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  1. Trying to work out if he thinks the fans are loyal as can't see where he mentions it....
  2. How do you know so much about united... Traitor...
  3. Just hope they didn't get their stone island stained
  4. He should save that today. Positioning looked OK from the reply so should be stopping... But... It shouldn't have come to that, another pointless foul from paterson. Why do we concede so many free kicks by pushing a player to the floor when they are going away from goal and pose no threat.
  5. Luongo makes such a difference...and to be fair I was one saying all last season that I don't see what people see in him, now I do! If we can keep him fit it's going to make a difference.
  6. That first half could have seen us score 6 goals. They were poor at the back and we carved them open by being on the front foot and pressuring their defence who made mistake after mistake. Not sure what happened for most of the second half. Quality day out though, helped by a dream start.
  7. Played 9 of the bottom 10 teams and picked up just 2 wins, both of which are against clubs in the bottom 3. Not good reading.
  8. When is luongo back... And windass? They'll make a massive difference as one can firm up the LB role and the other keep BPF on his toes.
  9. Well they couldn't have had an easier game to bounce back.
  10. Worked with his dad. He was a chauffeur at Tata Steel in Rotherham
  11. Forgot about him! We've well and truly broken him haven't we.
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