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  1. Used to love these, when they first started they had quality ex-players then as the years went on it felt like they struggled to get much appetite from the better ex-pros. Shame.
  2. They're in lockdown..... We should learn from them as they obviously knew what was coming so went into lockdown 3 years ago to stay safe.
  3. Just "listened" to monks post match interview. Says it was unacceptable again, left ourselves a mountain to climb and need to show the same desire and fret as we did in the second half so expect a reaction in next weeks non event....
  4. No I wouldn't, but there's that niggling thought that says he's the guy that could be the difference in games if he starts to deliver again, as we've witnessed it before....and not at left wing back. But yes, I understand for the last 2 years he's pinched a wage, thats why you offer people contracts on terms that say you have to deliver to earn a good living. We're assuming he's still going to remain on £35k per week, or whatever he's currently on, but no need to. Offer him something that suits us and then the ball's in his court, he can sign and have to play to earn or disappear elsewhere.
  5. On his day with a run of games he'd be our best player unfortunately we've not seen this for a couple of years, hence offer him a contract on our terms and he has to earn his money.
  6. Agree, yes he's our best player if he's able to have a full season without injury but theres the worry that he's hardly played in the last coupe of years and that could continue. Offer him something on our terms, significantly reduced wages with bonuses on top subject to appearances etc. Win win for all if he pays and delivers, if he doesn't then it doesn't cost us as much. If he signs then great if not.... See ya.
  7. Sure you didn't just pick Colombia as your team as their keeper was like that wasn't he?
  8. Thought the title was going to be on about just having games between Yorkshire clubs.
  9. This is unbelievable... How can this have slipped under the radar.
  10. Westwood and Hutchinson not featuring? Why didn't someone mention this earlier....
  11. We'd be having to enter a 5-a-side league!
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