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  1. I asked CC a question on twitter. He confirmed that he had absolutely no part to play in the choosing, and signing of any players at the club. They were all signed by the owner without any imput whatsoever from CC. What an insane way to run a club. Managers manager. Some things never change and never will until we get rid of the curreny owner
  2. There's been no football at Hillsborough all season
  3. Away from the club. Let's tell him it's Xmas and then we won't see him for three months. It's time to dump him when his contract is over
  4. I suspect he's doing more than just team talks. I shan't say. I told you so.
  5. Cc was a bottler. He bottled it against Hull against Stoke, Huddersfield etc etc He also had one major problem. The owner. I've been saying he's been doing a Ken Bates for four years now and been slagged of Wallace was overpaid and overrated. He couldn't cross a ball or take corners after his first season. In many ways he's the club in a nutshell. We still have zombies like bannen taking hopeless corners and freekicks. We still have the owner meddling, taking to people like they are dogs. In his first season cc was brilliant. As team we were excellent to watch. We were the fasted team in the league. Then against Hull we showed the way it was going to be years after year since. In the second season the fastest team became the slowest. It was then we started to sign players on insane wages and refuse to play them. As for Wallace. He made more in a month than he gets in a year in Scotland. He made millions at wednesday so he should never have to work again. We kept him too long. But what's new I'll never work out what happened in the final against Hull. We never crossed the halfway line until Joao came on in the 85th minute. Only Westwood kept the score down to one hand. We had to score and made no attempt until right at the end. This is how we still play We still have most of the flops. Hang on there's a big difference. We don't try at all for the whole 90 minutes anymore. Until we get rid of all the flops and the owner the only way we can go is down. And down. And down
  6. We are better with players who want to play and are trying than the current crop of freeloaders Sadly Bannan isn't out of contract until the end of next season and we need to get rid of him ASAP. Given than many have said he's one of the best midfielder outside of the Premier league then surely someone will want to sign him. We all know that nobody wants him,esp as he's getting grossly inflated wages.
  7. This is the best and most informative article I have seen on this subject. It succinctly and objectively spells out what had been going on. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/sheffield-wednesday-efl-charge-latest-17927410
  8. We got Henderson too late. Then again, we could never have got him in his prime I vividly remember him bombing down the flanks. He could still turn it on.
  9. Speaking of views. We used to walked down herries Road under the five arches. Way back we didn't know when we were in TV until we saw the cameras scaffolding erect on to of the kop. That was a great sight as we knew that we could watch the lads that night or on a Sunday.
  10. The fans didn't get behind the club until Big Jack arrived. Attendances were down to less than 10000. They could have closed three sides of the ground and still couldn't have filled the Cantelever. If people think we are bad now then they havent had the dubious privelige of watching them as they almost slipped into the forth division. We were at the famous Southend match. Suddenly there were three times more people there than usual. We did play well that night. I went to match after match that were awful beyond belief. Frozen solid, wet on the Kop. Awful So why do it Because wednesday are my club and its what you do. Speaking the truth about the club doesn't make you less of a fan. It makes you honest. I've worn glasses for all my adult life but they've never been tinted with rose.
  11. That's a good article. Biiggs occasionally has the courage to write what he feels. Unfortunately he's got one thing wrong Times have changed. Football clubs are a business now. They are also a much more efficient way of cleaning money than using the washing machine Fans are not the clubs anymore. The owners of man City couldn't care less about football. Owning the club is no more than a means to an end. Wednesdays owner has repeatedly demonstrated his contempt for the fans and the people he employs and controls. Biggs is correct that the clubs problems are of their making. He's correct that replacing monk won't resolve the clubs deep rooted issues that have increased exponentially since the little corporals arrival. I suspect that his actions will result with being demoted directly or by proxy. You can't blame the media for that.
  12. What's that mean? Speak man stop hiding behind images Fetch the cheese
  13. He has never had a chance. He can't be worse than donkeys like Borner and Lees. That's impossible. Please tell me who the plenty of options are that haven't flopped already.
  14. Is monk acting on his own or is he under orders from the owner not to pick Bates? We all know that the owner has issued orders in past telling managers not to pick certain players. Is this happening again? We clearly have a problem a centre back both Borner and Lees are hopeless. They can't hold the line. Borner continually drifts out of position. Iorfa has to cover for them every match. This leaves a hole. Most of the goals we let in come from centre back errors. Teams are exploiting the hole and Borner and lees complete inability to defend properly And still Bates, a Scottish international isn't allowed to be picked. I suspect he's said something to monk and il duce. That's sufficient to get banned Also, Monk has a history of blacklisting players. There's an eldless list of excellent players he's blacklisted. It's happened at every club Monk was my choice. Sadly he's got a very dark and disturbing side. So much so that every club he's been at has always eventually had a toxic atmosphere Add Il duce into the equation. A ruthless, corrupt megalomaniac and you've got a lot of trouble. Oh yes also add a first team squad that's dominated by proven flops and players who simply won't try and we've got a terrible problem. Monks peculiar attitude to Bates isnt surprising considering his track record. And il duce track record of abusing players.
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