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  1. Sean Clare

    Palmer ahead of Hunt? No way, Hunt is a proper wing back, Palmer isn't.
  2. Disgraceful, the club need to push this and get it investigated.
  3. Poor Game Management

    Judging him on 2 games, with a squad decimated by injuries. Idiocy amongst our fans never fails to amaze me.
  4. Young kids hear far worse at the match.
  5. Positive

    Sean Clare isn't even from Sheffield is he? Didn't we sign him from someone else.
  6. Did they cut him off? That's brilliant haha.
  7. Ever get the feeling

    Confidence looked far from shot today.
  8. Glenn Whelan

    Past his best but still a very good player.
  9. Ross Wallace

    Probably played his last game for the club. Couldn't write it.
  10. Can't have been today, Nuhiu held the ball up well and the assist for Clare's goal was excellent.
  11. Was it Over the Line?

    Haven't we got goalline technology?
  12. 1 free kick awarded all game, that must be a record. There needs to be some kind of investigation into corruption here. When he went over to Bruce in the second half he was probably reassuring him he was going to give them a penalty at some point.
  13. Thought Boyd was good today, Fox is far better at centre back.
  14. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Gave us one free kick all game, absolute joke. Needs to be some kind of investigation into this.
  15. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    Reach and Clare running it.