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  1. The massive thing is a joke ...... But actually we are massive and part of the 20 elite clubs ha ha ha
  2. They are very loyal to be fair but terrible at predictions!
  3. I want you to beat Bristol Saturday if that helps.
  4. Why thank you owlin mad it was only 3 hours to be fair, awful place to get to though.
  5. Not sure if you have seen but we are in the top 6 and 4 points from yourselves was greatly appreciated.
  6. Fulham are best side we have played this season in my opinion the pace they had was fantastic. It was the only team I seen at Bramall Lane this season that genuinely fought fire with fire.
  7. Bloody hell cant win if we don’t come on we are cowards if we do come on we are sad! Just got back and not seen your game so just having a neb at what you played like. In all honestly we probably won’t get in top 6 Fulham and boro look ominous. However we played very well today and the new recruits fitted in well. Not really that bothered if we don’t make it we have done extreamely well and I have watched some cracking football this season. Can’t ask for much more.
  8. The attendance argument is boring but I will bite! In the last few years when United fans have used the fact that we have got a bus load of away fans it has been laughed at. Our crowds held up really well in league 1 even when it was as turgid has it has ever been. I for one kept going out of habit rather than enjoyment. The rest of the post is basically made up to try and suit an argument. 1. Every club gives tickets away, yes including Wednesday! Where on earth do you get the several thousand from? It completely made up and have no facts to back it up. 2. Again where in earth do you get these facts from? A 1000 people signed up in a college course to get student tickets? Really if it is that easy I’m pretty sure your own fans will have done the same. Totally made up. 3 and 4. I’m quite sure you will see threads on here where your own fans have said “there was nowhere near that many here today”. How do you know Sheffield United count people not attending i.e season ticket holders? And if they do how do you know it’s only Sheffield United that do it? Arsenal have done it this season that’s for sure and I am pretty sure you had a game this season maybe a Friday night game when the attendance raised eyebrows. Like I have said before the attendance argument is boring. But some of the stuff you have used to try and and suit your argument is pure speculation and made up. The fact is both clubs are extremely well supported, your prices are a scandal but you have had 3 year deals which has helped also you have been in your most successful period in a generation. It’s swings and roundabouts we will probably get a higher average this season but could change again next year. There has never been a massive gulf in attendances between the 2 clubs and if the gap has been bigger than usual it has always coincided with being in a different division or the other team being much more successful.
  9. I would agree with that we need to freshen things up and hopefully these new players will do that. If I’m honest I never expected us to get in the top 6 however it has been a great season for us and expectations will rise and that has to be managed. The fickleness of football fans means if we don’t do well next season you will have the imbeciles shouting for the managers head. I hate it, I remember not winning for 16 games under Bassett and there was no call for the managers head. The rise of phone ins, social media and forums means the nutters get a platform.
  10. Thank god all this is over for another year! Now the dust is starting to settle a bit I will give my take. Firstly as a spectacle I thought it was a poor game very scrappy and neither team really wanting to go and win the game at full tilt. I thought you set up not to lose, this is not a dig by the way, and the game plan worked to perfection. We are the home side and it is up to us to try and break you down and we weren’t good enough on the night. I thought the sending off ruined the game even more than it was already. It may have slightly worked in your favour because it made us panic a bit more to try and win the game. This opened up a few gaps and you had a 5 minute spell where you could and nearly did score. I can understand you are delighted with a point in the circumstances but some of the tide has turned comments make me chuckle. The tide may turn but it wasn’t by getting a draw at the Lane. We need to freshen things up and I would throw in all the new signings next week. I never bought into this we were going to smash you line which came as much from your own fans than anyone else. You were never going to come down to Bramall Lane and have your belly tickled. You worked hard your shape was spot on and we weren’t clever enough or have enough ability to break you down I have listened to Wilders interview and other than a couple of sly little digs he’s spot on and gave you plenty of praise and compliments. One thing he did say which he probably shouldn’t have is Carlos being disapointed. Now I can see where he’s coming from and so should you, your players played like their lives depended on it last night. Why not do it all season? We have been same over the years especially during some of the cup runs, play unbelievable against a prem team in the cup then get rolled over at home to Stevenage. Forget about new managers and tactics football players should give their all in every game they play. Forget having a bad game that happens I’m talking about putting effort in for the lads and lasses who pay a small fortune to watch them week inweek out. It’s the part of football that wee wees me off, all this not playing for the manager makes me angry. Anyway it’s been fun and I’m pretty sure I will now get a tirade of abuse and called every name under the sun but it’s my opinion. I called a draw before the game said it would be tight and I was right.
  11. You will tell me next United results aren’t the first ones you look for? For a team so irrelevant there is a lot said about us. Im out now so just to say all the best hope there is no trouble and it’s a good game!
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