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  1. Left a message for a call back as sick of trying to navigate my way round and getting kicked out. If they don't call back today I assume I'll still get the same seat and price given I've registered a request for a call back?
  2. Manager during the best times of supporting wednesday. Turning up week in week out knowing you were going to see a performance and expected 3 points. Quality signings, great team ethic.
  3. Thought I saw him in the Kop having it rubbed better...might not have been him.
  4. Not bad....there's better. 6/10 Decent atmosphere, not rushed and made to feel really welcome... (answering on behalf of a friend)
  5. Personally I think the draws will be the difference. 3 draws on the bounce against some of the worst teams. We will keep hoping until it's mathematically out of our reach.
  6. Whilever there is an outside chance you have to believe or the seasons already over. Being realistic we have a very slim chance of making it. As mentioned earlier we have a very difficult run in with most teams having something to play for. That and the fact we struggle to score/create sufficient chances leaves me to think it's just too much of an ask. Only managing draws against Millwall, rotherham and reading cost us (apart from not sacking that b*ll end Jos earlier). They were games we should have won and would have put us in the play offs.
  7. I was saying the same about Huddersfield a couple of years ago. Waiting for their bubble to burst from November and it never did. Norwich are reminding me of them!
  8. Same here....if it gives us an extra push with a good atmosphere then I'd back it.
  9. Looking at the options I think I'd start with 10.
  10. Too busy searching people for lids from plastic bottles.
  11. To be fair it got him out of watching the game for 30 mins...he should be thankful.
  12. Just watched him try chasing down the ball....reminded me of saturday prime time tv years ago....anyone else remember gladiators and the travelator?
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