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  1. We've shown in most games over a period of 20 mins we can dominate teams if we want.... The question is why can't they or why aren't they told to from the 1st minute. Why do people try and over complicate football.
  2. Think we all thought it was screaming out for a change down that side by half time.
  3. I wish we would start winning just to avoid threads like this.
  4. I get that but even in his natural position I don't see anything. Yes hes put in a couple of decent crosses in this season but I don't see what he brings... Can't beat a man, doesn't move ball with pace, let's ball bounce which allows opposition to rob him, looks lost to me. With brown today that left side was so weak.
  5. Attacking squads. Gregory, berahino, windass coming back, 42 wingers that have been signed....
  6. Got to be, definitely has to drop wing as he's offering nothing.
  7. I know it's all ifs and buts... But think of the points thrown away already this season... Morecambe, injury time against Ipswich, Inury time against oxford, 2 up against Wimbledon, only drawing to Cambridge...
  8. I'd love to see us just do a Newcastle under keegan and go out there to attack and score goals. We must have one of the strongest attacking squads in L1 so play to that and let them worry about us....
  9. To be fair to Moore though he's come up against morecambe, Cambridge, Wimbledon, Oxford...
  10. Wing needs benching for a bit. Looked off pace all season.
  11. Poor excuse.... Could have used a day's holiday. Anyway, got to go, got to find it on the dodgy stick.
  12. You highlighted 3 times the fact that I reference his wages. I reference this as people have stated previously that he has come to enjoy a payday. In terms of knowing what he is on, then I don't, I'm just echoing what has been published by journalists that follow and report on Wednesday. One quoted DM as saying he had taken a significant pay cut to return to the UK. If they've made all that up then I apologise! Berahino made his name as a goalscorer... In the Premier league....he must have had a couple of fluke seasons then....
  13. Guess it could go either way. Hoping he wants to prove himself as opposed to getting a last payday. Sounds like he's come for a pay cut and wouldn't have been the best wage in Belgium anyway. And he knows where the net is, so play to his strengths.
  14. He'll get Moore the sack? So it's berahinos fault the manager isn't picking him to play in his favourite and most natural position? New one on me that...
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