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  1. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Lets be honest here he wasn't that good yesterday. Took his goals well but lets face it his performance has been over exaggerated somewhat.
  2. Carlos 7 v Jos 7

    I bet you were gutted we won under Jos today.
  3. Nuhiu

    Thats the first league game we have won in which he has started for over 2 years. We have won more this season with Fletcher and Rhodes starting. FACT.
  4. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Double standards from the OP. Censorship not gonna happen on this thread I take it?
  5. Tom Lees

    I see him more as a Des Walker type, needs a leader/organiser alongside him.
  6. Nuhiu

    Done well today and deserves credit.
  7. Tom Lees

    Quality defender.
  8. Well done Jos Luhukay

    Well done Tasho
  9. Have you not seen our away kit?
  10. So the Chairman is rationing the loo roll now
  11. #OnThsDay - 25 Years Ago

    Ones either Pressman or an overweight Glenn Hoddle
  12. Barry Bannan back tomorrow night?

    Taking car and a full wallet. Car been playing up lately so full wallet so I can get back with Wednesdayite.