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  1. Actually on this point, what ex Wednesday players have the best managerial record?
  2. Oh I agree one hundred percent, even though I don't think Lee should actually get the job full time
  3. Sol. Managed 30 games, not experienced enough for us Lee. Managed 10 games, get him in Just to make it clear, I am not advocating Sol
  4. It's almost like playing the best keeper in the league stops people scoring against us
  5. It's possible to renovate without moving. Look at molineux, yeah that was done in bits over a long period. But it's a great stadium that's retained its old feel
  6. Humphreys over those four games though. He was something else
  7. I used to live in Brighton and have a lot of Brighton fans as friends. There has been a feeling there over the last 9 months or so that he wasn't doing the best with his resources but was limited and holding them back a bit.
  8. To "don't you want me baby" Just sing his name. Right amount of syllables, and a Sheffield band
  9. I've been reading all the posts willing to wave him off...I just have this sneaky feeling he is about to have a killer season
  10. He uses Discord to communicate , like a chat app thing, get yourself a username on it and then ping me a pm and ill give you thr group deets. (i am going out in about 20 mins)
  11. All this talk about Mr C and all I can think of is this guy
  12. Back once again with the lennegade manager
  13. Waiting on the "MLS manager rumour thread"
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