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  1. Don't use that terminolgy on here... Touchy subject anything to do with wage.
  2. I'm getting sick of chasing. Mines been promised since just after Xmas. Maybe that's their plan, we all get sick of chasing and just give up.
  3. Even setting those expectations I can assure you, you will still be disappointed!
  4. Not just morecambe. Look at the teams... Wimbledon, crewe, Cheltenham, morecambe, Plymouth, Burton, Fleetwood, shrewsbury, Accrington... Its obviously our level but its hard to accept!
  5. Yes but knowing DC he'll probably expect us to pay for next seasons new lower priced ticket before we get refunds for 19/20 and 20/21 tickets!
  6. Apart from it not being loud, cheap or a good atmosphere we're there or thereabouts.
  7. Yeah kachunga is terrible and God knows why marriott was here longer than a couple of weeks. Criminal.
  8. Or Taylor-Fletcher, he must tick all the boxes now?
  9. Izzy brown came to us on the back of topping the table for the most assists in the league in the previous season, and that was for luton? What the hell happened? Only assist I saw was Rotherhams 97th minute winner.
  10. They've accounted for that though and offset it by not paying refunds for last year's season tickets!
  11. So I'm assuming I should still get my money back for 19/20, which should be "anytime" as per their update to me on the 21st Dec! Then for 20/21 it will get rolled over and I should also have some sort of refund, unless he sticks with those price levels for L1 football?
  12. Based on that there should be quite a refund for the season tickets from this year that are being rolled over from this year.
  13. Problem here is that they're 3 players that are likely to get snapped up elsewhere. Yes we have the opportunity to get rid of the rubbish and reduce wages significantly but dropping down means any decent ones that we'd keep are likely to be in the radar of other clubs. Given the mess we're in what do we have to offer to convince them to stay.
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