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  1. Yup. Almost every time I mentioned Graham Potter in threads it ends up being a meme fest. But I agree with OP. The best young English manager out there. Ridiculous success. Knows how to build something.
  2. Those wanting Carlos out

    I will take any, albeit small, justification, wherever I can get it!
  3. Megson really wasn't all that

    Had a brain fart while I was writing it, mixed up Charlton and MK Dons
  4. Megson really wasn't all that

    Yeah I could see him as a number two, but there would be a risk of personalities clashing i guess
  5. Yeah yeah yeah, I can hear the knees jerking already but he really was not a great manager for us. Some of the arguments for: He had a great win percentage. Yup, In modern times (i.e post 1980) he has the third highest win percentage of any Wednesday manager. 43.55% after 63 games. BUT he should have, we were in league one; yeah it wasn't a vintage Wednesday squad but, again - LEAGUE ONE. He was unfairly dismissed after the derby game: Yup, we beat the Blades 1-0. BUT that season we had gone from being above them for most of the season, up until at least the start of February, to being 5 points behind them at the start of March, all while Franchise FC were walking the league. We had lost (I believe) 4 on the bounce up to the derby, and after UTD won their game in hand they were back to being 5 points above us. It was only the Ched Evans affair that caused them to stutter. Jones came in and did a functional job while UTD unravelled. But let's be clear, It wasn't Megson who set the groundwork for promotion, he had thrown it away Carlos, for his good points and bad (and personally I have come round to wanting a change) is sandwiched firmly between Big Ron (first spell) and Trev Francis with a win percentage of 41.51, albeit with more money, and shoudl aguably be more. If we get rid of Carlos, fine, but let's not hark back to a man who almost killed our hopes of getting out of League One. The quality of football on display that season stank at times and all. I mean we lost away to Exeter...and they were really flipping bad Ok, i'm done. Please form an orderly line to slag me off
  6. Okay, so, who next?

    Considering his record at this level and with the types of players we have. Big Sam all day. However if we want a punt how about a young English manager, three league promotions, a cup win, and got Uefa qualification. All for a tiny side. Granted it's in Sweden but Graham Potter could be interesting.
  7. Those wanting Carlos out

    "Oy Mandy Dingle, tell Potter we're off.."
  8. Those wanting Carlos out

    OK, hear me out. Yea Managers like Big Mick have experience getting out of this division, but if we were going to take a punt...... Graham Potter. If you said "who?" that's fair enough. He has had one job. Östersunds FK . Since 2010 he has taken them from the 4th tier of Swedish football to the 1st, and Europa league football. With the Swedish cup en route. Not glamorous, but highly thought of, totally under the radar. yeah I know the Swedish league ain't all that, but that is one hell of a record

    For those that think Pards has a proven record and can get us up. I guess he has got out of this division twice. the last time 12 years ago, in a play off final. so, thats a no from me :)
  10. Oh ok, glad you know something i dont
  11. Sorry, just wasnt sure the compensation issue had been addressed, at least not where i saw it. Really glad this was my first ever post on here. thanks for the welcome
  12. If I am way off the mark here, feel free to let me know. My question is, if young Hirsty doesn't sign a contract and walks, we would get compensation decided by the PFCC. Surely we are more likely to get more money if he is a player who is actually playing first team football somewhere? If he went on loan for the last year of his contract and banged in 30 goals in a lower league, or stayed as a squad player and got a few goals from the bench, both of these would mean we get more money? Yeah we have loads of strikers, but surely he is a better shout for the bench than Joao?