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  1. I'm angry when a manager plays a wingback at cb when a perfectly suitable cb is sat on the bench Wasn't that long ago monk said moses was not his plans Square pegs in round holes Makes zero sense, so yes I'm angry
  2. Injuries don't stop defensive responsibility It thought Lees was easy to get past til I saw moses The blokes a car crash He started sprouting **** on tw@tter about how fans negativaty in the stadium was causing him and his teammates performances to suffer Well no fans for 6 months and his performances continue to be well below average, so what's the excuse now? Face it, he is a very average defender who has no place in this team never mind playing cb, a position he has never played Monk and moses have to take responsibility for his car crash eff
  3. Still find it madness that moses has a promotion from this league on his cv The blokes a utter disaster And the fact monk thought it was clever idea to play a wingback at cb sums up Monk
  4. Can't remember any of these threads when sky was t055ing Carlos off every week Fans on here was lapping it up
  5. We've been sussed out but Monk's clueless to change it With his record here he should be going it But his plan is to go one nil up then bore the opposition to sleep Go a goal behind and he has zero idea how to turn it around
  6. Bannan a 8 hahaha Nice to see Brentford fans on the site tonight He played great for his new team
  7. Don't bite mate People like him and the owner of this site actually think we celebrate Wednesday losing and been a car crash Question the 5h1t manager and your a Blade
  8. More concerned how our team was in no man's land First no one with 20 yards of the playing having the first poo then second our defender on the far left walking forward to keep the goalscorer onside Awful goal to concede all round The second was just as comical A makeshift cb marking their best player
  9. Tactal influence init Won't get better subs than Rhodes and joey in this league
  10. It's more chance of been excuses than getting 9 points that's for sure
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