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  1. Huh. I went with friends, one Dutch, and my girlfriend, I remember overhearing some guy talking on a phone saying he smelt trouble, I didn't see anything
  2. What random re season game can you remember. For me I have nice memories sitting on the grass behind the goal in Groningen in (july? 2007?) . I think it was Brunteh's last pre season Anyone else there?
  3. MalagaOwl

    Simple chant for big Dave

    Sigh, the big Dave reference in the title was just a throw away line, mainly to avoid repetition, the man himself won't read it. As for the other comments, when about the actual chant, whether negative or positive, thanks. The slightly personal ones, what was the point?
  4. MalagaOwl

    Simple chant for big Dave

    and a good day to you too sir
  5. What are your thoughts on...? "Knowing me, Nuhiu.. AHA"
  6. MalagaOwl

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    all penalties?
  7. Malaga would be nice, for obvious reasons Better than the blades last year
  8. MalagaOwl

    Wes Hoolahan

    Not that loyal. I saw him play for Shelbourne back in the day when i lived in Dublin. If he was proper loyal he would still be in the Irish league. money grabbing journeyman
  9. MalagaOwl

    Players Songs

    How about "knowing me, Nuhiu, there is nothing you can't do?
  10. MalagaOwl

    Richard Hawley

    "someone call the police, Richard Hawley's been robbed"
  11. MalagaOwl

    Who will be SWFC manager next season?

    It will probably be Chansiri
  12. I'll tell you what he hasn't lost..games at Hillsborough
  13. MalagaOwl

    Lucas Joao

    Joao reminds me, the way he plays, the unpredictability, the ball stuck to his feet even though it seems ungainly, of a lower league Marcus Rashford
  14. MalagaOwl


    I always wanted Graham potter