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  1. Maybe because FF was hid behind 2 defenders.
  2. He's too tall to fit through it unless he jumps.
  3. Does he play on the shoulder of the last defender?
  4. He definitely deserves a shot at it next season. Think the wheelings and dealings will be interesting.
  5. Okay Spiderman you've had your fun now get me off this web.
  6. Once went to a fancy dress party as an etch a sketch and got mugged on the way home. I was badly shaken up.
  7. https://uniquedshop.com/collections/bulb-replacement-projector/products/sheff-wednesday-home-projector-light
  8. True story, once killed my Hamster when I knocked a catalogue of armchair and poor Hammy was crushed. Sure it was Marshall Wards fault not mine though.
  9. Bit before my time. I do understand thought that he made a Catalogue of errors. Older fans will see what I did there.
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