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  1. Current Feeling

    Very reminiscent of the Dave Jones ending
  2. Have you got your fingers crossed?
  3. You can hazard a guess at who voted for it being acceptable. Big Rons Sovereign, Daveyboy66, CoopSWFC76, Muffinman and Nev
  4. Couldn't we wish for a perfect owner?
  5. Paul Aldridge

    I'm calling Bullsh1t on this one
  6. Now he knows how I feel. He's been following me round like a bad smell.
  7. Do you think these will make General sale?
  8. Even Carlos says we're crap and still you can't admit it.
  9. Carlos had a dream #newlyrics

    Carlos had a mare Attack he wouldn't dare He makes excuses and gives officials some flack Excuses a plenty He screwed up a twenty Please Sheffield Wednesday give Carlos the sack
  10. Carlos Carvalhal IN ??

    Was hoping it would say Job Centre.
  11. Kieran Lee swan dive

    Big Rons Sovereign was at lane and he swears is was a penalty.
  12. Bolton vs SWFC “Highlights”

    Yes so stop trolling me grunter.