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  1. This is a big problem. We have very few strikers. Fletcher is playing better now but historically he's liable to injury or just go off the boil. Backup for Fletcher is almost non existant. Dobbin doesn't count as being a striker, or a footballer of any kind. Winnel is an unknown quantity. And that is all we have. Matias and forestieri aren't strikers but attacking midfield. Bruce is.a brilliant tactician and our lack of backup for Fletcher will certainly tax his prodigious talents
  2. The owner didn't like Hirst standing up to him. That's why the owner did a very good job of ruining gh career. That's malicious. And totally unnecessary. The owner put his own vanity and lust for power and control over the needs of the club. That is downright abuse
  3. No we aren't but we are adept at doubling and trebling the wages of third rate players no-one else wants . If that ain't charity I don't know what it is Other than insanity
  4. Hooper is a crock. He plays ten games and then he's injured. Ill bet Norwich couldn't believe their luck when we bought him. We doubled the wages of a proven crock. Only Wednesday are daft enough to do that End of the season then say goodbye to hooper. I can't imagine many teams willing to take a chance on him.
  5. We were absolutely brilliant last night. A few weeks ago this level of performance woukd have been impossible. Hector and Hutchinson were outstanding. Aaron's looks an excellent player and we should buy him. Bannan was dreadful again. Forestiieri and then arrons have him a give a go ball. They went charging on a run and bannan was totally unable to read it. Or he's not bothered. Compare him with Norwood and its chalk and cheese Fletcher worked hard but was way behind play when Hutchinson had to cover and almost scored. We do have a problem with strikers. Dobbin doesn't count and Joao seems to have fallen out with Bruce. He's also injury prone Iorfa looks good but needs beefing up. He's got potential We can't get out with this team but with four or five new players next season and a top man in charge like Bruce we really have a chance Well done last night. Excellent overall.
  6. Well done Wednesday. Another excellent win. Keep it up
  7. Nuhui certainly is unique. Thankfully. There's never been a striker in the history of the game as untalented and overpaid as him.
  8. What is going on at Hillsborough? We have three new young fast Premier league players and a team of largely third rate players. These three new players can't get a game. Why? Our present team is totally inept with many players not trying and yet our three young new players canty get a game. We got lucky today after another enept show riddled with mistakes and indifference. Nothing seems to have changed at the club under Bruce. We still have insane team selections, bad use of subs and inexplicably insane refusal to play new team members. What a mess when a team like Rotherham can play us off the park. One of our highly paid players gets paid more than the entire Rotherham team today put together. They can try and we really didn't care again. Or maybe we a simlly a totally shocking team Or both
  9. Bannan was a disgrace on Tues night. Calling him rubbish is a compliment. He's been dreadful for a long time. He gives the ball away continually. Can't be bothered to take a proper corner. He gets booked almost every game for totally unnecessary back tackles. We should have ditched him when his contract was up. He's with the for three more seasons on at least 40k a week. A complete waste of money
  10. We have a squad thats paid more than the majority of premier league teams. It's insane the wages we pay the absolute dross like Fletcher. Sunderland didn't want him he wasn't in theit squad and yet we more than doubled the wages of a proven flop The list of inexplicably insane deals is endless. You could see on Tuesday that half the team simply weren't trying. Look at fox. First boyd came on to cover for him as Wallace, a hopeless player, was taking fox apart. Then reach had to track back for fox. He's on Premier league wages and not trying. Sadly when players don't try there isn't much you can do apart from drop them. You can't make player's try.
  11. Diabolical display again. Bannan was truly dreadful, as we're most of the team. Hector was excellent. Boyd had to come on to stop the runs of Wallace. Boyd played well. It's a sad indictment when our oldest player is the fastest by a mile. Fletcher has joined the equine ranks. We have another season of this cart house. Reach runs around but surrounded by too many no hopers. No manager in the world could do anything with this team. Saying that. Our three new signings should all be playing. Next match get them in. Overall it was an appalling performance but as good as this team is going to get. We have the highest paid team of zombies in the world who are all laughing all the way to the bank. Yes sir, the jokes on us
  12. FF isn't trying. Last two games he's been a passenger. However I'd rather have FF being a passenger than dobbin playing from the start.
  13. I keep reading these stories about how bad things got at villa when someone threw a cabbage at him It could have been much worse such as a bag of sprouts or, I'm making sure I'm grounded, a bag of falafel (sawdust) or Linda McCartney sausage (sawdust) I wish someone would throw a bacon roll at me right now and a chip butty around midday. I was a the cutlers feast many years ago (outside with the plebs) when thatcher got pelted with some lovely eggs (I missed) Who could ask for more. Especially as one caught her square in the middle of her...... Bet she had a lovely omelette once inside
  14. Bruce could,be then man to save us. The intangible variable is the little corporal who owns the club. If he interferes then Bruce will walk away as he did at Hull. Big Ron was one our best managers of all time. When we sacked him after he'd saved us from relegation, the club died in that moment. We sacked him when he did the unforgivable thing of asking for money and we sacked him to teach him a lesson for daring to leave when he'd guided us to promotion. some things never change. We've always had megalomaniacs running the club since the 60s. the football we played when Ron got us promoted was incredible. bruce could be the man to save us. He will have laid down the law to the little corporal making it clear that interference equals exit. Above all Steve Bruce is honest. That may not go down well with our owner, as he likes to have leverage over his staff. An honest man can be problem for people such as our owner. Why? Because they don't have a price and are above financial incentives as a means of being controlled bruce as a massive job to do. Basically our team is third rate.,they aren't fit.mthey are overpaid. Don't try, and are used to getting away with being awful. sadly Bruce can't get rid of many of our players as they are in silly overpaid long term deals. Rhodes will be back for two more years. Dobbin is her pe for a year. Jones and Abdi have at least one more year. The list is endless. Forestieri has three years left. He looks washed up. the best two managers around are Bruce and Alladyce( who are available and affordable) the latter would,never manage under an owner like ours and he's not the man to get us up. weve got the best that's available in Bruce. Sadly, Wednesday politics and the owners insatiable desire for power and control is an intangible variable. Given a free role, as every manager should have, then there's no better man than Bruce. Unfortunately it's not that simple at Wednesday. we shall see
  15. He looks to be q very shrewd signing. Iorfa has impressive credentials and can play at right back and centre back. We badly need a solid CB as Tom lees is a shadow of his former self. Lees is continually out of position these days and regularly misses mistimes his headers. Palmer is unreliable at RB. Against Chelsea he showed how bad his now is with a lacklustre performance where his stuttering and delays put us in trouble. if anyone can bring the best out of Iorfa its Bruce. He's a good manager with a proven track record good signing.
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