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  1. Just remembering how much I loved Whelan when he was ours
  2. Wallace needs to come off before he is sent off
  3. It's weird listening to Alexi Lallas on this fox stream calling him Big Dave
  4. Looking good so far. Big Dave needs to be in the box a bit more but hey. Thank god for streams
  5. About our survival? short term, as in relegation...a little Long term? nah, things have been much much much worse
  6. Carlos not the problem?

    Carlos, from looking at his entire career, seems to be an excellent "one or two season " coach. Great at lifting spirits, motivating, bringing in something new. However, as has been proven, just has no idea how to build a squad long-term, Maybe he will do it at Swansea. but has not done it yet, anywhere he has been
  7. Living abroad makes it easier to stream football.illegaly.. If I wanted to of course
  8. George Hirst

    Well now he is never going to sign a new contract, should we offer him more, just to bump up the price later.
  9. Early Team News

    Isn't he supposed to be negotiating brexit?
  10. VAR - keep out the nerds.

    Oh yes, thats what i meant, the screen the video ref sees should be visible to all (yup, thats how it works in the 6 nations anyway)
  11. VAR - keep out the nerds.

    Gonna play devil's advocate for a minute. It really works in rugby. Yeah it takes away some(and only some) of the instant celebrations, the tension it can add more than makes up for it. Imagine, for half a sec. World cup final, last minute. 1-0 up. Defending a lead, totally under the cosh. Ball pings into a packed box. Goes through the crowd, back of the net. Appeals for handball. Nobody had a clear view. Goes to video ref. for 30 seconds the word watches as the video is played forwards and backwards, slowly and fast, as many different angles as they have it. we think it's a handball, but not sure, yet, yet. there there, there it is. The video umpire gives the signal and millions of people exhale. that'd be alright
  12. Can’t believe I’m doing this...

    would you get the kop to perform 3 minutes of turgid generic dance pop though?