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  1. Coming from someone who said nuhiu was better than fletcher
  2. I've seen bannan beat nuhiu to a header in training Turns slower than life long milk
  3. Fair enough people disagreeing with me but guaranteed Jos makes that sub and he'd be hung on here for that Good ol Wednesday
  4. Our team a recently history of throwing points away in the last 10 minutes and monk decides to defend a 1 nil lead against a team who wouldn't have scored in open play if Stevie wonder was in net Baffling decision
  5. Win award for most shocking sub change of the season Derby worst team I've seen this season,never looked like scoring ,Dawson could have gone to sleep Monk brings a midfielder on for our best striker and leaves wardrobe on his own upfront ,to defend a 1 nil lead Shocking decision Not monk tonight its mug
  6. https://www.vipstand.se/derby-vs-sheffield-wed-live-sports-stream/1/ Working stream
  7. Least goal threatening midfield in the league starting again Hope they prove me wrong but don't expect anything different to what we've seen for 4 years now
  8. We can easy afford fletchers £100k a week We got rid of David Jones who was on £10 million a week Plenty left in the kitty
  9. 26 Just over a year after leaving us Knee injury Only 28 now Shame that a career ends so cruel no matter how talented you are
  10. Unfortunately looks like Leeds and westbrom running away with automatic places 10 points clear of 3rd 3rd to 13 th 6 points init
  11. Ah Gibson actually doing us a favour down at boro
  12. As it stands If we win tomorrow Got a feeling it'll be 'typical Wednesday ' come 9.45 tomorrow night
  13. A bar in Ibiza on one of the jolly Wednesday 'tours' Thought someone had p!ssed in my pint No wonder people take cocaine over there ,to blank out the sh!t ale
  14. Yes same game Fernando scored and jumped into the crowd
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