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  1. If it gets bullen out the door I'm all for it
  2. The fact is we Had 2 wins in 22 games Under any other chairman monk have been given the boot
  3. He was OK Weren't as good as wade small tho
  4. 8 Heard they have the nickname 'the Barnsley hand'
  5. If it marks the end of Lees I'm all for it Still a decent age and will be cheap
  6. I'd swap him over Harris and reach right now Harris was above average for 10 games then showed why warnock got rid Reach is biggest pancy I've ever seen at the club and needs shipping out Ince on one wing Get murphy back on other Not the best but definitely cause a bigger threat than the two average players we have now
  7. All the football headlines for the last month is about clubs getting punished for spending These useless bodies would soon change their minds if chairman stopped investing and refuse to play fixtures I'd love it if all championship teams refused to start the season What would billy big balls EFL do then
  8. Gotta have been offered good money Why else would you wanna live in stoke
  9. The American leagues are terrible standard of football Just a money pen for past it stars Bradley Wrightphillips was record scorer FFS Championship is a total different league, not sure if he could make the step up I'd take a risk on very low wages
  10. Why does anyone care about fletcher or them IRA supporting w*nkers up north FFS why do we need a update everytime a ex Wednesday player or manager does something Move on
  11. Was shocked when we released him Thought he still had plenty to offer dispite his Injury record Unbelievable that he ended up in the conference just a few years later His record is better than half the mugs who call themselves strikers I'd fancy reda to outscore Rhodes now
  12. That tweet is best bit of defence moses has done all season
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