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  1. Once you leave the house, eating on match days is for wimps.
  2. You're like one of them Liverpool or Man U fans who are from Worksop or Rovrum or somewhere who just doesn't really get the local rivalry thing.
  3. I'm a Wednesday fan who thinks a lot about Wednesday. I also want the other lot to fail miserably. Its what real Wednesday fans do.
  4. If you don't hate United are you even a Wednesday fan?
  5. Chansiri stated one of the reasons he sacked Pulis was that he didn’t trust him to have a transfer window. So let’s stop with the conspiracy theories.
  6. Is this Bazza spotting someone doing something wrong? He then quickly hotfoots it back to tell tales to the chairman.
  7. When Bazza plays it into touch it’s the other players fault?
  8. Is the bottom picture our player’s dragging him away from taking another corner?
  9. I don’t want Thompson full time but we have been better with him in charge. Against Middlesbrough in particular we were getting bodies in the box, Shaw especially. Before our striker was isolated.
  10. They are absolutely brilliant live. Like said earlier Arctic monkeys with a punk edge.
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