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  1. Ooooh yes please. Could so some serious damage at this level.
  2. That's also an international weekend so nailed on we'll have some daft day and time.
  3. To be fairly most weren't that far out in their assessments.
  4. I'm on a three year deal from 19/20 and I'm a senior from 21/22 so similar. I've tried to see how my ticket credit is calculated and ( I think ) they will debit your ticket credit manually with a senior for next season at the new price. My ticket credit appears to be made up of my 20/21 credit plus my 21/22 credit. I think we don't have to do anything as we've already paid. Hope this helps.
  5. Deadline 28 June, folk want to get it sorted but accept that there is plenty of time.
  6. Yeah, good luck with that. Think I'll wait for a week and then if nothings happened go down to the ticket office and sort it out. Why does everything have to be so complicated?
  7. Anyone know whether those of us with multi season deals ( 3 years for me and wife ) need to log in and renew our seats for next season. We've both got loads more credit than I calculated so not sure what's going on.
  8. Anyone know if season ticket credit for multi year season ticket holders can be used for away tickets ?
  9. Not just the fee, the mental wages that went with it. Shame but we move on. £ for £ Jeffers was worse, it took everything we had and he never delivered or looked bothered.
  10. I believe Brentford let him go because of his injury record. I don't think giving him another contract sends out the right message to the fans. The same fans who will be on his back if he makes a mistake. Assuming we ever get back to Hillsborough.
  11. That lass thats doing the season ticket refunds from 19/20 gets a lot of 'feedback' Maybe Chansiri could consult her.....
  12. Hope that the poor lass that's doing the season ticket refunds from 19/20 isn't made redundant. There'll be even more unhappy fans if they have to wait much longer.
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