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  1. While we should be winning this I wouldn't read too much into it, we beat Benfica the other season and had a less than impressive start.
  2. Haha are you joking? As a club manager he's been dire, he only got the Welsh to the euros because they charitably extended the amount of teams who could qualify, and was carried by having one of the best players in the world at r time.
  3. Brizzle wtf, who even came up with that. I've seen the rumours that Bristol City are interested, wouldn't be surprised they have a sizable budget, especially with player sales over the last few years.
  4. Makes sense to give the fringe lads game time against the 4th division team and give the first choices the tougher test against the Bundesliga 2 side.
  5. I know it's only a friendly against 4th tier German opposition, but struggling to work out how that team is going to set up, 4-3-3 with Penney playing the Reach Role or a 4-4-2 with Penney wide right? Also surprised at how much game time Baker is getting this pre season, he's no where near good enough so must be making a good impression, for me Odubajo and Palmer are far better players, as is Iorfa but it looks like he's getting moved into a centre back.
  6. Forestieri isn't an out and out striker so I'd move Winnall on as he doesn't offer us anything different to what we've already got.
  7. The shirts are made tight fitting for athletes, any fatties should stick to baggy clothing and get to the gym.
  8. I'd like either a BAME or LGBT manager, or a female manager. I'm sure SIJ and the other PC police will agree with me.
  9. Thank God. Thought he could have been on Newcastle's shopping list.
  10. Couldn't afford him, plus City are probably a more attractive job right now.
  11. They were 7th in the league, about where the squad should have been in the play off picture. After sacking him they plummeted, I'd class that far from not doing well. His Forest side also beat us at their place last season, in fact I can't remember us every beating a Karanka side.
  12. We most definitely do not have a balanced squad.
  13. He's already employed, plus we haven't got the squad to play his way. Karanka has a promotion as well so don't get the snobbery, we are a second division club out of the top flight for 20 years, realism.
  14. Not a chance Lee Johnson would leave Bristol City to come here, they have more clout than is without the FFP restrictions. Alex Neil would cost a bomb in compensation.
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