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  1. I currently have a ST on the North stand in area Q1 and I want to buy next years ST but in a different place, I want to move down the other end of the North stand where the atmosphere is. Can someone tell me the best areas to sit for the best atmosphere? I am looking at block S and S1, is that where they sing? About half way up or near the front/back? Not looking to sit with trouble makers. Thanks for any info
  2. When are the multi year ST's available to apply for? When I go to purchase a ST the only option is for next season? Thanks
  3. MattOwl34

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Is there a stream today do we know?
  4. Well that was a hairy 15 minutes but we did it! Well done Wednesday!!!
  5. I am from Essex and moved to Sheffield a year ago and now have a ST on the North Stand (first ST of many), really enjoying it! My Dad took me to my first ever game when I was about 15 or so, it was away at West Ham and we lost 5-1, I think it was in 1999 - I have been a fan ever since. Before moving here I would only go to 3-5 away games per year and 1 or 2 home games, now I will be going to all home games and hopefully still 3-5 away games. Sheffield Wednesday fans have always been good to me, always meet nice people at games, thats one of the main reasons I moved to Sheffield - the people and the club.
  6. MattOwl34

    Keeper Situation

    We have 3 excellent keepers, I feel safe with any of them in goal. He makes some great saves here:
  7. MattOwl34

    Mobile Data / WiFi in the ground

    I am on o2 and sit on the North and never get a signal, it's like it shuts off as soon as I get into the stand
  8. MattOwl34

    Brentford £10 on ifollow

    Thanks for that info, I'm in! I have a season ticket on the North and only go to 2/3 away games per year as a treat. Ticket for the game, travel and food is easily over £50. I can stay at home today, eat my sunday dinner and watch the game for £10. Brilliant! I think it is a fair price, I would pay £10 per away game to watch it on ifollow.
  9. MattOwl34

    Yellow bikes on Bramall Lane

    I just got back from the pub on west street, it already is carnage out there. Game hasn't even started yet
  10. Hey thanks for that It worked for me too! Now I don't have to watch it in the pub and can watch it at home with beer and avoid the chaos of town after the game