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  1. Head: 2-0 Cardiff, 1-1 Wednesday Heart: 2-0 Cardiff, 1-0 Wednesday
  2. Looking at the remaining fixtures I have a maximum of 14 points from the remaining 11 games, thats being optimistic, probably very optimistic and would see us relegated on 42. How depressing!
  3. Aren't the commercial revenues down about 15% from prior year?
  4. Thompson - "it is what it is" I hope that isn't the message from him to the players as well
  5. Glad you're sorted, just hope it's worth watching now!
  6. I've watched every game through ifollow using the Firesticks own Silk browser and never had an issue, no buffering and quality of picture has been fine. Thats on a 5 year old 48 inch Samsung TV and 50Mb fibre so nothing special about the set up! It is a 4K firestick though, I've tried an older firestick and that was terrible.
  7. Firestick and silk? Worked fine for me since I logged in around 14th minute. I wouldn't be watching it on my TV if it wasn't for your earlier post so it's a thanks from me!
  8. I renewed for my 32nd season and what league we are in or how we are playing have no bearing on my decision its just blind habit. The only thing that would stop me going is if my Dad didn't go or I couldn't afford it. People go for different reasons I guess and fully understand why people wouldn't renew considering what we currently see on the pitch and what appears to go on off it too.
  9. Personally don't think less than £20 per game is a rip off at all, even if we were in league one. Save £10 a week and it pays for my season ticket plus an away game. I dont agree with the disparity between a season ticket price and pay on the day though, as a season ticket holder I would be happy to get a couple of "free" games not 8/9 that it is currently.
  10. I've defended playing dawson over Westwood for as long as I can remember as I think Westwood has the same mistakes in him but it's just like Dawson isn't developing as he should be, he just isn't learning from his mistakes.
  11. He certainly has the power but does he have the ability or experience to sort it out and if he doesn't then why doesn't he surround himself by people that do? If he thinks he can sort it out then fair enough it is his £40m or whatever the number is but when it seems to be getting worse he's the one in the firing line.
  12. There are a lot of bus replacements but still showing one train an hour running from both Piccadilly (47 past) and Victoria (36 past). Hopefully they don't get replaced with a bus too!
  13. The walkabout was at shepherds bush green. Not 100% sure but think it may have closed a while ago
  14. 8.30am train on Friday from Donny. Early birthday drinks on Saturday, match, then either celebrate birthday and promotion if we win or go back to hotel and erase the weekend from my memory if we lose!
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