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  1. Brought on by Warburton who favoured youth at Rangers but not rated by Caixinha (like that means anything). Decided to leave on a free to Hamburg to mixed reaction from Rangers fans.
  2. please could you DM me a recommendation?
  3. I'm agreeing with you, it was my perception that his dig at DC about late kit is because he owns elev8. You are correct late kit is commonplace across all football clubs, no exception.
  4. I think he was referring to elev8 but you're right though.
  5. Visa restrictions make this almost impossible for UK clubs. That's why there are none plying their trade here currently.
  6. I haven't made any claims, i merely asked the question....do keep up
  7. 1 - Don't care 2 - No evidence for your first sentence but you proved my point in your 3rd sentence, thank you 3 - Was never suggested that was the case 4 - We have a choice whether to be treated that way or not, buy or don't buy 5 - I know it's hot but put the beer down
  8. Unless you know the facts and figures to compare your point is moot. Provide evidence to support and I'll reconsider my opinion.
  9. All points taken out of context. Firstly to suggest that retail influences whether a fan will remain loyal to their club or not is ludicrous, we all know the football on offer decides that. Also my point about people returning to their club was around not having to compete with anyone offering the same product as you would with a bunch of retailers that sell similar products. The fact that people will return to their club is because it's their club and would indicate that their return to the club shop to collect socks at a later date would not be an issue. At no point have I suggested that the service levels don't matter. Looks to me like you're supporting your buddy as you seem to like all his posts and neg all those in opposition. Nice try!
  10. Do you know the sales figures for OITP compared to an in-store launch?
  11. Where did I say this? I actually said that while I'm sure these things are trying to be implemented, it takes time. I'm not Dave Allen, no! Strange question... Can you quantify the difference between a true fan and casual fan? I don't believe that any fan changes their support status because of the retail offering. Not sure where inferior money and support comes into it? You're just throwing out of context variables into your argument because it isn't strong enough. Don't forget this was an issue about the club asking fans to collect socks a few days later once they had been delivered, a relatively small issue on the face of things.
  12. you can't continue to labour a point that is out of context, declare people's opinions are wrong and then duck out! The retail side doesn't influence "floating voters" and potential supporters, the football side does. As for your point about loyalty, true fans don't go away because a retail offering is crap otherwise no-one would support 50% of EFL clubs and probably all of non league. I can't believe you're explaining this. Oh and btw if you are out of this thread, thanks for showing us what a fool you are, although your 372 (and growing) neg points already demonstrate that. Ta
  13. you don't get the point on the whole, this is the megastore not a chain of sports shops that will rely on improving the buyer's experience to compete against other retailers. There's not a footfall competition. You're not going to say I can't buy a Wednesday full kit so I'll get a Barnsley one instead as they have them in stock. People will return no matter what because it's their club. No doubt the club shop is trying to improve the experience but it takes time to implement change and even longer to change attitudes.
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