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  1. Attention seeking hahaah Your the biggest attention seeking poster on here Monks amazing blah blah blah Alonso has money and will be back to buy the club blah blah You chat that much poo I'm surprised you can taste your food Whys this called a forum ,don't agree with all knowledgeable Neil then your wrong
  2. The Moore effect That's another reserve team whose battered us Preseason or not Its really pathetic
  3. I gave my parrot a cracker the other day. Not sure it suited the paper hat though.
  4. Could be embarrassing this Hopefully we keep it a respectable score that even barnsley fans can count the score on one hand 7 -3
  5. They would if Sally had anything to do with it Reach ran the most in the last 3 seasons
  6. Think it just shows that they aren't as good as people said they are Personally hope Reach doesn't get a club His attitude stank the place out
  7. We've had enough Bolas at Wednesday to last a lifetime
  8. You do know everything dc said at that forum should be taken with a pinch of salt Your probably correct on him not having the original thinking of the selling of the stadium
  9. As I stated with the bit you've choose to ignore (classic neil) He was punished for not confirming the sale before deadline ,not selling the stadium
  10. I like that fact that Chansiri saw a loophole and exploited it Other clubs moaning,f#ck um Gibson wasn't complaining when he was getting failure payments or we was giving him 10 million for Reach and Rhodes He's just annoyed he didn't think of it What annoys me is that Chansiri didn't meet the deadline I mean If your going to exploit 'cheat' at least do it right ffs
  11. Great player bannan Ignore the fact he was kicked out of villa and Palace Achieved square route of f#ck all and we've got a fantastic player on our hands Worth every penny he gets ,in fact we are getting him for a bargain
  12. People can say it's a great achievement but Germany aside who did we beat to get to the final? The team we had should have done way better Gorgeous gaz is just a serial bottler Come up against a good team and he is clueless Netherlands In the nations league Belgium twice in the world cup Italy tonight All end in defeat Why would you let 2 players take a crucial penalty who haven't touched the ball In anger all tournament Rashfords penalty was a disgrace
  13. Rashford wants hanging for that penalty This is a guy whose played in the champions league, Europe league and over 150 league games Awful penalty
  14. One of the best keepers In the Premier league now He was very young for a keeper when he was with us Shows Stuart Gray had a eye for future talent tho
  15. Learnt that Darren Moore is capable of winning a football match Let's see how we do against professional footballers Not bad start beating a 6th tier team and losing to celtics reserves
  16. Di was a great player but Wednesdays best ever ,no way Roland gets in everybodies greatest 11 (if you saw him play) There for hard to argue against that he is Wednesday's best ever player
  17. You know what I bloody sick of this club been dragged through the mud because of our useless leader He was the one who cheated He was the one who didn't pay players He is one who overspent on dross Punish Him Heavily fine him Ban him from football But ffs leave my club alone Haven't fans suffered enough for the last 18 months ,without the prospect of ANOTHER points penalty for some absolute dickh3ad5 I'm tired of it F#ck off chansiri and F#ck off EFL
  18. Keep paying it ,dc will love you If your happy paying 20£ to watch league 1 football ,good for you But your been taking for a right mug by our glorious chairman
  19. There's only 4 teams in the Championship who have higher tickets than us So yes I stand by my statement, they are a rip off
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