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  1. WelshOwl74


    5 minute walk to the ground for me,will be sat in the home end but i know the away support will be fantastic as usual safe journey for the owls travelling down and hopefully a good game
  2. WelshOwl74

    U18s Owls v Stoke

    did Jos take charge of the second half
  3. WelshOwl74

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    there at la chambre tonight come along its gimp night its big brendas turn to wear the mask
  4. WelshOwl74

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    you've got no chance in hell
  5. WelshOwl74

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    isn't the octagon where mma fighters fight vs for ownership
  6. WelshOwl74

    Westwood to Weeds

    good get rid ,can we throw boyd jones and nuhiu in the deal
  7. WelshOwl74

    Our fault again

    that bloke who got sucked off on kop can vouch for that
  8. WelshOwl74


    Don't rate him that much at all j,Fred was better ,how is he on the Chelsea payroll?
  9. WelshOwl74

    Chansiri Out

    Can chant all you want about Dc He calls the shots on the club,he sells when he decides too,he sacks managers when he decides too Dc doesn't give a poo about the fans ,long as your wallets are empty he'll be happy Sad but true
  10. WelshOwl74

    Headless Chickens

    Rotherham are a dangerous team,great away record this season
  11. WelshOwl74

    JOS OUT!

    @OWLSTALK why are threads being deleted about jos? Clappers not happy
  12. WelshOwl74

    Today's team is ...

    that team should be more than capable than beating Rotherham the players need to step up and actually earn their wage
  13. WelshOwl74

    WBA Tickets

    great ground ,never seen us lose there
  14. WelshOwl74


    giving him a fresh new contract was another p#ssup by the club many on here was lapping it up 7 months ago ,totally ignoring the 4/5 years previously. should have been scraped 3 year ago and the fact this bafoon still gets game time is the reason we are relegation team
  15. WelshOwl74

    Half Season Tickets

    them prices are frankly disgusting..i could easily afford one but not a chance even if we was top of league by 10 points wouldnt pay that question one at forum 'dc on what planet are you thinking people would pay that to watch this sh!t?'