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  1. what was the allocation?
  2. CANbus_nz

    This season has been positive

    I don't usually read long posts,but this one is on the knocker, good post.
  3. Yea it's shame he can't tackle though? but than again neither can Boyd
  4. CANbus_nz

    What does Jos mean?

    Smoke and mirrors, the comment may be about him?
  5. the iFollow microphone? You were very loud, great support guys. WAWAW
  6. well that's the neighbors awake
  7. Would you risk putting Baz on in these conditions?
  8. For once the stream is ok here in Nz
  9. Yes no argument there from me. Rhodes would be on double figures if he had the same service.
  10. no fat lady singing here, the season ain't over.
  11. Turned the tv on to watch villa, wolves at the weekend to be greeted with snodgrass rolling around on the pitch like a baby. He's a cheet.
  12. CANbus_nz

    Jos - A Cardboard Cutout?

    I couldn't agree more, this is one aspect Nuhiu could really improve on. Joao is begging for a flick on behind the defense to run onto. The delivery from set pieces was abysmal again.
  13. CANbus_nz

    Players Cheating

    I'm still undecided about Jos, sure he could handle things a lot better. I do see the players making a lot of school boy errors, not getting goal side, passing to feet, running into to space to the receive the ball etc. This aspect is costing us points at the mo.
  14. Yes looks suspect. It would be great to see the timeline when all the injuries occurred. I would hazard a guess that there was a sudden rise in injury's after FF's injury. This is my opinion only, FF received special treatment ( he was MIA for how long overseas?) and was made to feel precious, some rot set in the team. One bad apple as the saying goes. Again just my thoughts and experiences from managing people, for best results you have treat them equally. He's a great player, the management are accountable.