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  1. Ff must have it in his contract to be injured every Xmas. He spends a few months on the med on his scooter then comes back when the seasons over to play in a few dead games. Nice work if you can get it Or Nice con if you can get away with it Ff. King of the grift.
  2. Remember when England played wednesday at Hillsborough for the Eric Taylor testimonial. England put an almost full team out that night. We lost 5-0. Me and dad sat in the Cantilever. Can't remember the year. Some time in the 70s maybe?
  3. Indeed so. And we got so much worse didn't we?
  4. I was at this match. Big Andy was a brilliant player. We just got him too late. Poor chap, missed an open goal at Highbury in the semi final against Brighton. I can still see it now. It was harder to miss than score. Prior to this, his partnership with TC was outstanding. TC weaved his wing magic and big Andy did the rest. He was a classic centre forward.
  5. As Robert Mitcham said. They build my gallows high. The owner has built his own gallows but unlike most, he's also built in an escape route.when he drops through the trap door he wont be left hanging around. His private jet will be fuelled and waiting. It's been waiting since they say he arrived These types have their escape planned before they even arrive That's how they get Rich and that's how they get richer
  6. Ask Peter Swan, bronco Lane and Tony kay They were the bookies best friends when playing for us.
  7. We have to play Rhodes tonight and see what he's got from the start. So far Rhodes has been a complete waste of time and money. He hasn't tried an inch. At Norwich he was the same. Rhodes hasn't started a league match for a year. Let's see what he's got If he reverts to type then it's goodbye. Just pay him and take away his squad number. But we have to give him a chance Then again I'd rather have an inept Rhodes than nuihi.
  8. Yes he's been brilliant but we need to dump him at the end of his contract. He's on £50k a week and that's premier league wages. Fletcher is well into his 30s now and we are just paying too much For that money we can get at least two good young players. We need to be ruthless of we are to move forward.
  9. Semi final facup 1983 at Highbury. This wasn't in the ground but at a nearby pub. The beer was vile. It even made Mansfield taste decent (no no. That's impossible) Just remembered ninian Park maybe 82. The beer was vile That match Jeff King ran around kicking everyone. As he did. Even his own team mates. What a man. Beer wise. Oh dear. It was a night match and we went down on a special. Ninian Park halt was tiny. Train left 15 minutes early and stranded loads of our fans behind
  10. Me and my dad were at the famous last game of the season against Southend. Believe me, we were awful that season. I can't remember what year it was. We sat in the Cantilever that night. That ground was very full for the first time that season and for the first time that season we played brilliantly. Southend were destroyed We were regulars at Hillsborough throughout the really bad years and saw so many matches of horrendous quality. We got worse and worse until Jack Charlton transformed us. Without him we'd probably have gone down. He should have got us all the way to the top but he bottled it. He should have got us to Wembley but bottled it against Brighton. Yes I was there. But he saved us.
  11. I agree that's he's awful. He's probably got the worst scoring record in the world for a striker. Worst player ever for us. He's up there withy the worst. Other donkeys come to mind such as Sam Ellis, anton mirocevic, John Pearson, brian hornsby, sibon, etc etc. It's hard to say that nuihi isn't the worst of the lot. Of course, we've given him two new contracts and at least 25k a week. He's not to blame for that is he?
  12. Great comeback and super tactical changes from GM. Please learn, and never pick nuihi again. Well done lads
  13. Watch the videos and borner is continually out of position. Iorfa has to cover which leaves a hole. I'm not sure if people actually understand football or just follow the pack on here but borner is not a good centre back. He does not hold his position. Just watch the videos and it's all there to see.
  14. Well done wednesday. Ff superb for 45. Fletcher excellent throughout. Bannan had his best game in a while. It had to happen at some point And its always nice to see a player score with his first touch of the ball. Eeyore duly obliged. All you do is win. Let's speculate and fanatize. If we don't get any points deduction could this team get promoted. Absolutely not. There's always Mr Roarke.
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