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  1. paying top dollar for tickets top 6 should be acceptable,top 2 been the aim I think we'll finish 8th-12th
  2. biggest memory of gray was ballsing up that game against Charlton to meet pigs in 1/4 finals of Fa cup
  3. Over 30 injured no pace get on blower
  4. pigs probley nicked it ,so they actually had something to put in their cabinet
  5. dont go then ,its that simple if it gets some of the young kids interested in following the Wednesday then I'm all for it
  6. with Chelsea unable to sign anyone id expect tammy to be in Chelsea squad next season
  7. I predict top 10 at this moment in time ,missing out on playoffs upgrades on players and pace and maybe sneak 6th winning the league ,no chance to many inconsistent players who go missing when the going gets tough hopefully Middlesbrough get relegated and then Mr Gibson will have something to moan about
  8. he was performing worse than Jos with a much better team,take the Wednesday glasses off
  9. maybe if he hadn't employed footballs dinosaur pulis and got a ambitious manager ,they'd be promoted funny how he's making a fuss about a team who finished above Middlesbrough up there with pigs sueing westham over relegation id suggest Gibson stfu and looks in the mirror at his own failures
  10. you mean like tom lees ? Who most people on here cream themselves over
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