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  1. If he can bring the club together, is he the man to help sort out my refund from last season .....
  2. To get to a play off final, on the brink of a return to the prem league, far exceeded any expectations I had at the start of the season so wasn't going to be too distraught at a loss as we'd waited years for a day out! I just wish that we had attacked more and managed a goal, even if it meant losing 2-1, just to hear the roof come off. Similar to this season, just hope for a goal!
  3. I keep trying to but I can't help but let it bother me and wind me up...I'm with the OP, I need advice on how to feck this lot off and not give a shiit.
  4. Been saying this for sometime, I fear a slide down the leagues... What a fecking mess.
  5. Can only see 4 wins, couple of draws so 14 points, taking us to 42.....not enough. Said it in previous threads but losing to all the teams around us has cost us our championship status, especially the recent ones such as Coventry and Birmingham when we thought we'd hit a bit of form. Topped off by throwing away a 2 goal lead at the weekend.
  6. All results have gone our way.... Rotherham lost 5 on the bounce.... Can only mean 1 thing...
  7. I don't need to do the maths... We're fcuked, simple as that. Can't lose to all the teams around you, throw 2 goal leads away and have any chance of staying up.
  8. I'm trying my best not to care but it's hard to ignore. We lose today and from 2 up and I'm telling myself "******** em, done with em" but it's ruined my night, again.... Like the losses to Coventry, Birmingham, Huddersfield, Wycombe and Rotherham did..... and like it will Wednesday when we lose to Rotherham. If anyone has any tips on how to not give a poo then throw them my way ffs..
  9. Might mean up bright and early this morning, all ready for the game .
  10. Paterson - Rhodes? I have no idea what the front 2 should be, all combinations are poor.... But I saw Rhodes and paterson last week against stoke and that has to be the slowest front 2 in the league, by a country mile. We are fooked.
  11. Might have been nailed on until you have to go and mention it. Now likely to end in an embarrassing scoreline to which we have no option but to hold you fully accountable....also ends any chance we had of reaching the playoffs.
  12. Agree... The recent losses to Coventry and Birmingham when we appeared to be on a bit of a run have well and truly fukced us. Fear the worst.
  13. Sun's ruined our seats on the kop and the players have ruined our football on the pitch.
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