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  1. I'd fancy us against westbrom In the last 3 games we've got 2 points but no one could argue we deserve all 9
  2. 1 Manchester United 2 Chelsea 3 Southampton or Tottenham Hotspur 4 Sheffield Wednesday 5 AFC Bournemouth or Arsenal 6 Northampton Town or Derby County 7 Leicester City 8 Sheffield United 9 Reading or Cardiff City 10 West Bromwich Albion 11 Norwich City 12 Coventry City or Birmingham City 13 Manchester City 14 Newcastle United or Oxford United 15 Portsmouth 16 Shrewsbury Town or Liverpool The draw will be broadcast during BBC One's One Show at 7.19pm on Monday, January 27, 2020. 12 or 15 away will do
  3. Probley the fact that your gonna be paying/travelling to see a u23 game Most attractive games are on tv these days and rest are reserve matches with neither team ar5ed about winning
  4. Football on the whole is just money based now ,its a huge business not sport Half of the chairman have no interest in football The 'champions' league for example should be just the champions of the league not money making group stages 2nd - 5th euro league The fa cup is the oldest best cup in the world but treated like a burdon more than a privalidge to play in. I bet if you asked premier league teams if they want to not enter the cup over 50% would say no ,much more important finishing 17th in the premier league
  5. Bet lees lively personality gets all the girls
  6. He's got a team to the fa cup 5th round as manager Previous record 4th round as Leeds manager losing to Sutton
  7. Worst team left in draw away Man u
  8. Easy motm Probly his best game since his debut
  9. Played well But Injured again No way should we offer him a contract
  10. The teams much better without bannan Another game we've demonated and deserved to win Bench player for me
  11. Playing well again without the superstar bannan Not for the first time
  12. https://www.vipstand.se/queens-park-rangers-vs-sheffield-wednesday-live-sports-stream/1/ link
  13. Let's hope so Be a bad signing Just a Crock Got enough of them as it is at the club
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