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  1. No it doesn't. Don't be sore because my Megson thread was so popular. Stop making it personal, and enjoy your evening.
  2. Yup Loovens was past it and didnt play much and we therefore struggled in defense, how hard is that to understand?
  3. I never wrote that, you've drunk too much. I commented on his influence since he has been at the club. I acknowledged he was past it last season, and thats why Lees struggled. Sober up some and re-read what I posted in this thread.
  4. So you have given up with stats when it comes to Loovens and seasons he wasnt past it (2015-2016/2016-2017). I guess because it doesnt support your argument.
  5. As I said, he played so few games last season his personal stats mean nothing. The previous seasons when he played, and had more influence, we did alot better, in terms of clean sheets and win to loss ratio etc.
  6. Yup he didn't play many games for us last season, hence why we did so badly. When he did play more, we did better: the two play off seasons. His influence as captain wasn't represented in his personal stats.
  7. It was starting to become obvious in the 2-4 derby, when him and van aken got run ragged. Its clear now how important Loovens was to our club and defense.
  8. That may be the issue though, we play to a style that relies on him playing a 'magic' through ball or long pass. Some physical midfielders with pace, running the ball more, maybe the answer. Most of our players end up losing the ball when playing triangles with Bannan. If we cant afford more players who can pass upto Bannan's standard, maybe its time to revert to a physical hoofball style of play, where Bannan isnt required.
  9. Has anyone else thought he was disappointing. Boro: went missing totally, bullied on the ball, generally ineffective QPR and Brum: Made quite a few passing errors in important defensive positions. Poor attacking play. Didn't make many tackles. In some games he looks majestic, but I begin to wonder if he is the answer. Since we've had him in central midfield we've been defensive and ponderous. Maybe its time to cash in, and get some central midfielders with more of a physical pretense, with pace, who beat a man and contribute more goals.
  10. Yup, the grass isnt always greener -- England realised that with foreign coaches -- about time we looked closer to home, and more are accepting of that.
  11. Agreed tho, I cant see Chansiri hiring him. Chansiri reminds me of the FA, appointing yes men over talent, maybe its a cultural thing, as Thai's don't like 'losing face' and are not confrontational.
  12. He was referring to the stadium, and lets be honest, he is 100% correct. Megson was WBA assistant and has visited all the Premier league stadiums. Its what I like about Megson, he knows what Wednesday fans like, blunt honesty. I think we are all fed up to the back teeth of the last two managers never giving a straight answer to simple questions.
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