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  1. Excessive use of irony in a Owlstalk thread will possibly lead to ridicule

    Sheffield, city of students

    I know a couple of students that came to university in Sheffield and loved the city so stayed on after their studies were finished. Both are season ticket holders with their kids so It is an opportunity to grow the support base. Unfortunately I feel the asian students ( of which there are thousands ) will not be interested in anything other than Premier league.
  3. Non league day on Saturday. Give your local Non league side a bit of support. Many have offers like letting you in for free on production of your SWFC season ticket. But please buy a half time draw ticket and a programme to at least contribute a bit to club funds. Me. I'm off to watch Frickley.

    Ryan Woods

    Nicknamed the 'Ginger Pirlo' at Brentford
  5. As a season ticket holder I would have thought that unless you normally can't get to a game but spend a fortune in the club shop there's no benefit from membership. If I wasn't a season ticket holder I'd probably just ignore the membership option and pay the extra £ 5 for Leeds and the blades. It's not as if we are selling out games on a regular basis is it ?
  6. Dearer than the old firm match ? I find that hard to believe.

    Programs would you miss them?

    Stopped buying every match years ago. Just buy one for the blunts matches, play offs, finals etc. And the last game of the season. Can see it happening but would be the end of an era.
  8. I used to have a 2005/6 away shirt signed by the squad for the Watford away game. Included Gabby Agbonlahor when he was on loan. Gave it away for a auction raising funds for Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice. Think it made £ 60.00 for a good cause.
  9. We should have beaten Watford the other year in their celebration game. Alas the referee bottled it in injury time. Still upset their day so it would be nice to do it to Wolves.

    Safe standing petition

    I've signed and would love to us back standing on the kop.
  11. In. Promotion achieved with the most boring attritional football every seen. And I would love it.
  12. Snodgrass Bamford isn't making a lot of friends either. TBF if fans dish it out you've got to laugh when players give some back.

    Tonight’s away following...

    Yeah and to get through the barriers you had to insert your ticket. And guess what, it didn't come out. It has been 'one of those days'

    Tonight’s away following...

    Anybody on the 10.18 Doncaster to Kings Cross is already entitled to a refund as some poor soul chucked themselves on the line at Hitchin and we were delayed two hours. I always feel sorry for the train drivers in these circumstances. Puts losing three points in perspective.
  15. Which it looks like it has already by the noises coming out of the club about FFP. Otherwise I can't see any reason for the club effectively mortgaging future ticket sales.