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  1. Izzy Brown on the first week under Tony Pulis Watch video here Izzy Brown on the first week under Tony Pulis
  2. Izzy Brown on the first week under Tony Pulis Watch video here Izzy Brown on the first week under Tony Pulis
  3. Fella I know has dealings with Jordan ans says he's a smashing bloke but just lost the hunger for the game. Happy with his lifestyle and family life. Is his contract up at the end of the season ? I heard that if either the club or Jordan wanted to extend it for another year then it would be on the same terms. Looks like he'll be warming the bench for a bit longer.
  4. As with everything SWFC I'm hoping for the best and expecting the worst. A bit like just before every kick off. At the end of the day Chansiri can do what he wants.....
  5. Not wrong to question what is going on. In any customer based environment communication with customers ( fans in this case ) is vital but I'm not expecting anything from the owner as from previous experience he doesn't see it like that.
  6. No joking I was coming away from Oakwell a few years back, we had parked on Pontefract Road but still had all around the houses to come away from the ground. Just got to the bottom of that hill and there was a bit of a skirmish and I got punched ON THE BACK OF MY HEAD ! Anyway I think it only hurt so much as the Dingle had six knuckles.
  7. He ought to go but I fear he's in to deep now.
  8. Seeing as negotiations between players and agents always seem to drag on and on, plus Chansiri having the final, final say we're likely to be starting the season with a wafer thin squad. Whatever league we're in. Absolute nightmare.
  9. Another two years of Season Ticket for me. Rumour is that grounds could be limited to 25% of capacity. So could be sold out with existing Season Ticket holders anyway.
  10. What chance with Option 8 now that the players haven't even been paid ?
  11. If everyone can let me have their mobile numbers I'll give you a call and take your card and bank details. I'll confirm the bulk details to the ticket office. Honest.
  12. Heard that he'd like a move to Belgium as his lass is working out there.
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