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  1. only Wednesday could sign a former real Madrid and Ajax lb and replace him with Morgan fox
  2. not enough goals from midfield with bannan and Hutchinson be lucky to get you 8 a season close both down and you might as well have 9 men plus Hutchinson is made out of biscuits lee is missing piece but 2 years Is hell of a long time to recover from get a fit young midfielder in and we've cracked It
  3. depends on wages for me he's on chelsea's books and they pay silly money in wages he'd have to take a massive paycut if not then id look elsewhere
  4. Axel Tuanzebe Bruce signed him from man u for villa last two seasons on loan
  5. people keep blaming Jos but we've thrown points away under bruce Rotherham Stoke villa leeds Norwich
  6. same team as Norwich 2-1 line ups as above 0-2 bristol
  7. same team that started against Norwich joey for hutch if required not predictable crapp with bannan in line up
  8. time to move on from the crocks who have ability there ability is no use sat in northern general young athletic FIT players is the way forward and hopefully SB knows this
  9. bannan the performance before he came on was class,dropped to predictable when he came on
  10. after our performance before he cane on ,he should be on bench again monday he aint Gerrard so shouldn't be guaranteed to start
  11. Fernando upfront when will managers learn
  12. did you tell him he had j1zz on his arm?
  13. £25 for a towel so thin I could lose it in the crack of my ar$3 no thanks
  14. just stay in England,stick with climate we are used too learn nothing from playing in the mountains of braga competitive matches against English teams
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