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  1. Not Jon Newsome

    The Wednesday Tap at Tramlines

    Far better watching it in the pub, what the club would pay in policing probably wouldn't make it worth it.
  2. Not Jon Newsome

    Ross Wallace on trial with Wigan Athletic

    Pound for pound one of the best signings we've made in the last decade, you just know he'll score a screamer opening day if he does sign for them...
  3. Not Jon Newsome

    Wigan tickets?

    Expect all season ticket holders that's want to go should get a ticket for this.
  4. Not Jon Newsome

    Wigan tickets?

    What are you on about, it's been a very quiet summer for Championship clubs.
  5. Not Jon Newsome

    The Westwood problem

    Westwood is our best keeper and unless we need to sell for FFP reasons he'd be my number 1, loan Wildsmith out for a season and Dawson becomes no 2. Personally feel Dawson is better than Wildsmith at the moment so the loan move for Wildsmith would be a good one for him.
  6. Not Jon Newsome

    Team vs Lincoln

    Quite sad that people read anything into these fitness exercises.
  7. Not Jon Newsome

    Team vs Lincoln

    Wouldn't read too much into team selection or formations, think it's going to be used purely as a fitness exercise. Sure we've got some behind closed doors games organised for the likes of Abdi, Fletcher and Hooper to get minutes.
  8. Not Jon Newsome

    Lincoln City - Our Starting Line Up.

    I thought it was sky sports 6 showing our friendlies?
  9. Not Jon Newsome

    Rhodes fails to score on debut

    Sad thread.
  10. Gary Madine went for 6M, and has scored less Championship goals, and this is our biggest rivals. Some of your lot need to give your head a shake and get used to his new inflated transfer market, ffs a player just went from Norwich for 20M.
  11. He'll have Ben Marshall supplying him with crosses, 20 goals for Rhodes next season.
  12. Not Jon Newsome

    #SWFC Training photos.

    This thread is so gay.
  13. Not Jon Newsome

    World Cup Beamback - Opportunity Missed

    Watch it in the boozer where the atmosphere is, like everyone else.
  14. Not Jon Newsome

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Full backs don't tend to go for massive fees, it's a good deal with his contract in the last year.