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  1. 21,000

    If crowds continue to dwindle no doubt ticket prices will be ramped up to make up the shortfall in lost revenue.
  2. How can anyone defend him?

    What about losing to the bottom team who every other team score for fun against?
  3. Nuhiu has to start

    His last 7 starts Won 0 Drew 2 Lost 5
  4. Every Wednesday fan I know wants Carlos sacked. Every blade I know is desparate for him to stay and Chansiri to leave.
  5. Has Finlux commented he's right yet?
  6. CC interview

    No doubt Daveyboy and his lapdog Markvillain don't.
  7. CC interview

    As we did Newcastle last season. What's your point?
  8. CC interview

    So they brought in a new Manager and now they are much improved.
  9. CC interview

    Agreed Cardiff and Ipswich finished just below us having spent nowt.
  10. CC interview

    It's Russian
  11. CC interview

    Emiliwanko thingy How can I compete with such wit?
  12. CC interview

    The only way is S6
  13. Joost van aken

    It's a no from me.