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  1. Surely we should be trying to clear stock at a profit rather than make it deadstock by releasing a new shirt insanely early? How many other Championship clubs have their new shirt on sale?
  2. Elev8 make the kits not us, so do you know how much we buy the kits for from them? Also if memory serves me correctly, this years kit went on sale last summer, not crimbo?!
  3. So sell them for for what the club paid for them, break even and make no profit? Fizz FFP! Great Idea! Besides West Brom are shifting their stock because their next season's shirt is already on sale.
  4. you binned a £60 shirt after two wears? You must be minted, can you buy me a season ticket? I'll pay you back in instalments!
  5. With a match two days later, wouldn't be wise to have 100's of people trample all over the pitch maybe?
  6. I don’t think elev8 are going anywhere soon. The new coming soon elev8.co.uk
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