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  1. Why should celtic and Rangers get a chance in premier league? Let's invite Aberdeen and Motherwell too Only teams that should be replacing them are this seasons top 6 in the championship or whoever are the top 6 are when the big to55ers p155 off
  2. The players will be quids in, they won't care Majority of players couldnt care less about playing for their country
  3. Giving Carlos the 3rd season and not selling 'the stars' that summer was the start We needed to freshen things up and could have done so, making millions from player sales Unfortunately we gave Carlos another half of a season and kept the failing players on and rewarding them with silly wages that no other club would pay. It's still laughable that we are still relying on some of the same players now and some fans want to give them new contracts to get us out of the mess they've put us in
  4. Dc hasn't even started with messing this club up This is just the first f#ck up We'll be in league 2 before we see the championship again And still he and stuffing ball will not take any of the blame
  5. Anyone else misses it they would be thread after thread slating the player But golden boy misses it 'na, it happens'
  6. Joey was very good I'm saying this now before the ar5eholes come on and blame him for the goal conceded even tho the foul was in THEIR HALF Bannan's **** penalty cost us the points today but the fan club won't have it
  7. Ah knew it be joeys fault, the foul was in their half Not lord bannan with his pathetic penalty Wednesday fans are the brain dead idiots
  8. But Wednesday fans say he is rubbish and a league 2 player
  9. Keep seeing win the next 2 We've won 11 in 41 league matches This lot ain't got the stomach or bottle to achieve that
  10. Hope Rotherham win Rather Coventry get relegated with us than Rotherham
  11. He's said alot of things that turn out to be a load of rubbish
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