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  1. you mean like tom lees ? Who most people on here cream themselves over
  2. Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland are among the clubs targeting the Leyton Orient striker, Macauley Bonne, according to Talksport Bonne is said to have sparked 'major interest from around the country' after scoring 23 goals for the National League winners this past campaign. And Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland - as well as Leicester City, Middlesbrough and Charlton Athletic - are each listed as interested parties. The broadcaster adds the sextet are buoyed by news of Bonne's £200,000 release clause, but states that Orient are 'believed' to have offered the 23-year-old significantly improved terms in an attempt to keep him at Brisbane Road.
  3. bonne from Leyton orient 23 goals this season only 23 and looks a decent prospect
  4. well with a name like yours you'd know about been old
  5. I say I'm a xl but my wife says she's seen bigger
  6. most devastating day been a Wednesdayite losing in the fa cup final was guttering young uns who think its nowt these days the fa cup was the biggest competition in the world back then
  7. for the silly price we'd want they'd get alot better than bannan the guy is awful in the premier league
  8. Celtic are a vile club,a sh!t stain to football vile fans ginger tw@t as manager Scott brown Chris sutton vile kit the wrong Glasgow club went bust
  9. the only manager jva played under was Carlos the clown serious question did Carlos improve any player in his 3 seasons here? id give JVA another chance but that performance against pigs was only topped by tom lees performance against Middlesbrough at home this season for worst cb performance I've seen from a Wednesday player
  10. the same posters slating Mikel are the ones who kiss bannans backside I do love owlstalk
  11. swansea- home town rangers-dads team Coventry -wife's team Barcelona-my Spanish team hate-liverpool . man u Leeds pigs cardiff Celtic mk fake
  12. dont care what anyone says jones was a solid player in this league you don't get promoted 3 times if your sh!t fair enough he'd passed it with us but he never let us down and had some quality performances playing for us good look to the guy
  13. Dawson no where near as bad as people make out he is bound to make mistakes at his age cracking penalty save in the steel derby
  14. Beckham stopped been a footballer the day he left man u all he went to these clubs for was money for his self and his label the world know who he his but 80% wont even have seen him kick a ball wouldn't get in top 100 players in premier league history
  15. no people are getting far to excited about our late playoff hunt but forgetting Bruce got the sack from villa when he was performing worse than when Jos was here steve gets my support but everyone needs to calm down
  16. Beckham another overrated media hype zidane was a genius
  17. I've signed a few borners I'm a bit of a celeb in la chambre
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