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  1. Doug Owlett

    New Kit

    New meaning to coming soon
  2. Doug Owlett

    New Kit

    I don’t think elev8 are going anywhere soon. The new coming soon elev8.co.uk
  3. What has his son got to do with it?
  4. Maybe go to one and then make your mind up?
  5. Never been to an old firm game then?
  6. Doug Owlett

    Josh Windass

    On the basis that he has pace, I would say he would improve us.
  7. Doug Owlett

    Josh Windass

    Not happening, Murty is a big fan of Windass. He'll be at the Gers until at least the end of the season
  8. Doug Owlett

    Andre Villas-Boas

    Quit his job in China to take part in the Dakar rally in South America until 20th Jan....so unlikely!
  9. Well that would depend if the club still owned the mark. If they do then it would most likely be trademark infringement. Copyright infringement usually refers to literary works.