great season for us and had to play the early part of the season with the likes of Palmer and Johnson around him, both not the greatest defenders and both not relishing the physical battle. Certainly a mistake in trying to retain possession at Sunderland but a rare mistake in the season and that did not cost us the tie. The tie was lost because our midfield was overrun by Sunderland and could hardly create anything over two legs, we were lucky away to only lose by one. Their goal at Hillsborough won them the tie and was in the end a mistake that Palmer frequently makes in watching the ball and not the man. I don't know the circumstances of Hutchinson's release but in pure footballing terms he is a far better competitor and centre back than Johnson and Palmer. So good luck to Sam wherever he ends up and thanks for the effort and desire that is lacking in some of our current players.
  2. Palmers mistake was the crucial one, killed the game when we were level. Hutch made the mistake but it is not one he regularly makes whilst Palmer switching off is quite a regular feature of his play.
  3. That statement "We're one nil down and playing with a flat back five with three centre backs marking one striker, because he scored in the first leg." was how a number of us saw it.
  4. Leeds and United would give it a go as Brighton did against us second leg with half a team, we went long ball both Sunderland games when they pressed and the players did not match the Sunderland players energy. Had the players given us more maybe the crowd response would be better.
  5. Made a bad mistake at Sunderland in trying to play the system (pass it back to the keeper and keep possession) but also made a crucial block later up there and tonight (the one where Sunderland were claiming a pen). Has easily been our best CB this season and will compete unlike a few of our other players. A fault is his tendency to go for everything but I would rather take that than the weak passive players we have. We got level then lost a goal last night that wasn't so much a mistake as a habit from one of our players (watching the ball not the man). Had a good season performance and injury wise thank goodness because with our defensively pathetic midfield and defensively weak wing backs teams are quickly into our back four. Hunt the only one of the wing backs that tries to close an opponent quickly.
  6. Bannan, Luomgo and Byers ok when we are bullying teams but can't cope with any team that chases us. BB as guilty of anyone for just lofting aimless balls forward to nowhere over both legs. Midfield lack of defensive battle and mobility isolated the front two again and as in many games offered very little protection to the back line. We can get away with it against poor teams but not against anyone who presses us..
  7. He also brought Palmer on to do what he does best...daydream, not a clue where his man was despite having time to look over his shoulder.
  8. A fact we could not score and barely threatened, but the back three competed better than the five in front of them, a mistake is what it is. but a lack of bravery or effort across the midfield and wing backs is worse in my opinion.
  9. A mistake by Hutchinson but the midfield and wing backs cost us the game, until the last 15 they offered no protection to the back three and isolated the strikers. Byers was the only one of the midfielders who tried to get it down and pass in the early part of the game, looked like the other 4 were overawed by the occasion. We have seen all season if we try to defend for long periods we concede, it looked like a lack of bravery cost us more than 1 mistake. Sunderland could have had more goals, dominated play and had nearly twice as many shots. Look how easily they got through the midfield even though they were sat deep, add that Johnson struggled to stop his man on one side and Palmer does what he does, stands 10 yards away from his man and simply allows the cross into the box.
  10. Plus he never closes the man down just stands off and allows the ball in. However Luongo just looked slow and overweight tonight and scared as a mouse, only Byers in midfield and therefore no protection for the back line. All in all a timid scared to get it down and play game from the midfield which hindered the front two and the back three. Poor in midfield particularly in the wing back positions.
  11. Try keeping shots and headers under bar height and get BPF to come and collect balls in the six yard box to relive pressure.
  12. I realise it is just opinions but I think Brennan is already a better defender than Palmer and Johnson.
  13. I think it is probably more to do with the manager, Wilder has now got Boro going without any recruitment, Cooper got forest moving and Huddersfield manager has got them towards the top 6. The much derided Rooney had to piece a rag bag side together but they would now be mid table if not for points deduction. I saw a piece on another team in our division who the BBC claimed only had a handful of players when they reported back pre season, can't remember if it was Wigan but the team in question were above us in the league.. Just need to find a good manager.
  14. Add Huddersfield and Forest who were going nowhere before changing managers. Wilder looks to have improved Boro and united bringing back Heckingbotham to revert to a style that suits them gaining 4 wins on the spin. I cant see a style under Moore other overplay at the back before hoping something drops further up field.
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