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  1. Demolish the ground. Sell the and and build a decent one It's way out of date and will always have the Liverpool fiasco hanging over it. It's time to move on
  2. Norwich won't pay Rhodes 50k a week or anywhere near that Why would a shrewd club like Norwich want a totally washed up has been like Rhodes For goodness sake Wednesday give him away. He's worthless. I believe we were paying 35k of his wages when on loan. Makes semse as we saved 15 k a week and got rid of his troublesome influence for a season I also believe that Norwich have offered to pay us 100k for him That's still way too much for this waste of space
  3. Superb player. I had the pleasure watching him many times from the kop. A true leader and a. Model professional
  4. We basically need a completely new team. Bruce knows this but also knows its impossible to have one So get three key players, as united did, in defence midfield and attack. At present we don't really have any key players at all. Sure Rhodes wad good at the start of the season but when teams started to put two men on him it was a different story Bruce is an excellent manager and he knows we need key players with pace. At present we have have neither
  5. Weve got him on 50k a week on a 4 year contract. I reckon we are paying at least 35k to Norwich. They don't pay massive wages (in football terms) Their players also try very hard all season (unlike ours) Rhodes is worthless now and we have another two seasons of him Which nutter at the club negotiated a deal like that for a player already past it and also paid 2m more for him than boro did. We gave a has been a pay increase. Just as we did with Fletcher. Sorry, Rhodes is a has been and Fletcher is a never was. Hes also on 50k a week. Im wondering why an ambitious club like Norwich signed a dead beat like Rhodes. At least he's proved everyone who said he was past it, absolutely correct. Sadly we have him back now for another two years. Just pay him off. Hes shown at Wednesday and Norwich that he's got no intention of trying.
  6. We pay more in a month to our play than United pay ina year. Their players have played as a team all season. Half of our players haven't tried an inch until there was nothing to play for. If United are rubbing salt in our wounds then its no more than we deserve. In fact. We supplied the salt. Most of out players have been an absolute disgrace all season.
  7. Hooper is out for 16 months with serious injury and then from nowhere he's magically match fit. Oh. Yes and his contract is up at the end of the season. Wr have seen this before under this owner. Dobbin, last season suddenly started to score in the last few games. He could rim faster than ever. Some idiot at the club gave him a two year contract and what happens this season. He never tries an inch Has. Hooper been dodging the column? Given what happens at Hillsborough when there's nothing left to play for, it's not unreasonable to assume that hooper only came back just to get a new contact. What was. Wrong with him in those 16 months? As for Lee. Give him a year on reduced wages. Nobody else will pay him anywhere near the crazy money we pay him As for hooper. Dump him. He's a liability and kf his injury record is to be believed. He's a crock
  8. His tactics against Huddersfield were absolutely brilliant. His plan was to bore the opposition to suicide. Then when the 4th man went we won by default Evidence of this marvellous plan was to take off Fletcher when he scored, pretending he was injured. Of course, Fletcher hadn't read the script and wasn't supposed to score To cap it all he had the one player guaranteed not to score the final penalty, take the penalty. Unfortunately Huddersfield also didn't read the script. Thankfully this season wr have seen similar tactics against Chelsea and then against Leeds. It's nice to know that such positively awful tactics and player commitment to the cause is alive and well at the club And next season it's guaranteed to be repeated with donkeys like bannan, dobbin, Fletcher, forestieri, hooper (no doubt given a new contract) etc to carry the flag of the overpaid and totally inept (until there's nothing left to play for) Sheffield United have more chance of staying up than we have of swapping places. That's how little chance we have of going up. Unless Bruce had the courage to totally dump almost all of our dead beats And then there's Rhodes. Hes the joker in the pack. If things go too well then hes guaranteed to mess it up.
  9. Because we had two donkeys up front that would make Berwick rangers look good
  10. A couple of days ago I predicted exactly how the game would play out if we played hooper and Fletcher up front and Brought bannen back. I don't know if Joao is injured again(if he ever was injured) but if he's fit it's no wonder he wants away when cart horses get in the team in front of him Matias earned the right to play and he's been dropped. Reach is out of position as is. Boyd. Playing a line up like this we deserve to get hammered. Sadly I suspect that many of these no hopers will be playing for us next season. If so then forget promotion And now another cart horse has come one. I've had enough of this rubbish. Where's the off switch?
  11. We have to stifle their flanks. Leeds have colossal pace and will tear the likes of fox apart. So stop them in midfield. Bruce is an excellent tactician. We. Must keep it tight and stop giving the ball away. So no bannan. His passing is generally dreadful. Id play the same team as started on Tues apart from Hutchinson in for pelapussy. If possible. Please don't play hooper and Fletcher together. A conference side has more pace than those two We have a chance against Leeds if we are tight and disciplined. I expect Leeds to go for the early goal to draw us out. So try and keep it 0-0 until half time.
  12. It's time to get rid of Hillsborough. The ghost of what Liverpools fans did (I've neevrblaned Wednesday or the police for what happened) will never leave the ground. The stadium is outdated by modern standards. It's a 50000 capacity stadium with only 32000 allowed in. Any other club would be allowed their full quota. Once again its the ghost of Liverpool So let's have a new ground and a fresh start. What will Liverpool fans moan about then?
  13. We certainly don't need bannen in midfield. He has one good game for every 10 when he's indifferent at best. Obviously he wants to spend the rest of his career with us because no-one else is daft enough to pay him 40 grand a week. Elsewhere he wouldn't get 10 grand a week Reach is better in midfield and I'd pair him with Hutchinson. Matias has raised the obvious question. Why has it taken Bruce so long to play him? Joao up from is the obvious choice. Sadly its got to be Fletcher next to him. It's pointless playing forestieri any more as he's washed up, otherwise I'd play him behind Joao Boyd is our fastest man and he's generally excellent down the left. And he's up and down. Sadly he can't always cover for fox who is continually out of position which leaves us wide open for the ball over the top. I thought Tuesdays team was well balanced. Reach is wasted out wide and playing boyd keeps reach away from wide left. Forest were inept but so are the majority of teams in the championship. This works in our favour as we aren't worse than most teams. Our problem is still a lack a pace and this is highlighted when a 34 year old is out fasted player by a long way. Bruce has done a great job with a set of overpaid players who have been workshy under previous managers. Bruce is a class act and if he can do what he's done with this team then when he gets some money for next season he can work his magic again. Well done Bruce and well done Wednesday
  14. Hes never fully fit. He's a crock. Only a team as daft as Wednesday would sign a player like him. He was injured for three months when we signed him
  15. Hooper is never fit. That's why Norwich dumped him on us.
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