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  1. We should have started with Rhodes tonight. We have to find out if he's still interested in playing. It's early in the season and we can afford to take a chance If we started Rhodes and he put in his usual disinterested performance then we drop him from the squad and just promote one of the youngsters from the reserves. In my view Rhodes is totally past it and just taking the Michael with his shameful displays. We have to pay out his insane 50k a week contract no matter what. To bad Bullen hasn't had the courage to see what Rhodes has got to offer.
  2. Excellent business Wednesday. Well done. We needed an extra striker as without Joao there's no quality whatsoever. But overall the signings are most promising. Let's make a good season of it and give the job to Bullen. Rather him than middle aged never beens. Come on Wednesday.
  3. What about my point of us not bringing anyone through from the reserves? I'm not one of those lemmings who rush to the cliff. Half of our fans would jump off the roof of the North stand If they were told to. If people are deemed to be moaners then maybe their complaining is as a direct result of this clubs peculiar business methods and approach to man management. Cause and effect
  4. 7We've needlessly signed a aging Goalie when we have have good young keepers in the reserves. What is it with Wednesday? Why do we consistently refuse to bring players through from the reserves? Why do we even bother having young players when clearly we have little intention of promoting them to the full squad. What message has this silly Goalie signing sent to the young players at the club? It tells them one thing. We aren't good enough to even sit on the bench. I have no idea who makes the decisions at Wednesday. Is the owner still running things. And with bullan as manager the owner will have a free run again at making a mess of the first team. If Bullen has taken the decision on his own to sign this Goalie then he isn't up to the job. Wr are needlessly wasting money again. I thought money was short at the club. Apparently not Yet more perplexing and througorly unprofessional decisions being made at the club
  5. Come on Wednesday. Let's have a good crack at promotion. Three average teams came down so we've got an extra chance. I have no idea what to expect this season or against Reading tomorrow We won't miss Bruce as I believe he's washed up. We need young eager talent. I'D rather have Bullen than aging never beens just here for the money Please Wednesday, sign a proper striker and a midfield playmaker. At present we haven't either Good luck tomorrow.
  6. Hughton hasn't even applied for the job. He's on record saying he doesn't want it and who can blame him Hes an ambitious chap so why would he want to come to such a difficult club as us with a power crazed control freak for an owner? 4 managers in 4 years should any young ambitious manager off. Hence all the dead beats and freeloaders in contention
  7. For goodness sake let him go. He's on 50k a week and got two more seasons wasting his time with us. That's a lot of money in saved wages if he leaves Norwich must be insane to want him. In my book, Rhodes is so washed up that we should have to pay someone to sign him So a free transfer is equivalent of a 5.2m transfer fee
  8. We've had four managers in four years. That means we are a troubled club. It's also an warning signal to any prospective manager to approach us with caution We. Will probably have major problems recruiting a decent young, honest, successful manager as a consequence. Forget old timers like pullis. Coleman isn't hard enough and our workshy lazy players will run rings around him(rather than the opposition) as they refuse to pull their weight. We have a squad with too many players who only start trying when their lucrative Premier league style contracts are up for renewal. It's happened for the last two seasons. We need a manager not afraid to take chances, not afraid to try new things and dump the donkeys and parasites I don't think there's a chance in hell that we wil get a manager like that. You reap what you sew. And our club has made a mess of its sewing. In many ways we've got exactly what we' deserve. Im an ideal world we need a complete clearoit starting with the little corperal
  9. Is it any wonder that he wants out and is disillusioned when rubbish like Fletcher get jn the team ahead of him. Don't telltme that Fletcher is anything but substandard when he's only scored 10 goals or more in a season, once. Only Wednesday would pay someone with that dreadful record, 50k a week I don't blame Joao for wanting away. Who woukd want to play along side Fletcher Nuhiu and other deadbeats. When he's signed for a decent team i hope hey comes back and scores a hatrick, along with George Hirst who is at Leicester the noo. The way we treat young talent at the club is appalling. And people have to cheek to call Bruce shameful.
  10. Honour is a two way street. Our owner treats people like dirt. Players like George Hirst suffered terribly at the hands of the little corperal. Whatever he was called, the chap before Bruce, was treated jn a similar manner. We can't even put our accounts in on time because there was something very wrong with them. More time was needed to make them legal no doubt Wednesday are a club that attracts dishonor. It started with Swan etc over 50 years ago and still we aren't clean. Bruce has acted in the same manner as. Our owner I find both people to be deplorable. But the little corperal can't have it both ways Maybe it's time to start treating people with respect.
  11. I agree. He showed his lack of backbone in the Leeds game. We hammered forest after Bruce radically changed the team that were hopeless against villa Bruce didn't have the guts to play a winning team and brought back all the proven failures who never tried an inch against Leeds Bruce admitted afywr the match he'd made a serious error. After this it was obvious tha Bruce wasn't up for the fight and wouldn't take the chances he jad to. We are better without him because he wasn't committed or was just plain washed out. Probably both. We need a manager who will make our overpaid workshy team earn their money. When the crunch came Bruce showed he wasn't the man to do that
  12. By all accounts Bruce has taken a massive pay cut to be at Newcastle. He's the lowest paid manager in the Premier league and earning half what we paid him Given a choice between Newcastle and Wednesday who would choose the latter? Get real Bruce got the Newcastle job because nobody else wanted it. Hell probably be sacked by Newcastle when they get sold. Would you give Bruce a massive pot of money spend? Bruce is a good second tier manager, like watnock, but he's not top league and a proven failure in the Premier league just like warnock I doubt Bruce will start the recriminations. He's moved on and so should we.
  13. Garry Monk would be brilliant as our next manager. He worked miracles at Birmingham only to be sold down the river Would ne want to come to club with a highly dubious owner whom tinkers too deeply in affairs that should be the sole preserve of the manager?
  14. Thank goodness we aren't signing Cattamole. Hes too old and can't have another unstable player in midfield. Bannen and Hutchinson are unstable with the former getting booked almost every match. Wr need young players and should be looking in Africa and Eastern Europe for talent. Such players will turn out for peanuts and run like crazy for 90 minutes. Cattamole would have expected at least 40k a week and given out insane proclivity for paying Premier league wages for league Two standard players (at best) then wr would have probably paid. When was the last time we brought anyone through from the youth team There must be better players in there than donkeys like Fletcher, dobbin, bannen, etc etc. It seems pointless to have a youth team when no one ever comes through.
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