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  1. Bragging about averaging 30,000?

    The attendance argument is boring but I will bite! In the last few years when United fans have used the fact that we have got a bus load of away fans it has been laughed at. Our crowds held up really well in league 1 even when it was as turgid has it has ever been. I for one kept going out of habit rather than enjoyment. The rest of the post is basically made up to try and suit an argument. 1. Every club gives tickets away, yes including Wednesday! Where on earth do you get the several thousand from? It completely made up and have no facts to back it up. 2. Again where in earth do you get these facts from? A 1000 people signed up in a college course to get student tickets? Really if it is that easy I’m pretty sure your own fans will have done the same. Totally made up. 3 and 4. I’m quite sure you will see threads on here where your own fans have said “there was nowhere near that many here today”. How do you know Sheffield United count people not attending i.e season ticket holders? And if they do how do you know it’s only Sheffield United that do it? Arsenal have done it this season that’s for sure and I am pretty sure you had a game this season maybe a Friday night game when the attendance raised eyebrows. Like I have said before the attendance argument is boring. But some of the stuff you have used to try and and suit your argument is pure speculation and made up. The fact is both clubs are extremely well supported, your prices are a scandal but you have had 3 year deals which has helped also you have been in your most successful period in a generation. It’s swings and roundabouts we will probably get a higher average this season but could change again next year. There has never been a massive gulf in attendances between the 2 clubs and if the gap has been bigger than usual it has always coincided with being in a different division or the other team being much more successful.