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  1. Why is there such a massive fear of the oppo’s box?? Match after match I’m screaming this at the tv like a deranged fool! Feels like I’ve got some sort of footy tourettes!
  2. Sadly I think you’re right. We get a couple of magic moments each match but can’t capitalise on it. Shaw’s inexperience shines through. No idea why the rules changed around ball hitting the match officials - seems pointless?
  3. “We’re definitely heading for the playoffs”!!
  4. Seems to be our party trick this season - with the added entertainment of nailing the ref tonight!
  5. Let’s face it everything went to bobar when Bruce sodded off. I just wish he’d taken pelepessy with him.
  6. If we’re going down then I need Huddersfield to come with us so I win £190 to drown my sorrows (cue lockdown 4 ....)
  7. Nowt wrong with him. Norwich’s goals were bluddy good - was the defenders not being up to the likes of Pukki - WW surely got another couple of seasons in him?
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