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  1. WelshOwl74

    DO we trust the players

    they do let us down and the best thing is the players dont even care
  2. WelshOwl74

    DO we trust the players

    SWfc vs reading 0-0 Pigs vs Reading 2-0 up after 16 minutes
  3. To get a result against the pigs Let's be realistic its only thing we've got left of this season
  4. No worries Rotherham are a decent side gotta laugh cus the players dont give a fuckk
  5. Still find it baffling people continue to stick up for these sh!t players ,think they give a flying when they look at bank balance,id shiplot out and getting youngsters hungry for success
  6. Have hull played relegation fodder last 5 fixtures ,6 points from 15 is terrible
  7. Easiest set of fixtures you could ask for from the championship and we make it look like we're playing man city haha
  8. expect p.o.t.d to get raised and membership to go up again if you aren't a season ticket holder you should pay more
  9. WelshOwl74

    Streams for tomorrow

    vipbox is poo ,works one week then fack all week after
  10. WelshOwl74

    13yrs Today

    remember coming back from the game and seeing police and ambulance no one should go to a match and not go home
  11. WelshOwl74

    Over paid and under performing

    all lot can leave for me you never achieve anything in this league with a losers mentality. alot of our players are losers not winners
  12. WelshOwl74


    wait for a reaction from these players since the Huddersfield fizz-up..still waiting