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  1. Van Aken

    I don't think any player is perfect and sure he has made mistakes in previous games that have proved costly. That said I think tonight he has shown improvement tonight and has put in a decent performance. He is always going to have his critics because of the mistakes but credit where its due. There were players out there tonight having worse games than Van Aken
  2. Loovens

    I think he needs the match time too. I'm not saying Loovens is past it because on his day he is ok, but we need to think more long term and to improve and get used to this league Joost needs to be on the pitch. Sure he makes mistakes and at times looks a bit out of his depth but he has shown glimpses of potential. Let's be honest, whoever plays there is always going to be those of us who don't agree with the team choice or formation
  3. Loovens

    Obviously I'm new to this forum and don't post much but I love reading everyone's opinions and how quickly they change. General consensus was Joost is a liability and we need Loovens back. He returns and now he is criticised and is apparently past his best. The haters are gonna hate and so be it but Loovens is getting on a bit but he is still a decent defender and captain. Joost may make mistakes but hopefully in time he will get used to this league. If Loovens can help Joost then hopefully we have a decent player in the making.
  4. Having been to a few Heerenveen matches I think he looks to be a pretty decent signing. Championship football will be very different for him but I hope he shows what he is capable of.