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  1. Edinburgh Owl, is Ibrox any better for a neutral visiting Glasgae? I've done about 80 English grounds with Wednesday plus both Dundee clubs, Berwick and Tynecastle ( brilliant) but always wondered about the Ugly sisters. Not a fan of either but just wondered.
  2. Blundell Park away end after it was seated. Ticket on the back row. Everyone standing up, I could just see the edge of the near penalty area. Qent and stood down the front, still rubbish.
  3. Needs to rest up and get well soon. Look after yer self boss.
  4. Plymouth and Portsmouth will both be Tuesday nites. See you there...
  5. Loads of clubs offer concessions to over 60's, Leeds, pigs, Rotherham and many local non-league clubs. Looking forward to my discussion with the Ticket office regarding my three year season deal where I'm rolling over last seasons ST when I was an adult into next year when I'm a concession. Expecting to be told to Foxtrot Oscar.
  6. Agree that season ticket prices and POTG prices all need to be reduced and simplified if we are relegated. But there are loads of us who have already stumped up for 3 or 5 year deals and I can't see Chansiri unravelling those and dishing out refunds when he's taken a £ 8m hit for getting relegated.
  7. Walking out of Bramall Lane after doing the derby double. Tudgay running back to our end. Goosebumps
  8. Government adviser saying that certain restrictions will probably come back into place next winter. No guarantee then that there will not be restrictions on gatherings, mask wearing etc. I'm not holding much hope for normality next season.
  9. Read quite a few, the Complete Record is great for dipping in and out of to confirm random memories. Owls In The Modern Era is the best read of the lot in my opinion. Really enlightening.
  10. Ask the staff at the club that'll get made redundant. It's a horrible league, the size of the club and support makes no difference. It took Leeds and the other lot ages to get out.
  11. Sorry, only popped in because I thought it was a thread about chocolate.
  12. If we keep up the league form we've had in 2021 then we should stay up. All the teams will have set backs.
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