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  1. Aye mate, collect at depreston ticket office.
  2. Got this glow in dark keyring, its that greeny/white glow in the dark plastic you used to get. spooky.
  3. I can't make out many of these, the numbers on the shirt do help mind!
  4. Nah mate just your average sized bog. While we're talking bogs here my bog at work, wallpapered in old copies of the Green 'Un. Its a pleasure to shutting at work, always summert decent to read!
  5. My downstairs sh1tter is a shrine to all things Wednesday.
  6. Just been informed the lads got an football tournament next week so I've got 1 adult & 1 concession ticket going spare. If anyone wants them drop us a message before 12 & I'll see you later at Bolton UTO
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