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  1. That was initial reaction. Money well spent!
  2. The most unrealistic photo I have ever seen......where are the stripes?
  3. That's what I thought about the piggies this season!
  4. Is this just to get promoted or win the league? Surprised how short the odds are when there are numerous teams capable of beating each other.
  5. I'd just start with 10 and leave them both on the bench.
  6. Whatever his salary he's made an absolute fortune for sitting on a bench for 2 years contributing absolutely nothing. Not bad work if you can get it.
  7. Not saying he is the way forward, just stated he looked full of potential a few years ago but not seen him for a couple for seasons. As another post states, it also depends on the manager and their ability to bring out the best in them. Would Jos do this... No... Could Bruce... Maybe.
  8. Remember seeing that Josh Mceachran a few years ago and thought he looked a good young player breaking through. Not sure what he's been like last couple of seasons but looked full of potential then.
  9. Only read first page so might be duplicating!... Would have liked to have seen something offered to hooper as he's a class act when fit. Not bothered about the others. Disappointing most of them couldnt be arsed to do the lap of appreciation given they would have known they were going and the clubs thrown millions at them! Unless I missed them... Maybe abdi got injured making his way down the tunnel to the pitch.
  10. Same here. Des walker and Pearson... Lyons a just a few years too early for me to see in action.
  11. I'd build my squad round nuhiu... I'd pick 17 in front of him to protect him....
  12. We keep saying this. They aren't exactly spring chickens anymore so when do we get to the stage that they aren't classed as young uns breaking through?
  13. Is he actually leaving at the end of season then - not seen anything official?
  14. No, I can guarantee you that you are not the only fan who thinks differently. The guy should not be anywhere near the starting 11. I've only got as far as your post but worries me that people are saying he could be an interesting one as he's started playing well. Seriously, the guy has been shocking since he arrived and this club and infuriates me as to how poor he has been yet some seem to think he might get an extension as he's had 1 decent game. Let's judge his time here on the 2 years and millions of pounds he's taken not just on one half decent performance.
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