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  1. Yes a worldwide ban for the owner was our only hope Sadly that hasn't happened Unless he mends his ways and unless GM stops behaving like a control freak then we are doomed. Sadly we are stuck with a corrupt owner. And an awful team. At present we can't even use five subs because we haven't enough players Then again that doesn't matter as our manager doesn't know how to use subs anyway. The owner must stop giving team talks and buying players without consulting the manager Today GM was directly ask if he had any say or part in deciding which players we sign He refused to answer. That tells me that the owner decides everything. Just as CC told me
  2. We can't argue with a decision where we've officially been found to be corrupt and still got a lifeline I've said that the owner is bang to rights for many years. And I've said so here and I've been slagged off. We need to accept the decision and start the new season with a chance. But we've got to stop playing the zombies, stop giving new contracts to the zombies. Oops. Without the zombies we can't field a team. No more blacklists. No more power trips from the owner. Omg we are doomed. If the owner doesn't somehow mend his ways then the next sentence may be removal from the league totally.
  3. What squad? Take away those blacklisted and we can barely field 11 players We've released very promising young talent Demba arrived to us as a goal scoring sensation, breaking all records. Once at us he couldn't get a chance He's just one example of potential talent we've either wasted or ruined Thanks to the owners shocking way of treating players and the mangers infamous blacklisting fetish we've created a situation where young players just don't want to join us. In the last transfer window we were after a young Arsenal player. He even refused to talk to us saying he's rather play in the reserves. We couldn't get any decent players to come and that's why we ended up with Wickham, a crock and windass. A player so poor he couldn't even get a game with the team bottom of the league. We've created a monster at the club and now we somehow have sign at least 10 new players or resign the flops who have just left. Even if we escape a points deduction for next season we are looking firmly at league 1. This mess is of wednesdays creating. The only solution is a new owner and manager And Sheffield United may fly
  4. I hope GH manages to resurrect the career that wednesday tried to Ruin Nigel Pearson said we tried to destroy his career by taking a full year out of his football life At other teams he'd have been given a chance. All the owner wanted to do was teach him a lesson When a zombie like nuhiu gets picked in front of GH then there's got to be something wrong. The Manager Lucky or whatever he was called said at the press conference that the owner wouldn't allow the manager to pick him. Obviously if the owner stays the only way we can play Leicester is if they get relegated or we play them in the Cup. In that event, I hope GH gets a netfull against us I don't like bullies. There's no place for it in football or anywhere else.
  5. Is this yet another player destined for the wednesday scrap heap, consigned to the reserves for a year? Given our proclivity for refusing to play new signings (the list is endless under the owner) and our limitless ability to ruin a players career I would advise any young promising players from joining us until we have a new owner and manager. Join wednesday and risk your career being ruined I hope this young chap knows how to bow in deference to chairman Monk And komandant komandant. Otherwise he's in for a terrible time
  6. Unless we change from the top down then we can never change. The owner has got us in this mess with his peculiar style of running the club Just take the forestieri mess. The club said they weren't going to pick him again and yet he was offered a new contract a few ago. Why give someone a contract we aren't going to play Of course. Thats the wednesday style This season we've had a Scottish International blacklisted from almost day one. Why? There was the Dutch international Emanualson who was only played in the very last game of the season. A dead match. More money wasted Demba arrived at the club. A young player who broke all goal scoring records in South Africa. How many chances did he get? Of course GM says that every player has had a chance to show what he can do. Really? Jack Stobbs is on record as saying that GM absolutely refused to even watch him train Brian Hughes has scored 43 goals from 37 games and can't get a chance. Of course GM states every player has had a chance. Really Fraser Preston, he's had a great chance. And then there's the owners handling of George Hirst whom the owner refused to play. That is the owner refusing to play him and not the manager. The manager confirmed this at a press conference Carvalhal personally told me that he had absolutely no say and and part whatsoever who got signed. This is just a small portion of what has gone on under the owner. Of course anyone who deviates from toeing the line on here gets called a liar People on here even called CC a liar for the things he told me There's a distinct pattern to the behaviour at the club. A level of toxicity that is a disgrace. Start at the top. Of course the owner can't be forced to sell. When he sold the club. Who bought it? Is it any wonder we are in so much trouble? Why would any decent promising player ever want to come to wednesday. Its more than likely the club will ruin his career. As they've done so many times already We need to start again. This time with a clean slate. Clean.
  7. The referee for calling time on the massacre. Shocking team selection again from Monk. The second half doesn't make up for the absolute mess GM made of things. Fulham scored at will. And still people will say we did well Really?
  8. It's pointless changing the manager again without getting rid of the owner and his whole rotten entourage. There needs to be a clear out right through the club and a fresh start free of blacklists, signing players and never playing them. We need someone who can use his subs properly We need an owner that doesn't do team talks and pick the team
  9. What's wrong with him? Didn't he bow in deference enough to chairman Monk and chairman il duce? That's enough to have a fake injury at Hillsborough
  10. I really liked his comments about the team being fatigued and fixtures counting against wednesday I expect that's why he absolutely refuses to use five subs as those players who never get into the pitch are too tired. On the one hand he says his team are too tired whilst on the other hand he absolutely refuses to bring players on who are 100 % fit with zero fatigue This man is completely bonkers or reading from a script prepared by the owner Either way, it's total insanity. And totally predictable behaviour. After all, there's only Bruce who didn't behave in this bizarre way. Every other manager under the owner has read from exactly the same insane script. With this kind of nonsense we can never do anywhere other than down. Down. Down
  11. Marveliforous today. Its worth a triple wowsas, a double splendiferous and a well done that main
  12. Not Monks fault. Is that because he's not picking the team? If we accept they he's picking the team then who picked nuihi. Who only used three subs? Who has released too many players Who has players on blacklists Who refuses to play excellent prospects like Hughes Who released excellent prospects like Borukov without even giving them a chance Etc etc etc
  13. Add the owner to the list of who has to go Can we please have a new owner whom knows how to pick a decent team and how to use substitutes
  14. When nuhi gets brought on before Rhodes and Hughes then you have to wonder whom is picking the team. The manager or the owner. We all know the owner does the team talks now. Given the peculiar use of subs for the last four seasons, apart from under Bruce's tenure, then either the managers are incompetent or the owner is making the decisions. Oops I forgot, Hughes signed a new contract so he can't get picked can he?
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