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  1. True, and they don't seem to be playing over the top of the fans with their own out of tune version.
  2. They've just started playing a song out of the Rocky films ffs.
  3. Is that out hideous abomination of a band at the Wales game or their own version? Brass bands at football games are as tinpot as them clappers clubs hand out.
  4. Happy he's not playing personally, bit harsh on Randolph too he's a very good goalkeeper.
  5. At the time Eastleigh were chucking money around like crazy, they had loads of players dropping down the league's like Ryan Cresswell to sign for them. 4k a week wont be far out. Since then Eastleigh's owner has lost interest in his toy and they are having to cut their cloth. Where do people get this idea that pay as you play contracts are a thing anyway?
  6. Funny how they dropped it to 9 points from 12, clearly don't want to be responsibly for relegating and financially ruining a football club.
  7. What a load of throw, let's take the 9 points now and we can spend whatever we want again in the summer.
  8. Because he's on a screw at Eastlieigh, bankrolled non league club.
  9. Yeah I can't see students paying the prices in the ground. so it's basically a freebie.
  10. We shouldn't be rewarding them for not being loyal ffs, should be other way round.
  11. No chance, what about the real fans who have paid for tickets. Not exactly fair to give some southern student with no care about Wednesday a free ticket coz they turned up to somat.
  12. Haha I love our fans sometimes. Lose a couple and you'll all be slitting your wrists again, have a bit of a level head ffs.
  13. Wasteman bum students weeing away tax payer money down town while studying their 'degree' in sport. Get a job.
  14. Unfortunately mate the season is 46 games not 16, a lot of ifs buts and maybes with our fans, but sadly the facts don't lie.
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