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  1. mourinho is outta work Get Carlos to put a word in for us Him and José been mates for years
  2. Couldn't agree more Was a disaster start to finish
  3. Barnsley westbrom and Norwich 3 games I can think where bannan wasn't involved and we dominated the lot Half decent player but he is so slow it makes my eyes bleed
  4. Have you seen any of the last 3 games ? I've been to the 2 away and watched Luton on the box ,the performances have been diabolical bar 10 minute spells If we are struggling against the unfancied teams in this league then we are gonna get hammered against the better teams in this league This team has more than enough quality to be challenging for top 6 but with bullen at the helm we will be struggling to make top 12 Open your eyes
  5. Bullen nice bloke but ain't a manager DC down to you now
  6. I've started wearing LA chambre branded thongs Not just the games that have been tight recently
  7. With jos taking penny onloan this is a great opportunity for us to take advantage and send the youngsters on loan over there
  8. Wasn't loovens one of the few players who lived in Sheffield when he was at Wednesday, wonder if he still lives in Sheffield now
  9. Hope Andy phones up tonight This show needs some spice adding it at
  10. Leeds united died when they went into administration ,the new Leeds have zero history They try and think in their weird little heads that man u are a big rival,I know a lot of man u fans and Leeds are as big as a rival to them as Burnley are. Sky will rim Leeds til the day I die but other than the city of Leeds and half of Barnsley who gives a flying f#ck about them
  11. Having my mum suffer from a stroke ,its a life changing experience Wouldn't wish it on anyone Rip fella
  12. Can't believe saying this but I'd start nuhiu Don't rate him at all but fletcher needs a rest Preston are a better version of Millwall ,needs a big man up top with Harris and Murphy doing the damage on the wings Bring fletch on 60 minutes either for nuhiu if we are winning If we are chasing bring fletcher on and make it a 4-4-2 formation
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