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  1. It's easy. Pick a local band and one of their famous tunes. Like "don't you want me baby" And sing "We're all Wednesday aren't we We're all Wednesday ohhhohhhohh"
  2. From Wolverhampton, hated them as a kid but as I've grown older, away from there, I've developed a soft spot for them. Except for when they knocked us out the cup on penalties in the 90s. Other teams I keep an eye on Groningen Málaga Cork city Can't stand Stoke Leeds West ham
  3. That tune works for Man U as the Stone Roses are a Manc band. Need a Pulp or Arctic monkeys tune
  4. Just sing D. I. Canio or "walking in a waddle Wonderland" again. Give this lot something to aspire to
  5. I have never hated a player more than De Bilde.
  6. From Wolverhampton, couldn't wait to get out, so I never really "felt" the wolves. Went to a match, promotion season.. 91 I was 16 or 17. Wolves won (3-1? Or 3-2) but for some reason I was taken by them. Also, for some reason, my mates seemed to hate Wednesday, so, out of spite a marriage was made
  7. More clubs than Nick Faldo, but exactly what we needed. Two good loan signings today
  8. Personally though, I'm well happy about it.
  9. I would, but my mate was gutted when we got bannan. He loved him
  10. just chatting to a VIlla fan, "you are gonna hate him" "slow, lazy, laboured" "obviously talented" "doubt he will be in your team for the new year" i hope he is wrong
  11. We would let his contract expire and he would leave on a free
  12. In hindsight that seems fairly obvious. I Should have stuck to being on holiday.
  13. I probably missed a long thread on this, but on my hols so apologies. So we couldn't buy anyone. OK. Why didn't we loan a couple of players? Everyone else seems to
  14. oh i wasnt judging him, thats just what happened :) also, i was wearing my "bad back badge"
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