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  1. Let's take another look..

  2. We got a player on our hands!

    5M overpaid? Don't talk stupid we'd get about 8M back now the market is crazy.
  3. Goal of the Season Competition

    Reach V Forest is a very underrated goal, tough technique that.
  4. Forestieri appreciation thread

    Sadly a lot of people didn't realise how good he actually was till we didn't have him any more.

    Be shocked if Reach doesn't win.
  6. Gets mixed reviews from Sunderland fans, but all their players are usually called s5it so that says he's better than the rest. He's at a good age and it will have been great experience for him in the long run this season, only a year left on his deal I'd be quite positive if we signed him.
  7. Gossip

    I'd rather we sign quality from the German leagues, far better value. Top players in Leagues One and Two are going for millions these days.
  8. It's the very first #SWFC FANZONE today

    Better off staying in Rawson at £2.10 a pint.
  9. Todays Referee

    Didn't comment on the referees performance, just pointed out that fans tend to say the ref was good when we win. I'm on holiday which is why I didn't go, in not a part time season ticket refunder.
  10. Todays Referee

    Wasn't there today so couldn't say, but Reading fans will probably be saying the ref was cack.
  11. Todays Referee

    Isn't it funny that when we win the referee is always decent...
  12. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Palmer in for the final two games then, I'd like us to try and sign a new right back in the summer who's going to push Hunt a bit more as Palmer isn't good enough.
  13. Five wins in seven games

    Remember when all the muppets wanted him sacked, despite having 14 players injured...
  14. Wenger - could he do a job for us?

    He doesn't know the league so according to some on here Megson or another dinosaur is required.