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  1. Borner and iofa where excellent Reach and Murphy where gash Rest meh
  2. We should have been 3 nil up Was screaming for Fernando to come on ,the gaps in Cardiff's defence was made for Fernando but no monk brings Murphy and nuhiu on The ref fkup doesn't surprise me. But the players and monk have to take responsibility for dropping 2 big points tonight Massive point my white welsh a$$
  3. Winning for 70 minutes against a average at best side Terrible sub's Give me strength
  4. Missed a good un Big Brenda brought her nipple clamps Tiny tony and moist Mary made a appearance too
  5. It was the midget party down at LA chambre ,he was spotted there by big brenda ,that explains his special leave
  6. I for one think it's a bargain to watch Blackburn vs Wednesday in the 2nd division at the price plus extra £100 for travel and beer You can watch barca ,get flights and some beer for same price But who wants to watch Messi and Suarez when you can watch Nuhiu and Danny Graham
  7. Are we gonna for a record for most threads with the same subject Gets well boring
  8. Its a OK start ,I'm not gonna start singing from the roof tops yet Still not convinced with performances Middlesbrough aside ,have we played a solid 90 minutes yet These players need to step up more 80% effort won't get us where we wanna be
  9. LB,CAM and ST Young premier players who wanna prove themselves No way would I want Gayle here Just another premier failure whose paid millions for doing very little
  10. Hopefully this is the end of the Carlos era and bullen moves on Nice bloke but we need a freshen up from managers to players Good place to start
  11. Just let them both win and they get automatically through the first round of the next game Only saying this cus I didn't win
  12. 3 clear front runners for player of season so far All free transfers BTW thanks Colin for Harris
  13. Ye I'm having problems Its working and making me watch it
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