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  1. Did a quick Moore or Evans poll on Twitter. Small response of 24 but 65% wanted Moore over Evans. Twitter though.....
  2. Yer not wrong. A mate of mine, his father was with the band and was a rum 'un to say the least. Anyway, there were a lad he didn't get on with and this lad was doing a solo somewhere he turned round and set fire to his music sheet. Chaos ensued.
  3. Frickley v Hebburn Town for me. Frickley band playing at half time, should be a Christmas cracker.
  4. Nearly two years of waiting for Echo and the Bunnymen and the the Morecambe game rescheduled for the same night. My luck....FFS
  5. What email address did you use? I emailed ticketenquiries@swfc.co.uk this morning and no response or resolution.
  6. Yep, I'm getting the same with mine. Funny thing is I've renewed my wife's season ticket no problem.
  7. In the future Yorkshire CCC will be used as an object lesson in how not to deal with any type of staff, management allegations. Absolutely shambolic from day one. My conclusion, yep banged to rights, institutionally racist.
  8. Everyone wants success now, it's just how it is now. Loads of folk saying we need a change. But we've had seven managers since Dave Jones took us up, an average of fourteen months between changes. So sacking managers is only a change of face, especially if we panic after every twenty games, pressure mounts on social media etc, and the whole atmosphere at Hillsborough turns toxic and it's bullet time. A change would be backing a manager, having a bit of patience. The manager would need to have a clear structure for the club and be able to effectively communicate with the fans. Bit late for Moore sadly already.
  9. Trouble is big grounds, support and wage bills did nothing for Leeds, The Blades or Sunderland who all took four years to get out of this league. Maybe it's easier with less expectation and associated pressure.
  10. Stopped doing aways a few seasons back and filled my Saturdays with non-league. No more Sky time and date changes, no more daft prices, no SS stewarding. Atmosphere isn't the same, not worse just different. Plus it's nice to get up on a Saturday and just pick somewhere to go without the military planning that goes into aways these days. Financially its a winner as well, saw three games in a week recently. Total admission prices paid, under twenty quid. I'm lucky enough to have seen Wednesday on about 70 grounds so I've done my bit.
  11. Ooooh yes please. Could so some serious damage at this level.
  12. That's also an international weekend so nailed on we'll have some daft day and time.
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