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  1. I thought he was still at West Brom.....when did he leave?
  2. And today's lesson on empathy was sponsored by sw1867....
  3. And don't forget trumping and hand jobs on the kop.
  4. Agree, I know we have to be careful with Lee and how many games he plays in a certain period of time but we move the ball quicker, and forward, when he plays.
  5. I always give a hand job to the bloke next to me on the kop. Don't know him, would say he's about 36, but he promises me we will win if I do it.
  6. I don't boo either, I swear like fizz but don't boo.
  7. Played well second half, some solid tackles but, yes, agree with your comment regarding him not being a top end championship, said that last year and don't see anything to change my mind. Fair play to him for his attitude given some of the stick he gets.
  8. Maybe it's cos he wasn't required - Hirsty might have been servicing his Mrs.
  9. So many stupid, negative comments.... Love it.
  10. 2rite. H8 today's language... Totes amazes me how we've let it get like this... Innit.
  11. Not me, nothing left.... Lumped it all on Rowett....
  12. So does this mean there is a senior meeting in London or isn't?
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