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  1. Whats happened to him at WBA? Only been there a year after a big money move and no plans for him to be part of the squad this year. Purely ability?
  2. Disappointing isn't it. Who's going to provide the service to Nuhiu now?
  3. I was thinking that, there may be a few other teams joining us having points deducting during the season.... Unless the EFL don't count this year with it being "unprecedented".
  4. Feels optimistic with the squad we have but hope you're right.
  5. Out of interest then, what's your prediction for our league finish?
  6. Where is windass from? I see this "have vs of" all the time, with those at the other side of the pennines constantly using of....numpties..... Oh no, wrong place for a thread / comment like this, it has nothing to do with swfc, I'm so sorry.
  7. I get that, that's why I've put on previous posts "on paper". I'm sure we've all looked at the fixtures and thought that October should be better than September in terms of our potential to pick up points. I'd be very surprised if anyone thought differently when the fixtures were announced.
  8. Hope you're right, not seen it or convinced as yet. Looked a yard off the pace most of the games I've seen him in, and doesn't seemed blessed with pace. Fingers crossed he gets a run and shows some consistency.
  9. Why wouldn't we after beating Walsall and Rochdale.... Watford are no mugs, still got most of their prem squad so 1 point would be a result today. If we can have a decent September to set us up for October which includes fixtures against Wycombe, Rotherham and Luton, then we're in as good a place as we could have hoped.
  10. Unfortunately some people seem really touchy about topics being posted in the "right" place. I would have thought there are more pressing things to worry about or comment on than something as petty as if it's posted in the right place!
  11. I'm in, always am for first game of season, just can't guarantee from second game onwards! Always enter first game optimistic especially with new signings hoping some of them become class, instrumental players. Afters many years of disappointment I'm / we are due a decent one. Come on.
  12. I think you should have put the title in capitals and dropped the question mark..... Only joking.... no they can't go on forever, there is a deadline, I'm wanting to say 90 days but not sure why (!). I'm assuming it will stay as is if no outcome before the start of the league as I can't imagine they would reduce the deduction part way through as all the clubs will then be kicking off and appealing!
  13. Quality player. Initial reaction was to question his ability but tell you what, what a player he turned out to be. Always in the right place, crucial goals, always looking to go forward and all done quietly without looking for attention or wanting it to be about him. True professional.
  14. Cheers. Didn't know that. I assumed he had been a decent player for us only on the basis I always knew of his name even though he played for us before I started following.
  15. What's the story with stainrod, not much love for him. Looked on Wikipedia and he played for us the year before I started going. I remember the name but surprised how I remember it when he only played 15 games for us, not as though he played hundred of games and hung about for years.
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