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  1. Good appointment for your guys. Experienced Championship manager and with impressive CV. Could do a lot worse.
  2. It’s obvious that with my lack of ability to spell Bannan correctly that I’m not a season ticket holder at Hillsborough....
  3. Strong rumour here at Bristol City that BB could be available in the upcoming window because he’s unhappy at Hillsborough? I know we’d love to see him at AG but I’m sure plenty of other clubs would at their club Anyone know anything?
  4. Name the top 10 PL players that have scored all of their goals from within the box. I got three........
  5. If you lot think Bannon was off form last night then as a neutral ( actually I wanted you to win) I think you must have all been spoilt! i watched the game on Sky and he looked pretty good to me. Putting things into context - the Blades were at home and were on the front foot from the start as you’d expect but your guys defended fantastically and the Dawson penalty save was superb. You didn’t threaten much but after conceding 4 against Norwich I certainly would have gone gung ho but do exactly what you did - tighten up defensively and I thought the draw draw was well deserved.
  6. Great draw lads! I watched it on Sky and I’m even more in love with Barry Banan!..... I love to see him in a City shirt.
  7. He is indeed and played a full game against you guys, scoring our penalty. He’s not a regular starter tho. Johnson has three strikers capable of starting Diédhiou and Wiemann frequently start ahead of him. He brings lots of energy and is a constant nuisance to the opposition defence. His movement is excellent but so far has only managed two goals so far this season.
  8. Those threats came from the disgruntled Rovers fans after LJ had signed their top striker Matty Taylor for a miserly £300k - which was Taylor’s release clause in his contract. Strangely enough LJ has the very same agent as Taylor and the Rovers fans were furious that City should know about the value of the release clause and quite rightly smelt a very smelly rat.....
  9. Not sure about him having to move house or death threats but the season before last he took us on a record run of consecutive defeats not long after he was appointed. He took some shocking abuse during that run but what fans didn’t appreciate was that being new in post that he was looking for players in the squad who could adapt and play to his style. He changed the line up every match......and that prompted even more abuse. Our owner Steve Lansdown has 100% faith in LJ and that’s why he stuck by him during that depressing run of defeats.
  10. Yep, that’s pretty much spot on. Lee Johnson is getting dogs abuse on otib - it’s always the same when we lose at AG.
  11. I haven’t had the chance yet to look at any tv coverage yet, nor hear what LJ had to say about the defeat so can’t comment!
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