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  1. Come on now, you are in every man of the match thread campaigning for Bannan. But you never vote for him.
  2. @BIG Dis extremely ana1 with regards to all things Bannan. You will have to forgive him. Although in his defence he’s nowhere near as bad as @Mike Hunt, who you would think wouldn’t be with such a genius comedy username.
  3. So that’s 3 goals and a missed penalty. Worth every penny of his £27k a week
  4. Why was he having to do it? Was it cos Bazza was in no mans land again chasing around like an under 7?
  5. The blind spot comment is spot on but they call everyone else names. The Bazza fan club are weird.
  6. I think the same with you lot. Nothings ever Bazzas fault.
  7. How does anyone expect Bannan to score the penalty when he’s surrounded by dross.
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