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  1. On a positive, Kamberi was on loan, I was thinking he was permanent. Did I miss John-Jules' testimonial?
  2. I'm guessing that's not what he meant and that you've interpreted (very) incorrectly. No, not every manager that doesn't get promoted should be sacked but not every manager has the same squad as ours and not every manager has the largest wage budget in the league.
  3. What's the overall record, any ideas? Just felt as though we don't always fair the best.... Might just be my perception as I always dread playing his teams, might be more his tactics that drive that knowing how frustrating its going to be.!
  4. This always frustrates me though, why try and set up to contain them, why not let them try and contain us.
  5. Yes he's mastered being a tvvat and always has teams that we struggle against. Looks like that's the case with Sunderland now.
  6. We need to do the same and just allocate lower leppings lane. They're being poo houses so we need to do the same back, no nicey nice here's 5-6k come and support your lads.
  7. Just said to my young un I'd prefer Wycombe if we get there despite having a better return against MK Dons. MK Dons knock it about well whereas I think we could play Wycombe off the park.
  8. Would always start with the strongest 11. If we get a decent lead then start making changes. Dunkley scares the poo out of me with the ball at his feet, and with him allowing it to bounce last night led to their goal. Played well before his injury but looked level below what we are used to last night. Not sure if we can afford to give him the few games he usually needs to get up to speed.
  9. We demolished Cambridge with Gregory and Berahino up top, granted it was a poor Cambridge, but we played with natural strikers. NML is not a striker yet we're playing him there and it's leading to chances being wasted. Let him play out wide and create chances for strikers to score.
  10. Not looked at the other teams remaining fixtures cos I'm lazy, but we must have one of the most difficult run ins (Bolton, MK Dons, Wycombe, Portsmouth... Non of those are easy) . Just hope the slip ups against Gillingham and Accrington don't come back to bite us.
  11. He's never been a player thats comfortable with the ball at his feet. Always clumsy but had the pace to recover. I don't think he's any worse at the moment than what he was before, he's not a player to spray the ball about. Hes a centre half to use his pace to get us out of trouble. Don't buy this poor/rusty form at moment as he isn't go to turn in to a world class defender.
  12. To be fair iorfa has never been comfortable on the ball, not as though he's gone backwards in that respect.... Kind of contradictory to his song!
  13. I think with current performances and a fit squad then 12th - 16th.
  14. The striker nuhui scored more goals than a right back and goalkeeper put together.. That's that then, get him inducted to the legends club.
  15. I read this as a serious post but then came across the last sentence suggesting Attey falls in to the legend category....so is this a serious post, a wind up, or a bit of both?
  16. I wouldn't be counting on hutch and luongo being available every game! It will be interesting to see what our injury list looks like come 1st March after all the games we have over the next 4 weeks.
  17. I remember taking the young un down to watch training and remember them doing a shooting drill. The number of missed attempts from the edge of the box was frightening. Leon Clarke was constantly smashing it over the bar, over the fence with it landing on the dome. I walked away thinking how poo our standards were!
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