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  1. 9% is way too strong for me. I stay away from any cider over 6% and even three pints of that is plenty. Definitely not a session cider! We have one down here called Stowford Press on draught which is a lovely session cider. Not sure if you get it in and around Sheffield.
  2. Yep, several specialist cider only pubs around. The best one is near the harbour called the Orchard.... They do great food and a huge array of ciders but best to stay off the 7.0 abv tho! That’s real head banging stuff.
  3. Steady, reliable. Gets up and down well but needs to improve his crossing.
  4. BB is one of the best, if not the best creative midfielders in the Championship. I’d love to see him at Ashton Gate. If he was available I’d imagine quite a number of clubs being interested in his services. He’s a class act imo.
  5. Dunno.....Jack Hunt will know BB and tell him that Bristol is a beautiful city and great pace to live.
  6. Has Ian Holloway been mentioned? He’s currently available. I reckon he’d do a good job for you guys - if he would accept working with Chansiri.........
  7. That’s a realistic shout, experienced, loved by the players - Holloway would do a good job for guys. If he wasn’t from the blue side of Bristol and therefore disliked by many City fans I’d love to have seen him at Ashton Gate. As for Pulis.......I did warn you what he was like but even I’m surprised that he lasted only 10 games.
  8. I posted previously that Pulis is a poisoned chalice. Has he started with his excuses yet?........... Anyway.....we got beaten at Rotherham today despite knowing what to expect. Our forum is in meltdown. At least Holden didn’t make any excuses.
  9. Hmmm.....all I can say is good luck guys............
  10. About 18 months - we fans really gave him loads of stick with his dreadful style of play. We were all delighted when he buggered off to Pompey - happy days!
  11. He’ll probably get you out of trouble but it won’t be pretty to watch - not that that matters if he keeps you up.
  12. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/209608-surely-there-is-no-worse-feeling/&tab=comments#comment-3940603 It won’t belong before you guys feel the same.
  13. They don’t, they really don’t. Pulis is dreadful. It’s amazing that he continues to find employment. It’s remarkable, really remarkable.
  14. Pulis is the most hated Bristol City manager in the past 40 years. Even now he still gets mentioned as such. His method of play is dour just like his persona. The Boro fans absolutely loathed him just as we did. You guys could do far better than him. He signs lots of tall players, Flint was one and serves up typical football to serve those strengths. If he joins you it won’t be long before you want rid of him. I’ll give it until the end of the season.
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