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  1. More like he wanted premiership/top end championship wages Wednesday refused/couldn't afford them So he waited til he got that offer, which never came and ended up signing up anyway
  2. Beckham and neville at the same club Least the miami fans will fall asleep easy Can't be a more boring man on this planet than David
  3. Any manager who has the spending power of man City and signs Craig Bellamy and Roque Santa Cruz deserves jail time never mind another job in football
  4. Big game today for them and for us Draw would be perfect result imo
  5. Was we f#ck 15 years out of Premier league Bigger than some clubs in the championship and league 1 But you need to get your head out of your ar53 if you think we are a big club We haven't been close to been big for 50 years except for a couple of years back in the early 90s
  6. We'd be lucky to have Paul Cook is the most stupid thing I've heard since that idiot monk suggested reach was a striker
  7. Wednesday fans want a manager with personality, calls us massive and strokes their ego Dances about on the touchline, kisses the badge and smiles 24/7 Brings the fan base together
  8. We'd be lucky to have Paul 'little club' cook F##k me might as well close the doors now with that attitude
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