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  1. Bristol and the West Country per se has never ever a hot bed of football unlike other major cities like Birmingham, London, Liverpool. Around Sheffield there are other big clubs with Huddersfield and Leeds, Around here rugby union is very very popular with Gloucester, Bath and the Bears all within a 50 mile radius and the Exeter Chiefs just outside that radius. Apart from us there are no other ‘big’ football clubs. Our local rivals are Cardiff - 45 miles away! Should the Gas get promoted then they’d obviously become our rivals.
  2. Working and living around Bristol and hearing the accent almost daily Matt Lucas’s ability to mimic the female Bristolian accent is truly astounding! He was at Uni in Bristol and picked up the accent by simply walking around the shops......very talented guy.
  3. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/204717-sheffield-wednesdayyes-a-big-club-but-not-a-great-club/
  4. I do remember playing you guys at AG when Trevor Francis was your manager and before the Atyeo stand was built. Your fans were in the open end and it began to snow....Before long an announcement over the PA said the trains back to Sheffield were delayed.....we laughed our heads off! I think the game was abandoned at 1-1.....I have some fond memories of playing you guys but not today.........
  5. City have played Wednesday very regularly other when you were in the PL. I’ve been to Hillsborough around a dozen times over the years but strangely I’ve never ever been to Bramall Lane.......which is very odd considering I like Sheffield as a City and we played them regularly as well.
  6. I really can’t remember when in the 70s nor do I remember the score! What impressed me was the vast size on Hillsborough. At the time it was the biggest stadium I’d ever been to. It blew me away! Since then I’ve been to both the old and new Wembley, Old Trafford and Anfield but Hillsborough has always impressed me.
  7. As City fan for decades I’m disappointed rather than fretful. Had City won today’s game with such harsh penalty going against you I’m sure you’d all feel as aggrieved as I do but that’s the nature of football. Some you win and some you lose,............... Btw....I’ve had a soft spot for the Owls ever since I first visited Hillsborough back in the 70s and always look for your results and why I pop on to this site.......
  8. It’s not me you should thank - save them for the referee.
  9. Rhodes threw himself down twice.......he was lucky not to get a yellow card for simulation.
  10. You were the home team. The onus is on you to play off the front foot.
  11. Ever felt robbed? What a diabolical decision to give that penalty.........jeez......... A draw would have been a fair result. Neither team deserved to win.
  12. Glad you have one - it didn’t occur to me to look on your OS.....doh!........ I wonder if he encounters the problems as our guy does.
  13. Judging from these replies it looks as if you don’t have one...........
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