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  1. believe me if Fernando discovered his form of 2 years ago it would be a no brainer im a massive fan of his and he was a steal at 3 million but sadly he's passed his best and not getting any younger,3/4 million bid ,id sell and invest in a loan or two
  2. no excuses for me tonight ,even with all crapp happening there we should be beating Bolton comfortably ,they are in the bottom 3 ffs
  3. everyone out of contract should leave except westwood and palmer Fernando needs transfer listing (i love the guy) nuhiu,joey,van aken can go to whoever daft enough to take them id even listen to offers for reach and bannan
  4. if reach wasnt a greedy tw@t we could have beem 1-0 up before derby scored and looking at a different game a good point against one of the worse form teams in the league this is why our fans wind me up ,accept second best everytime
  5. aww didums,if been greedy and chasing the money is classed as a rough couple of years to you,i suggest you get in the real world George and his alco father can p1ss off for me
  6. if we have any ambition of getting into the top6 this season, these are the game you should be winning derby are in dreadful form and we should be going there all out to win
  7. bannan is ok for a championship team but massively overrated by our fans theres a reason he's failed at every premierleague club he's been at
  8. when did sheff utd become barcleona of the north ,lets not do a carlos the clown and let the opposition worry about us
  9. best way to honour her memory is sing and shout twice as hard ,remember the good times
  10. they do let us down and the best thing is the players dont even care
  11. SWfc vs reading 0-0 Pigs vs Reading 2-0 up after 16 minutes
  12. To get a result against the pigs Let's be realistic its only thing we've got left of this season
  13. No worries Rotherham are a decent side gotta laugh cus the players dont give a fuckk
  14. Still find it baffling people continue to stick up for these sh!t players ,think they give a flying when they look at bank balance,id shiplot out and getting youngsters hungry for success
  15. Have hull played relegation fodder last 5 fixtures ,6 points from 15 is terrible
  16. Easiest set of fixtures you could ask for from the championship and we make it look like we're playing man city haha
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