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  1. Thanks, I am in Sheffield lol, is there going to be a stream do you think if they are showing it abroad?
  2. Is it possible to pay the usual £10 like last season and watch the match live on Ifollow? Thanks Matt
  3. These posts are so silly. So many things have to be alined for a transfer to go through.
  4. No, because Sheffield Wednesday are/is a "brand", a 150 year old brand. Changing from a PLC to an LTD is just a change in the set up. The only thing that is 29 years old is the Companies House LTD file for us.
  5. We are only 6 points off 5th if scores stay the same, and Boro have Villa and Norwich next. Maybe 2 places up for grabs still.
  6. Is there a free stream somewhere? Not the wet kind
  7. This even needs a vote? It is even up for discussion?
  8. I currently have a ST on the North stand in area Q1 and I want to buy next years ST but in a different place, I want to move down the other end of the North stand where the atmosphere is. Can someone tell me the best areas to sit for the best atmosphere? I am looking at block S and S1, is that where they sing? About half way up or near the front/back? Not looking to sit with trouble makers. Thanks for any info
  9. When are the multi year ST's available to apply for? When I go to purchase a ST the only option is for next season? Thanks
  10. Well that was a hairy 15 minutes but we did it! Well done Wednesday!!!
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