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  1. Is it too late to say I’m sorry.
  2. Tomorrow you need to swap the fork for a steak knife and the chop stick for a soup spoon.
  3. It’s not Carlton , he retired years ago, are you daft or summat? It’s his son Liam.
  4. If you play long ball you have to have midfielders who get up and win the second ball. We don’t have that. Wrong tactics for the players we have.
  5. It will be a left back/utility player from Scotland Monk could try as a striker.
  6. The real answer lies at Garry Monks door. He’s not very good. Despite bringing in his own players ( he has the final say, no matter what anyone tries to tell you) , he is still making the same mistakes as last season. This league is probably as weak and as open as it has been for years. The squad we jabbed is more than capable of a top half finish. Just because the players look baffled and confused by the tactics it doesn’t make them bad players.
  7. What happened to these players are hungry, the sum of the parts etc.Garry Monk is building his own team, togetherness, we have a super striker coach. Winning dressing room. I think it’s finally dawned on Monks staunchest supporters that he’s not up to the task. His desperate tactics are failing. So now there’s a lot of backtracking and new excuses getting churned out.
  8. Laughable . Then you make out Dawson deliberately didn’t narrow the angle or grab or smother the ball , thus allowing a shot because he knew someone would clear the ball off the line.
  9. He didn’t make a decision which is the problem. He froze like a deer in the headlights. Fortunately Flint got him out of jail.
  10. And the managers who played him had better results than the two that didn’t.
  11. This is one of those made up things on Owlstalk that others believe and repeat it as being true. I’m both surprised and disappointed in you.
  12. Yoda slippers are not cool. And you are not cool enough to wear Yoda slippers. That’s how not cool you are.
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