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  1. WelshOwl74

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    cant remember exactly but the ref for the loovens one didn't get a clear view .the ref yesterday was 5 yards away . kompany gets sent off yesterday and it could be a different result. don't know if you watched the interview with Joe hart yesterday but he said the linesman apologized for the balls up with the second goal .that will be that then brushed under the carpet.guaranteed if it was against man city or man u it would be back of every paper and headline news on sky sports news. the lines man and offically should be fined,made to take a training course and demoted to lower league . guaranteed they'll be back at a premier league game next weekend the FA need to grow a set and start punishing officials.far to much money involved these days and decisions like yesterday can cost managers there jobs
  2. WelshOwl74

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    well spotted ,didnt watch either world cup
  3. WelshOwl74

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    that kompany 'tackle' in first few minutes was disgusting. ref totally bottled it CUs man city where the home team and bigger club .
  4. WelshOwl74

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    this years world cup tells you the standard of British refs .not one was officiating in France that second goal for man city yesterday was embarrassingly bad from the ref and linesman
  5. WelshOwl74

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson 5 no fault for either goal Palmer 5 nothing special Hector 6 calmest player in our defence ,the leader Lees 0. Embarrassing performance and not the first this season ,needs dropping Thorniley 4 mistake for first goal Penney 3. Worst game he's played ,gave ball away a dozen times in first 20 minutes Reach 6. Another goal and hit cross bar Bannan 6. Everything goes through him joey 5. Few decent tackles Fletcher 4. Few good touches ,nothing spectactular Joao 3. Ran like he was walking on mud
  6. Doesn't matter if DC is a billionaire ,ffp won't allow us to spend that
  7. would cost over 15 million for that ,we simply don't have that
  8. WelshOwl74

    Lees why...

    I bet anyone 10£ that the Michael Jackson statue Fulham had has been more vocal than lees has on the pitch this season I'd have Stephen hawking as captain over lees and he's been brown bread 6 months
  9. WelshOwl74

    Lees why...

    If lees was captain of titanic when it hit the iceberg he'd have been to scared to say anything and just hid in his cabin I've heard more noise from a graveyard
  10. Blame Dawson and Jos every other tool on here does
  11. WelshOwl74

    Lees why...

    Fixed it
  12. Well done 'captain' tom lees,cost us a point
  13. Does tom lees ever talk to his team mates during a game,has the passion and leadership of a wet sponge
  14. Yet we was 6th before tonight,jos's tactics got us there.if your gonna talk b011ocks at least come with a reliable arguement
  15. Another reason lees needs dropping ,useless this season