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  1. Was it Dennis Wise pulling Carbone's shorts string or the other way round? Maybe 97
  2. After a Wednesday Newcastle game ,on the tram " In a town where I was born, Lived a man with a monkey's heed And how moved to Sunderland, And his name was Peter Reid Ohhh Peter Reid's got a f**king monkey's heed, a f**king monkey's heed. That's head in Geordie I was also a big fan of D-i-canio
  3. This is exactly when a club (I said a club..I know this club too well) would use it as an opportunity to rebuild. Someone like the Cowley's .... Three year plan. Year one rebuild and mid table. No pressure to go up
  4. Moved to a small town east of Malaga a few years ago. After about eight months I hadn't met a single English person who lived here. The first one I met ... An owl
  5. So the fans don't mix in pubs, concourses, packed toilet queues?
  6. Surely in this scenario the players are not the staff but the actual curry. Balti Bannon Keema Lee Etc
  7. Can't be arsed to scroll back as I'm in the pub. But Gordon Watson supersub
  8. I'm not really angry, just accepting that this team has reached the end of its cycle and we haven't refreshed it. I am more than happy to have a few years in the Championship, IF (and with DC this is a big IF) we aim for three years down the line. If we somehow miracled a promotion this year we would collapse under our own debt and weight a year or two down the line and it would be like 2001-2004 all over again. Every big earner nearing the end of a contract? Let them go. Anybody that has been around for more than three years in the first team? Let them go
  9. The punk song, by the Dead Kennedies, was a deliberate reference to the Nazis .it was claiming that the then California ( Pete something) governer was a fascist and used the old German anthem as s reference point.
  10. Yeah. If you had the money up front... You could end up either breaking even and taking five years or even, if we go up, having five years and making a profit
  11. So "in theory" you can sell it back at prem league prices and make a bunch of cash in the long term...
  12. Said it before but I think "Knowing me, Nuhiu...... A-Haaaaaa" would be a cracker
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