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  1. welsOwl74

    25 years ago tonight !

    Anyone suddenly feel old
  2. Think we'll finish about 12th The mess the previous clown in charge left isn't gonna be fixed in one season
  3. Gazza -brilliant player,bell of a bloke Nugent -for Preston about 10 year ago al habzi-reading other season lost 2-1 he saved about 6 crackers
  4. welsOwl74

    Westwood Going

    good .all the best.hutch next please.time to get rid of the crocks
  5. welsOwl74

    George Hirst

    passed caring him and his greedy dad can leave and never mention the pathetic duo again
  6. welsOwl74

    Please mr chansiri

    get this same bullsh#t ever season 'he wants to leave' 'we'll sell him' he's going nowhere dc won't sell him whatever the price offered
  7. welsOwl74

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    any one with common sense will vote for carlos
  8. nothing wrong with watersports
  9. welsOwl74

    If Fulham win the play offs...

    sessegnon will leave regardless what happens turns 18 tomorrow and best player in the league will be England international this time next year
  10. welsOwl74

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Rodwell. 70k a week and it would be easier to find Maddie mccann than him
  11. welsOwl74

    Reece Burke

    good player who is he
  12. welsOwl74

    I just watched! #swfc

    his wages would pay for a good prem loan waste of wage injured .last chance to cash in.they'll be takers
  13. welsOwl74

    Parachute Payments - a simple fix

    parachute payment is a joke next season you've got westbrom,Swansea,stoke,hull,Norwich,Middlesbrough,villa (if they don't go up) and some others with pp gives teams like Ipswich no chance of competing. yet we've got a chairman willing to spend whatever it takes to get promoted but some stupid rule prevents that from happening.
  14. welsOwl74

    I just watched! #swfc

    Cash in. Let someone else pay his medical bills
  15. welsOwl74

    Big sam

    he'd only come if the money was huge. a money grabbing ar#ehole who just got the England job and threw it away through greed. retire and be irrelevant like that ar#e rednapp