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  1. Even after scoring 14 last season the m0ngos wouldn't admit he was a decent option, some idiots on here actually reckon he's the worst striker we've ever had...
  2. Not Jon Newsome


    He unfortunately caught his eye on Jack Stobbs chopper in the changing room after the match, 2 weeks.
  3. Not Jon Newsome

    Referee for Luton game on Tuesday

    Referees do well with what they do, they make mistakes it's part of the game, it's all well and good some bloke slowing it down looking from numerous angles but the referees go on instinct and make a split decision on only one angle, while also having to keep up with play and keep an eye on other things. It's also pretty ironic that whenever we win the ref was good but it only seems to be when we don't get the result the referee is bad. Coincidence, I think not. The only truly dodgy refereeing performance where even I thought there was something going on was Villa at home last season, to only be given 1 free kick in 90+ minutes is very suspicious.
  4. Not Jon Newsome

    John Marquis

    Wiki is about as reliable as a split condom, he's been fairly prolific for Donny but not someone I imagine would make the step up.
  5. Not Jon Newsome


    Disgraceful fans at it again, they hate seeing Reach do well so as soon as he has a bad game they all of a sudden remember their log in details.
  6. Not Jon Newsome


    He's scored 9 goals this season despite being an impact sub, more than any of ours.
  7. Not Jon Newsome

    Training times

    I hope the signatures are for a child and not yourself.
  8. Not Jon Newsome

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    Embarrassing, why do we have so many special fans?
  9. Not Jon Newsome

    The Star: Boyd's Turnaround

    Remember when a right midfielder was being played at left wing back.
  10. Not Jon Newsome


    We don't cover f*ck all.
  11. Not Jon Newsome

    van-aaken Hooper now reach Speculation

    It just baffles me how there's people on here who would rather cling onto Forestieri and sell Reach, I'd rather get 5M for FF than take 10M for Reach. Derisory in todays market.
  12. Not Jon Newsome

    van-aaken Hooper now reach Speculation

    I wouldn't take 10M, it's weird how some of our fans can't wait to sell Reach, it's almost as if they hate the fact he's proved you all wrong.
  13. Not Jon Newsome


    Feasibly score 10? The bloke can't get fit and hasn't played a game since 2017, not only that no one even knows what injury he's suffering with. As good as players like Hooper and Lee have been for us they are now draining our resources and holding us back, get rid ASAP.
  14. Not Jon Newsome

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Naaah ffs Luton will beat us now.
  15. Not Jon Newsome

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    If we get past Luton a home draw against Barnet is the best tie.