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  1. Yeah massive Wednesday fan, knew his stuff, we had chat about the great Wednesday sides of the early 90's & other general Sheffield stuff. Top bloke I recall.
  2. Got chatting to a lad in a hotel bar in Mumbai as I noticed his Sheffield accent. Dead nice kid he was over doing a night at a comedy club & he sorted us tickets. Tom Wrigglesworth he was called, funny as fuçk. Slipped a WAWAW into his act. It was the day Man City pipped Man Utd to the prem as I remeber getting texts from a few Manc pals, so a few years back. pretty boring story that, soz!
  3. If he does build a new ground he could build something a bit Brutalist & Kelvin Flatsy, just so I'm happy. Something like this one in Macedonia (based on Elland Rd apparently)
  4. I always liked the Le Corbusier Brutalism of Kelvin Flats, & I love what's under the 'frightened owl sniffing a bumhole' banner on the Lepp. They might even be listed now if they were still up, like Park Hill, who knows. Suppose we've just got different tastes mate.
  5. Had character Now it’s just a bit embarrassing really It’s just a massive Elastoplast
  6. Lepp looked loads better before we put that daft banner up with the frightened owl. Looked properly school football ground, now looks a bit like some entrance to a crappy funfair or summat, a frightened owl themed funfair. Which to be fair is pretty apt, apart from the 'fun' bit obviously.
  7. Public beheadings, hands being cut off, stonings for adultery etc, etc, etc to one side..... On to more serious issues.... Amanda is easier on the eye than Mike.
  8. I love Chris Waddle. I really really love him. He’s the best human being on earth.
  9. If he was Kyle Walker his next tweet would be to some Cheshire brass house.
  10. John, Paul, George & Ringo. & Mick & Keef, or is it Roger & Pete?
  11. Paul, George, John & Ringo. & Mick & Keith. or is it Roger & Pete?
  12. Not strictly a Sheffield Wednesday random photo. But something to do with the kids while were in lockdown. Courtesy of Just Another Wednesday, August 1991.
  13. 70 odd minutes is late-ish Didn't really get battered just never had a crack at it for some bizarre reason. Ah well mate, either way its the goal I'd like to have chalked off.
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