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  1. Watched Pigeon Detectives who as people say gave the ball a good kick. Watched 10 minutes of the Slow Readers which was more than enough. Then drove to Scunthorpe to see The K’S and The Estevans both excellent. It was great to go to gigs again
  2. I didn’t read it in the papers. Incidentally how much do you think he’s on?
  3. As others have said his strengths are outweighed by his weeknesses. Taking over 100k a month out of the club. And the ones who want to see him leave are labelled nutters.
  4. It’s a new one, well a remix anyway.
  5. You got it wrong mate. It’s Windass to Paterson to BARRY BANNAN who plays it back to Dunkley who plays it back to BARRY BANNAN, who plays a long diagonal ball into touch.
  6. Ok mate not my stats You keep pretending there’s only three or four posters who don’t rate Bannan.
  7. Sir Alex Ferguson signed Demba Ba Tottenham signed Andy Booth A top tier Turkish side want Joey
  8. Watch the video on YouTube. Either way still better stats than Bannan. Why does it bother you so much?
  9. I get flack on here because certain posters lose their minds if anyone dare criticise Bazza.
  10. Nobody touched Harris’ cross for Windass. Either way Harris has better chances converted stats than Bannan.
  11. I think he slows us down and often plays for himself. I have never doubted his technical ability despite what some think. He is very good in tight situations. But he likes to sit on the centre half’s toes and drop too deep. He plays a few short passes ( getting his stats up) and then looks for the glory pass after the opposition defence is set. This rarely comes off yet it’s our forward players who get the blame. We can move the ball quicker without him and often see our players frustrated when he demands the ball from them when they are about to move it forward quickly. On here that is interpreted as nobody else dare take responsibility. He is poor defensively, not very disciplined but quick to berate others when he lets his man run without tracking him. He does indeed need to be relieved from set piece duty but again his creative stats would take a big dip.
  12. But Harris provided better quality banjos and not as many.
  13. I’ve defeated far better than you in debates. Take it as a learning experience.
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