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  1. MalagaOwl

    Worst Signing Ever

    I have never hated a player more than De Bilde.
  2. From Wolverhampton, couldn't wait to get out, so I never really "felt" the wolves. Went to a match, promotion season.. 91 I was 16 or 17. Wolves won (3-1? Or 3-2) but for some reason I was taken by them. Also, for some reason, my mates seemed to hate Wednesday, so, out of spite a marriage was made
  3. MalagaOwl

    Hector Signs

    More clubs than Nick Faldo, but exactly what we needed. Two good loan signings today
  4. MalagaOwl


    Personally though, I'm well happy about it.
  5. MalagaOwl


    I would, but my mate was gutted when we got bannan. He loved him
  6. MalagaOwl


    just chatting to a VIlla fan, "you are gonna hate him" "slow, lazy, laboured" "obviously talented" "doubt he will be in your team for the new year" i hope he is wrong
  7. MalagaOwl

    Silent assassin

    We would let his contract expire and he would leave on a free
  8. MalagaOwl

    Where were the loans?

    In hindsight that seems fairly obvious. I Should have stuck to being on holiday.
  9. I probably missed a long thread on this, but on my hols so apologies. So we couldn't buy anyone. OK. Why didn't we loan a couple of players? Everyone else seems to
  10. MalagaOwl

    Fantastic from Tango

    oh i wasnt judging him, thats just what happened :) also, i was wearing my "bad back badge"
  11. MalagaOwl

    Fantastic from Tango

    He shouted at me to stand up once, on the Kop. I had a bad back. I told him to F off. I think we were the only two Wednesdayites from Wolverhampton as well
  12. Outside the local "irish" pub , with the 4 other English people in the small town where i live!
  13. Huh. I went with friends, one Dutch, and my girlfriend, I remember overhearing some guy talking on a phone saying he smelt trouble, I didn't see anything
  14. What random re season game can you remember. For me I have nice memories sitting on the grass behind the goal in Groningen in (july? 2007?) . I think it was Brunteh's last pre season Anyone else there?
  15. MalagaOwl

    Simple chant for big Dave

    Sigh, the big Dave reference in the title was just a throw away line, mainly to avoid repetition, the man himself won't read it. As for the other comments, when about the actual chant, whether negative or positive, thanks. The slightly personal ones, what was the point?