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  1. Sell everyone over twenty three. Like a low budget Logan's run
  2. fizz me that's weird. I grew up in Wolverhampton, around 91 got my first part time job, part time bar (i was 17) in the Whitmore Reans Conservative Club ( i was from a Marxist family living in one of the worst areas, it was just a job) . One of the guys who drank in there was very prod that his son in law was Tango. I had a run in with him once, he kept shouting at everyone to stand up, i had fizzed my back up. cue two people from Wolverhampton telling each other to fizz off, on the Kop. He has prowled about like he is Mr fuckig Wednesday, giving out poo to people over the years. If he was screaming "slag" and threatening violence to a 20 yr old female steward, then good, he can fizz off. It's not just a "gob full". It's someone of great physical stature and intimidating appearance (to some) making a young employee of Wednesday feel intimidated. And no, she shouldnt just toughen up, he shouldnt be such a bully.
  3. What happened when Bruce came with two of his own guys? When he left they went with, leaving massive gaps in the coaching staff. Bullen allows for stability
  4. As long as his agent is kept out of Hillsborough, There could be worse than Monk
  5. My memory might be pulling a fast one but I seem to recall that Shreeves was Jewell's assistant, got bumped up. Yorath was his assistant, then got bumped up.
  6. Actually on this point, what ex Wednesday players have the best managerial record?
  7. Oh I agree one hundred percent, even though I don't think Lee should actually get the job full time
  8. Sol. Managed 30 games, not experienced enough for us Lee. Managed 10 games, get him in Just to make it clear, I am not advocating Sol
  9. It's almost like playing the best keeper in the league stops people scoring against us
  10. It's possible to renovate without moving. Look at molineux, yeah that was done in bits over a long period. But it's a great stadium that's retained its old feel
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