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  1. The single most important thing said on this thread.
  2. The suggestion was that the money from ELEV8 to SWFC was intangible. Last I heard HMRC are the authority over filed accounts, tax etc
  3. and you know this for gospel or just your opinion? I'm sure HMRC would have something to say about it
  4. What a load of nonsense.....elev8.co.uk....looks legit to me. Oh wait fake company....checks companies house....Oh wait it's there! It's this exact load of tosh that undermines the credibility of your argument
  5. elev8.co.uk is the only one I know of. Looks like sports clothing to me and has info about the company. Looks straightforward to me
  6. Why don’t you go on their website and look?
  7. Bristol Sport the brand under which the kits were made also supplied all of the sporting teams under their umbrella including Rugby, Basketball and Netball including replica so could probably level out the pricing across all sports.
  8. As far as I’m aware, ELEV8 are manufacturing the shirts
  9. Brought on by Warburton who favoured youth at Rangers but not rated by Caixinha (like that means anything). Decided to leave on a free to Hamburg to mixed reaction from Rangers fans.
  10. I'm agreeing with you, it was my perception that his dig at DC about late kit is because he owns elev8. You are correct late kit is commonplace across all football clubs, no exception.
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