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  1. Paulqx owl


    Need defence sorting ASAP and big Micks your man.
  2. Paulqx owl


    What's the definition of insanity :- doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Wednesday in a nutshell.
  3. When the f### are we going to sign somebody. If we have to unload first then get on with it. If it stays like this we are going to finish mid table at best.
  4. Paulqx owl


    When the hell are Wednesday going to sign some players. They must have had an idea who they wanted before the season ended.
  5. Paulqx owl

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    We've got an abundance of firepower up front, we just need 2 wingbacks with blistering pace and we'll be in top 2 for sure.
  6. I remember when Alex Ferguson started at Manchester United. He was on the verge of getting sacked and one result saved him. You've got to give a new manager a chance, Jos will come good.
  7. The moaning has already started with some Wednesday fans. Some have the memory of a goldfish, have you forgotten we lost 5 out of 6 matches before Jos came.
  8. Paulqx owl

    Jos "Pelupessy is a WINNER"

    Pele-cat and bannan will be the new palmer and Sheridan.
  9. Not seen a Wednesday team that organised since jack charlton was manager.
  10. Paulqx owl


    No passion, no pace, devoid of ideas. Carlos will be gone by Monday, the chairman isn't a fool.
  11. I'm a big fan of Carlos but he's running out of ideas and things have gone stale, time for him to go. The defence needs sorting out ASAP. Get Neil Warnock in, he'd get them all playing their best.