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  1. Been a Wednesday fan we've all said this at least once Any stories of smashing tv's, punching a tramp or furiously pointing after a latest chapter in the 'typical Wednesday' book
  2. Uefa Cup winner League Cup winner World Cup semi finalist European Cup semi finalist Over 100 caps Be worth millions these days And play for any of the 'big teams'
  3. roland nilsson best player I've ever seen for Wednesday Waddle gets in top 5
  4. I hope its over soon Sick of putting sky sports news on And seeing Dr Jamie carragher and Dr Gary neville tell everyone how bad this virus is, when they don't have a clue
  5. Only 199738348363922 unbeaten games behind Huddersfield
  6. Nice to see the cambridge player having a few beers on a Sunday night Gave the ball away more than bannan does
  7. This best be the players who are doing the jobs They've just had 3 month off Not some poor sod on minimum wage
  8. I feel your pain mate Me and wife are both self employed Will get 188£ a week between us
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