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  1. Not Jon Newsome

    Forest Presser

    Definitely, think Joao has far more potential to be better though.
  2. Not Jon Newsome

    Pudil & Van Aken

    Pudil is back up left back in a back 4, Morgan Fox should be loaned out in January. Our cavemen have ruined his confidence, still only a young man so might do him good.
  3. Not Jon Newsome

    Kop children

    I don't like how you lot aren't taking this serious, these chav children are ruining the matchday experience, I'm going to have to spend more money next season and sit on the North with the coke hooligans.
  4. He goes to every game home and away, he's been back to Hillsborough since.
  5. Not Jon Newsome

    Kop children

    A lot of people smell farty as well on the Kop, like that Beres pork sarnie smell turns my stomach.
  6. Not Jon Newsome

    tom lees

    Your opinions are that of someone with learning difficulties though.
  7. Not Jon Newsome

    Kop children

    It's a disgrace one of them jumped on a full carton of milkshake and it exploded and went all down a ladies trousers as she went past. Don't want to offend the PC brigade but it's mainly the Chavs who are the offenders.
  8. Not Jon Newsome

    Kop children

    Before the game there is always a mass amount of young kids messing about and causing chaos along the walkway. Running around bumping into people kicking bottles of pop around. Can whoever owns these children keep them in their seat or somewhat restrained.
  9. Not Jon Newsome

    Where can this team finish?

    Transitional season, upper mid table would be fine.
  10. Not Jon Newsome

    Ryan Woods

    Hindsight, you can't slag CC off for signing Abdi one of the best players in this league at the time. Woods is class though, sat there today and watched him absolutely run midfield.
  11. Not Jon Newsome

    Is it just me

    You're probably from the Jurassic.
  12. Not Jon Newsome

    Is it just me

    Agree, sadly a lot of our fans don't appreciate the tactical side of the game or simply have no clue about it.
  13. Not Jon Newsome

    Is it just me

    Who thought Pelupessy had a good game? Never shied away always looked for the ball, even when the cretins had the knives out. He's no creativity but put in some good tackles and kept it moving.
  14. Not Jon Newsome

    James McLean

    IRA lover.