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  1. It's all very sad. Unfortunately in owlstalk some of the posts submitted has no reflection of the posters age unless the poster age has been declared. What may sound like childish hurtful comments may in fact be coming from a child. Whilst I'm not endorsing their post/s, I am saying its something to be mindful of particularly if responding to one of their colourful post/s.
  2. What a mess. GM may be a problem, I don't think he's the cause, that lies firmly with the players. He is certainly adding fuel to the fire by washing the changing rooms dirty laundry in public though, that I don't like, he should stfu. The last time this happened imo it was called an injury crisis where so many players were getting injured during training, again player power at play. Given time Bruce would have had to face this also, as would any new manager coming in.
  3. I initially thought GM's comments were for the players, I think there is a lot more to these type of statements other than that of the context. In that, they nasty man who shouts at you and calls your performances exactly how it is will still be here in the summer, you may not be though...........
  4. I don't usually read long posts,but this one is on the knocker, good post.
  5. Smoke and mirrors, the comment may be about him?
  6. the iFollow microphone? You were very loud, great support guys. WAWAW
  7. Yes no argument there from me. Rhodes would be on double figures if he had the same service.
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