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  1. You'll definitely get bids. Bannan is a class act and is on the radar of several clubs looking to strengthen over the summer. Down here in Bristol it’s common knowledge that Lee Johnson is a huge Bannan admirer and couldn’t stop bigging him up after he destroyed us at your place. This summer LJ has license to bring 6 or 7 new signings and I’m pretty sure Bannan is on his shopping list...... Steve Bruce will be rebuilding your squad and will want to sign players he knows and could mean that Bannan becomes surplus to Bruce’s requirements............
  2. I vaguely remember that happening but I never like that particular show. Richard always tried to be ultra smooth and relaxed and made me instantly dislike him......... I was of course referring to Paul Madeley, who was tbf a very decent footballer.
  3. Must be an ‘in’ joke! Completely lost on me............
  4. Not all of us are a fan of BB. Some argue that at 29 he could be a little too old. Others question whether he’d fit it to the Johnson way of playing. One thing for sure is that Johnson really rates him and who knows what’s going on behind the scenes? Add to that the fact City signed Jack Hunt and BB will know him.................
  5. From outside Sheffield itself most others fans would see the two clubs as on a par with each other.
  6. We were kinda due an away defeat and in recent times Hillsborough hasn’t been a happy hunting ground for us. Not so long back we were 2 up at lost 3-2..... I remember Johnson really losing it after that ............
  7. Hope you said he’s up for sale...........
  8. He isn’t one of the regular midfielders that’ll be Pack and Brownhill who are first choice. Palmer is used as an impact sub. He’s got good vision but according to Johnson Palmer isn’t yet accustomed to the way City like to play. He's on loan from Chelsea so I doubt he’ll be at AG next season.
  9. Thats very true. In fact there’s a thread on otib right now discussing BB........
  10. As a Bristolian I dont have the same angst towards the other club based in our fair City as you guys do. The Rovers have always been the poor relations but that’s not case in the steel city. I do get the rivalry between the two Sheffield clubs tho but personally It doesn’t bother me but it’s you forum I visit and not the other one.......... That said I’ve always detested dirty Leeds going back to the days of Revie, Bremner, Giles, Madeley and co, I love it when they get beat.
  11. The win was well deserved. City just couldn’t handle Barry ‘bloody’ Bannan. He was top drawer. Scored a screamer and created the second with a lovely dink ball to Joao. No surprise Johnson really likes him, I daresay all Championship managers do. He’s just the type of midfielder we’ve lacked all season. Your now not too far off the pray offs - if you win the last two you might just creep in if other results go your way. Hope its not at our expense....... We have a crunch match coming up with Derby County. That’s a must win for us as Boro got stuffed today. Good to see dirty Leeds getting beat at Griffin Park...........
  12. Johnson doesn’t have a tache, but sometimes he has a some stubble. He is vertically challenged tho........
  13. Johnson changes the shape depending on who the opposition are even at AG. It’s more understandable away from home but few, if any of us can fathom why he changes shape at home. City are the home team ffs. Let the opposition worry about us. No idea what shape he’ll employ at Hillsborough today. Your former RB still can’t cross a decent ball btw...and gave away a very dodgy penalty at Villa Pk and City had a perfectly good good goal disallowed for offside and the referee Scott Duncan booked 5 of our players for complaining! and City have been charged by the FA for “failing to control our players” Johnson has received a letter of apology from the PGMOL regarding Scott Duncan’s performance and guess who is the fourth official today? Scott bloody Duncan! Unfortunately i wont be at Hillsborough today but if I were I’d be looking to see how Johnson and Duncan interact.
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