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  1. Became something of a fan’s favourite at AG largely for the interviews he did. He’s quite an amusing guy. However.......Flint is a throwback to the 70s style of ‘head it and kick it’ stopper with limited footballing skills. His strengths are his build and height. He’ll get you the occasional goal tho. He’s a real nuisance at set plays but don’t except any silky skills............... Given his limited skills he’s done pretty well financially with his various signing on fees
  2. It was the other way around first half but Holden obviously got into them and City were much much better second half.
  3. A game of two halves by the sound of it. Wednesday dominated first half an City bossed the second. No idea what Holden said at half time but whatever it was it certainly worked. Said on local radio that you guys had won all four of the previous games between us so I guess City were due a win!
  4. Brunt was a clever signing essentially for the wealth of experience he brings.
  5. Is it really necessary to try an insult people from Bristol?.............
  6. Bristol Bears play at AG and have reached the European Challenge cup final having beaten Bordeaux in extra time on Friday. They’re a pretty decent outfit. Three other fairly close rugby clubs, Exeter, Bath, Gloucester so quite a few local derbies. The Bears get similar size crowds as City do so it’s a popular game No....I don’t hate Rovers. I just don’t think about them at all.
  7. DaveFev is a top otib poster who previews every upcoming match in the same fashion. He’s a very knowledgeable guy as you can tell. He works in the financial world and has his finger on the pulse of Citys fiscal dealings.
  8. All three have been out injured. It’s possible that at least one of them could be available today.
  9. Born and raised in the West Country.....ooh arrr!
  10. Fact is that regardless of your allegiance to your particular football club we football fans are pretty much all the same. As a life long football fan I’m passionate about Bristol City as you are all passionate about Sheffield Wednesday but I try to be as reasonable and well balanced in my opinions about the beautiful game as I can be......but I haven’t forgot that outrageous late penalty you got against us at Hillsborough ...... Some of things I read on our forum otib, makes me cringe with embarrassment that I support the same club as the ill informed numpties that post o
  11. All clubs have uninformed posters, most of whom aren’t blessed with the smartest minds.
  12. He hasn’t been match fit so apart from 65m - not much at all.
  13. I agree that he’s past it and partly why he went off against Villa. That said his versatility and experience kinda offset that. City do have several younger players just breaking into the matchday squad.
  14. Played 65mins against Villa. Wasn’t fully match until then. The run out will do him good.
  15. I forgot to mention that City have Chris Brunt from the Baggies. Holden has signed considerable experience in the likes of Wells, Brunt, Mawson and Martin to aid the younger players. It wouldn’t surprise me if all four started tomorrow
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