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  1. Guaranteed the ones moaning, are the ones who put 1 star reviews on trip advisor cus the £4.99 all you can eat buffet had ran out of lamb chops
  2. you do realise, I wasn't suggesting moving to Milan was you and I said I've been
  3. WelshOwl74

    Who's had the toughest start?

    if pigs had fixtures we had ,no way would they be top now,only team they've played whose any good is Swansea on opening day and the swans made them look the average team they are.lets see how good they are once theyve played the decent teams in this league
  4. WelshOwl74

    birmingham away

    maghoma had jack hunt in his back pocket was also the game where I had a arguement with a fellow fan as he was saying Carlos would get us promoted
  5. something like san siro would be a cracking design (obviouslyless seats) ,best ground ive been too for atmosphere
  6. WelshOwl74

    Team for Boro

    dawson palmer lees hector pudil penney bannan joey onomah Fernando Joao
  7. Joao and Fernando to start for me ,need pace not turtle nuhiu leading the line
  8. WelshOwl74

    Iyad Hamud

    Iyad no idea
  9. WelshOwl74

    Sheffield, city of students

    The students moaning at the prices would happily pay it if we was in the premier league against man u ,Liverpool ect. Students expect everything cheap,bus fares ,clothes ,meals. Fek um Dc ,charge um double,infact treble Half of um would be p1$$1ng about on Snapchat while match is on anyway
  10. WelshOwl74

    Something is seriously wrong with the game

    Be more amazing if Reach pulled a tackle off 5 times a season