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  1. Match Day Pies

    Gonna have to see pictures of you to proof this
  2. Adam Reach

    On the bench, we need better for promotion
  3. just said to our Las next time we come up ill buy us a couple of burgers .she replied 'aww that's nice,what you going to eat' greedy c**t
  4. Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    Couldn't handle our impatient fans expectations and a club our size as heckingbottom is finding out at Leeds . some managers can't take the step up. wouldn't be willing to gamble on a manager whose never managed in the championship before
  5. My all time favorite player if van dyke is worth 70 million,Nilsson would be worth 100 million
  6. Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    Neither why do people obsess that the manager has to support/love the club only managers to have success at Wednesday are blokes who have no ties with Wednesday.
  7. Barnsley forum they have 3 per person
  8. Fabio - Cardiff Fredericks - Fulham dyer - burton Hernandez - hull decent players at this level Fabio fullback played at champions league level and caps for brazil
  9. every team misses their best player
  10. Okay, so, who next?

    worked out well so far him at Leeds small club manager
  11. Swansea got some difficult fixtures coming up Man u (A) WBA (A) Everton (H) Man city (A) Chelsea (H) Swansea,wba and stoke
  12. Football agents in football

    Show the evidence that clare is the Same situation Evidence from the player not some bullshite off here And you do realise hirst doesn't have to listen to doyen ,he could grow a pair and sign the contract because by owlstalks logic he's desperate to play for us But lets blame doyen anyway
  13. Football agents in football

    So ill ask you again why is it the clubs fault hirst won't sign a new contract but its agents fault for everyone else ?