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  1. Anyone else? Didn't watch the game Quick browse of the BBC website to see the score Laughed and got on with the rest of the evening I can't bring myself to get angry anymore Thankyou DC, stuffing man, monk, Carlos, jos, Bruce and the overpayed 5h1t for the last 5 years You've done a grand job
  2. That's what 40 million and a transfer embargo gets ya Some league 1 teams could field a better team
  3. This is how many teams have bid for you this summer because your so good
  4. 1) Reach tackles someone 2)Bannan takes a good freekick 3)joey scores a hattrick against Middlesbrough
  5. Part of a defence that's conceded 56 goals in 41 games That's more than Middlesbrough and charlton Wouldn't exactly say its been a successful debut season
  6. Prince Andrew broke more sweat than Adam Reach did today
  7. We as a team are currently on the verge of getting relegated He is responsible just like everyone else who claims to be a talented footballer
  8. You do know there is zero fans at the ground to effect his performance That excuse doesn't wash anymore The 'out of form' has lasted 2 seasons
  9. Average players make terrible mistakes Who'd have thought it
  10. Time to get rid Offers absolutely nothing Sell for a couple million and move on
  11. No one would be talking about this greedy [email protected] if his surname wasn't hirst The lad has less than 30 professional appearances at 21 years old Move on
  12. Goalkeeper, lb, cb, rb, cm, attacking midfielder and 3 strikers Westwood, Reach,lees, Rhodes and moses need selling /loaning out Nuhiu needs moving on Prefer a new manager too
  13. For the wages he'd want, we could get 2/3 players in who we could develop and make a decent profit from We ain't getting that with wickham and he ain't gonna develop further imo
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