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  1. Mrmason69

    Chairman’s statement

    I'm. Am sick of all this drivel being peddled by the little corperal. It's one lie and misdirection after another. Now we have this nonsense about soft transler embargo in March. What would be the point of that when you can't sign anyone anyway? What have the footleague to say about this? We have never had it officially confirmed by then that there's ever been a transfer embargo. And now we wil be having one when the transfer window is closed. Complete tosh. We can't avoid getting sanctions because we are paying Premier league wages to our entire squad. We have given four year deals to five players all on over 50k a week. We more doubled these players wages. All we can do is ignore the fp thing as so many other clubs have. We pay the fine. And because we can't avoid it then we have nothing to fear. So let's buy some decent players. To buy or not to buy that is the question. Either way they outcome is exactly the same at the end of the season. Cut the drivel and for once tell the truth. Or would that be dishonourable For a man with no honour he bangs the honour drum very loud. Sadly, too many still march to his every beat. More fool them
  2. Mrmason69

    FFP: Break or Be Broken

    Leicester, Bournemouth qpr man City twice etc all ingored the fp thing and paid the fine. Our owner has no honour. He treats people like dirt. Where's the honour in that. So do as many clubs have already done and ignore the fp thing. We can't avoid falling foul if it anyway as the three year cycle ends this season. Our wage bill is higher than most Premier league clubs. No one wants our players apart from reach because they are overpaid, workshy and hopeless(relatively) We can't get sanctions until the end of the season. There's no actual concrete evidence we've ever been sanctioned. To sanction before the three year period ends is like sentencing someone to life in jail without a trial. Look at Leicester. They paid the fine and won the Premier league. Qpr only got into massive financial trouble because they gave warnock massive amounts of money when they got promoted. He hasn't a clue how to spend money properly. Bournemouth are rock solid. So pay the fine. I must say why oh why didn't we sell forestieri for 14m. He's worthless now. This is a mess caused by the owner. Now he's got to get us out of it by paying the fine. If he's daft enough to give dobbin two years at 30 k a week then he's got money to burn. Pay up
  3. Mrmason69

    Well done Nuhiu

    Yes well done. He ran around kicking everyone all match. The ball just bounced off him to score. Well done for scoring? Isn't that what we pay strikers to do? But this is dobbin. It's an insult to footballers to call him one. I must apologise to our equine friends as I'm sure they aren't happy at having a two legged cart horse called dobbin. Then again not many horses get 30k a week. Well done for a striker scoring. Don't be ludicrous
  4. Mrmason69

    Jordan Rhodes

    He will be back at the end of the season and then we have him for another two years at 50 grand a week. Hes hopeless now. It's irrelevant what he's done in the past. It's been quite a few years since he could play. We may as well pay him off because he can't contribute any more on the pitch
  5. Mrmason69

    Wednesday - V Preston OMDT

    It's absolutely obscene that bullan is allowed to pick Westwood and jl was absolutely stopped from picking him by the komandant. An absolute disgrace. If Steve Bruce comes to us whislt this awful owner is still at the helm he should be sectioned What an appalling club we have become
  6. Mrmason69

    Fans forum match day thread

    Thank you. Hopefully we can sell the club to decent owners whom allow the manager to manage Managers such a Steve Bruce would never work with owners such as the komandant who interfere and are on the dubious fringes of legality. He walked straight out at Hull when the new owners started to interfere. Let's hope we can start again after three totally wasted seasons. You can guarantee that the komandant will not be leaving us 70m poorer. He's made sure that he's recouped that in other ways. That's why he was here. He used us as a means to end in his relentless obsession for money and power.
  7. Mrmason69

    Fans forum match day thread

    The club is up for sale I told you this would happen. Everything I said would happen has happened. Last nights forum was a set up. The komandant controlled the whole thing and used it as an excuse to leave. I am very good at predicting human behaviour and this time I am over the moon he's leaving Good riddance
  8. Mrmason69

    Nuhiu yesterday

    He has put on a massive amount of weight and now even more immobile than ever. (is that an oxymoron) Dobbin is performing exactly as predicted by me at the end of last season. Nows he's clearly overeating and publily showing his contempt for the club. We have another season of him after this one If he continues to gain weight then sack him as he's in breach of contract as he's unable to fulfil his duties. Hang on he's always been unable to fulfil his duties as a footballer as he's not a footballer Hes getting paud more than Brookes is at Bournemouth. They have one of the most talented young players in the Premiership and we have nuhu. Is it any wonder we are heading to the third division?
  9. Mrmason69

    Front page of Star tomorrow......!!

    More drivel from the komandant But it serves a purpose. As I said the other day he's deliberately stoking the fans into a frenzy before tonights meetings This morning he's stayed that the puppets job isn't under threat. All drivel but it's stage managed drivel. Hes a clever man and dangerous man and knows exactly what he's doing. The world of football is no place for mercenary businessman who will make money at any cost to human integrity and decency. People like the komandant don't get as Rich as him by being honest
  10. Watnock would not work under an owner like ours. Hes a great manger but fiercely independent. He would never be told who to pick who not to pick etc The owner woukd not want such a person to manage the club.
  11. Mrmason69

    Jos storms out

    It's all stage managed by the komandant. Storming out is better than having to answer questions. Anyway he's under orders not to answer.
  12. Mrmason69

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    I think you will find that the komandant is deliberately stoking the fans into a frenzy. I never expected him to sack his puppet this whips up the fans even more Why would he do this The komandant is creating the conditions that will make his departure sound reasonable. Hes a clever man and not the type to throw 70 millions away. Why would he invest such money in a low level club like Wednesday. Hes up to something and has been since day one. It's all to do with money. His motives for investing in Wednesday aren't altruistic. He hasn't got an once of altruism in him Hes now becoming very public. He can't afford his dodgy dealing to be scrutinised. Hence keeping the puppet. All of this farce is stage managed by the komandant. We are all just pawns in his game.when he bales out he will cite abuse of his family and himself All total lies but as he's created the conditions that will facilitate his flight its totally predictable I've been absolutely correct about everything that's happened at the club under his jackboot ownership. I've predicted all of this mess Let's see how it plays out Sadly I suspect he will leave our club broken and in tatters. I expected everything that has happened so far.
  13. Mrmason69


    Only two subs used again. Fetch the straitjacket for the owner and manager We are a complete joke and deserve to be relegated with such insanity at the club
  14. Mrmason69


    Only two subs used again. Fetch the straitjacket for the owner and manager We are a complete joke and deserve to be relegated with such insanity at the club
  15. Mrmason69

    Jos Leaves Sheffield Wednesday - untrue

    Was the real jl ever here? If so he's totally forgotten everything he clearly knows Of course there's the dstict possibility that he's a willing participant in his own brainwashing When he's getting more in a year than he'd get in a lifetime elsewhere, it pays to forget Shame on him