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  1. Johnson was appointed to implement the Lansdown policy of developing younger players hopefully into Championship quality and that’s partly why Johnson signed so many players. Yep...City do have a very decent academy and several players progressed into regular first teamers. Unfortunately the likes of Bryan, Kelly and Reid were all sold on as part of Lansdown’s ‘sustainability’ strategy - all at a very decent profit. I think that Johnson was often too rigid in what he considered to be a Championship level player and consequently many fringe players never really got the opportunity. He took plenty of stick about it! If a player had a poor game (and we all know it happens) they’d be in serious danger of getting left out next game and that’s largely why Johnson changed the team so often. He’d also change formation and tactics to counter the opposition instead of allowing them to worry about us way too often. I’d be surprised if he got another job at Championship level. In some ways he’s like Monk. Talks a good game but doesn’t deliver.
  2. He’d achieved nothing prior to his appointment at AG and that in itself raised a few eyebrows amongst the faithful......That said he had improved our league position season on season but never actually reached the play offs. This season the stuff he’s been serving up has been dreary, dull and uninspired - just the same as his father and fans got seriously fed up with the grey football being played and the rot set in on the day of the restart losing at Blackburn. Then you guys tuned us over at AG followed by a 1-0 loss at Forest and the final nail was losing at AG to Cardiff. The board (Steve Lansdown............😎) finally wielded the axe today and 90% of City fans are delighted!
  3. LJ, like many managers tries to be upbeat after a defeat. The fact that City were lacklustre and created very little says to me that we got what we deserved - nothing!
  4. Our City forum otib is in meltdown as you expect after another lacklustre performance today and many are calling for LJs head again but Steve Lansdown, our owner appointed LJ and has always stuck by him and will probably continue to do the same. I’d be very surprised if LJ was dismissed anytime soon.
  5. Well done boys. You did an excellent job on us.
  6. Shocking defending from Williams. Wickham had the freedom of Ashton Gate,
  7. Has been out injured but is now available again so we haven’t seen much of him. He is in competition for the right back position with a Portuguese called Piera but he got injured last week at Ewood so possibly Hunt will start today but you never know with Johnson.... From what I’ve seen of Hunt he’s a solid enough full back, gets forward when he can but his crossing leaves a lot to be desired. He’s never gonna send any PL clubs into a race for his signature tho.
  8. Football fans are pretty much all the same Maxine. Who we support doesn’t really matter and when fans from different clubs meet we all chat about the game that bonds us all. Many football have other clubs that they like, mine is the Owls, Lincoln City and Liverpool. We also like to know what other fans think of our club and certainly on our City forum OTIB away fans are welcome to comment on football matters. Anyway, back to the game. Under Johnson trying to predict the starting 11 is a waste of time. I can’t remember the last time he selected the same 11 in consecutive games so we’ll have to wait to see who’ll play for us today............
  9. He’s not very popular for sure - too much like his father in the eyes of many City fans. Personally, I’m kinda meh about LJ. Having been around AG since 1967 ( as a boy!) I’ve seen numerous managers come and go. My favourite was Danny Wilson who unfortunately never won anything for us but he played some very scintillating and exciting stuff. Nice guy as well which always helps of course.
  10. My second favourite Championship team visit AG tomorrow to face my favourite Championship club. From reading various media sources it appears that you guys have contractual player issues ongoing with various players not available for the big match tomorrow - hopefully that’ll give an advantage to us at AG but after last weeks abysmal showing at Blackburn I won’t be holding my breath... Our manager Lee Johnson is getting fearful stick down our way after last weeks abject performance at Blackburn and many City fans want him gone ....so if you guys score early I have a sad feeling that you could well be leaving the West Country with three points in the bag.... That said, I don’t want to be on the wrong end of a late dodgy penalty.........surely? Not twice?...
  11. Copied off Otib - If the club adopt the Preston Position I will email the club and ask for a refund.....as they haven't fulfilled the contract and supplied what I paid for .......if I don't get one I will contact my credit card co and claim a refund under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. This is all quite straightforward and happens all the time.
  12. Good suggestion but that ain’t gonna happen. Lots of contractual issues stopping that from happening. One guy on otib reckoned that if you paid for your SC using a credit card i is possible to claim thru them.
  13. There’s exactly the same refund debate going on otib with pretty much the same views as yours. City have five home games remaining, one against you guys....and the club are in discussion with tv companies to provide a live stream via Robins Tv or on the red button. For me a refund would be around £100 based on five games but I can’t see any football club coughing up with a refund. It isn’t the fault of the clubs that these restrictions have been imposed and SC income is a serious amount in the clubs revenue stream. Bottom line - what other options does any football club have?
  14. Didn’t Warnock once say ‘I’m a Blade thru and thru?’ I’d be truly amazed if he managed you guys.
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