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  1. Not exactly true, you need the quality to go with it. All those clubs you've listed had a lot of good quality players as well as being hardworking, if all you needed was 11 hard workers we could get promoted with a load of Semedos and Chris O'Gradys.
  2. Think we paid about 300k and got a bit more back if my memory is right.
  3. Oh Adam Reach and Barry Bannan was good business too, we'd make big profits on Forestieri, Reach, Bannan Winnall and Joao if we sell for a fair price, may or may not happen but I'd be shocked if none of them are moved on considering the situation. Fact is it's only May and I won't be overreacting because of a load of rounduns from nob head Nixon. Chansiri also managed to make us a profit on Stevie May and Marnick Vermijl in the early days.
  4. Forestieri, Hooper, Ross Wallace, Lucas Joao, negotiating new contracts for numerous players over the years. It was the recruitment before 2016/17 that has crippled us.
  5. Probably because he played every week under him at Villa. For me it's the right type of signing, still young and a very good prospect, who under the right management will make us a lot of money. Far better business plan than signing over the hill has beens.
  6. Fix There aren't homeless crack heads going to away games, they only do a bit of sniff ffs.
  7. Him and Ajayi are their two best players don't let any bitter Miller fool you, they'll be gutted if he signed for us. 7 goals and 6 assists in an appalling side, he'd be a good addition as a squad player to push Lee, Bannan and Hutch, a big upgrade on Pelupessy.
  8. Correct, our fans let some players get away with murder but can't wait to jump on the back of others.
  9. Proved you wrong so call me a pig, I'd be a hardworking pig to be undercover for this many posts wouldn't I. Difference is I can look at things objectively and without bias.
  10. Explain how you can defend FF but when Gayle does it it's wrong then?
  11. The only people who find these crappy edits funny are the less mentally gifted amongst us.
  12. So it's now attention seeking to point out that we have a player that also is capable of 'bending the rules'? But seemingly no one has a problem with that. I wouldn't want Gayle here because firstly, it's absolutely ridiculous to even mention him, he wouldn't sign for us in a million years, and he's well out of our budget if we are wanting to run a more sustainable football club. But to claim you wouldn't take him for footballing reasons or cheating is just pure hypocrisy.
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