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  1. If I had to pick 4 it would be Stupid, Heartless, Irational and Thick
  2. I get that but do we seriously think some of the efforts we have that go on the stats as a shot are going to "win the draw"?
  3. A chance is where we have a chance of scoring. A shot can be 35 yards out hitting the corner flag or going in to the upper stand of leppings Lane. Can try them all night but won't score so they're pointless and muddy the water.
  4. Yes can see that in a few games but others I thought were well deserved. Created more chances, few times thought we could have kllled games off without the need for nervy endings.
  5. Thought I'd released my spine earlier during one giant dump.... Eye watering.
  6. Serious question - Why? That was the half way point of the season after playing everyone once? I thought league tables don't lie? What am I missing / being naive about?
  7. Yep, going backwards at a rapid pace. Had long enough and there's no light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. I've always thought that but to be fair with the break and lockdown I can honestly say I've not really missed watching that rubbish and following the off field drama, backed up by the last couple of weeks. Got a season ticket for next year but can't see me skipping back when we're allowed. If lockdown had come 3 weeks earlier I don't think I would be having a season ticket for the next year(s).
  9. Yeah gut feel is Lees has bottled it, confidence shot so doesn't want to know. The true qualities of a club captain.. 🤔
  10. There is... Away end needs a lick of paint... Get a brush and crack on with it while we get a decent manager in.
  11. Fundamental and concentration / concentrate mentioned over and over again... Every week.... Comes out with a comment then just repeats those buzz words for the next 3 mins of the interview. Bore off.
  12. I'd like to see where the shots were from and how much of a "shot" they were. A shot is not necessarily a chance.
  13. Issue we have now is its too late. L1 next year and years of rebuilding. Really losing interest in the club as its becoming too frustrating the way things are being run / handled.
  14. The problem is we can't keep a clean sheet irrespective of formation. We then don't create enough chances to score sufficient to offset conceding every game. Not a good formula!
  15. The whole situation is a mess but managers are paid to take responsibility. He takes training, he picks the starting 11 and is paid to have plans b & c to try and change a game if needs be. Nothing is working. Comments on here about it not being his fault, it's the players. There's no doubt they have to answer to some of this but, as much as it pains me to say it, look at boro and warnock. Same squad as woodgate had yet now sound like a totally different team. Managers have to be able to influence and bring out the best in their players. Our form since Xmas eve has been unacceptable.
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