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  1. We aren't worried about price as we'll be able to make it affordable. We just need the help of Owlstalk to create enough hype so S6 see the opportunity. We need more Yorkshire at the ground...
  2. Thanks for all the support fellow owls...being Wednesday fans ourselves we would love to be at S6! The media attention this week globally has been very intense so once things settle down we will start discussions with the best club in the world... WAWAW
  3. @Manwithastick Sorry to hear that. We take customer feedback at York Roast very seriously, so please feel to contact us at info@theyorkroastco.com We have a strong loyal following in Chester so happy to welcome you back for a free Yorkypud wrap when you're hungry and in the area?
  4. @Finlux_Cup No it isn't...as yet we do not serve in food stadiums...
  5. We also slight 'toast' the wrap to harden it giving it a crispy yet soft explosion in thee mouth...
  6. @Doctor Duran the gravy is served at an optimal amount so it does not drown the meet and wrap... naturally, some customers love more gravy so each to their own but we agree with you and this is carefully managed...
  7. @Ash76 thanks for the feedback We absolutely would come up with a slightly more economical product... We would be interested to do something with Henderson's Relish as well with some product development...keeping it very Sheffield... The Massive Wrap The Boxing Day Massacre Wrap The Hi Ho Wrap We just need as much support from you guys as possible so we can make a strong case to S6. WAWAW
  8. @daztheowl We hear you and will act on it for sure. We only launched it in March so we are learning constantly...bear with us and we'll get something out which hits the spot! Cheers
  9. No we would launch the "Boxing Day Massacre Wrap" in the West Stand... WAWAW UTO
  10. Yep...we don't want to over engineer our product...we just want to create a few products which Owls love...we would gladly welcome you to come and take a look. A good groundswell of demand will help us. We are a family business that feel proper foods needs to be sold at stadiums. Imagine..."THE BOXING DAY MASSACRE WRAP"... Just saying... WAWAW UTO
  11. Thanks Owlstalk... We need to get a reasonable sense over what people would pay for this product...there are no naughty chemicals in our food...just good honest Yorkshire grub...great to soak up some beer or substitute to a Sunday roast!
  12. We want to get a sense of demand from Owlstalk and the general supporters then we will speak to Joe Palmer and see where it goes... Thanks Owlstalk
  13. @owlstalk...yes there is... Vegetarian... Gluten free coming soon as well!
  14. Hi All, A group of shops in the north would like to come to Hillsborough...The York Roast Co...Being Wednesday fans ourselves S6 is a priority for us...we would like to bring some proper Yorkshire food to the ground. Introducing the Yorkypud WRAP...please let us know if you would like this in the stadium? http://www.theyorkroastco.com/menu LadBible: BBC News: WAWAW
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