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  1. Ha true, the only guy to pass a medical whilst in a wheelchair.
  2. Thays what came to mind when I thought about getting a shirt!
  3. With Xmas fast approaching and on the back of our first present, the appointment of TP (), got me thinking about potential gifts for the young un for this year. Thinking about getting him a retro shirt. He's 14 so only witnessed our poor years. Questions: Where's best to get one from... And which one should I opt for? Thanks in advance all.
  4. Yes I think I came up with that first but convinced myself we might get a couple more results.
  5. Thinking 9-10 points max, hope I'm wrong.
  6. Not seen the game but the stats do still worry you in terms of attempts on target and goals from open play.
  7. I feel you... I should be over the moon with this result but feel more annoyed and frustrated now that we lost the 3 previous games.... Should have been off the bottom of the league with this win tonight. Stupid game.
  8. Still don't think we should have taken the hit and gone into L1, you should always try and play in the highest league possible and fight. What we should have done though is got rid of Monk at the end of season, given the last 23 games of the season, and brought in someone that might get the team fighting for 46 games to overturn the -12.
  9. To be honest I couldn't give a poo at this moment in time. Get him out now and then sort the replacement, not the other way round. The longer he is here the more damage will be done.
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