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  1. Not Jon Newsome

    A little persective on the Derby match.

    A 0-0 slaughtering Christ.
  2. Not Jon Newsome

    Mark Warburton

    Our fans are the most impatient in England.
  3. Not Jon Newsome

    Luhukay's Credentials

    Hahaha I love this bias English nonensence, Bundesliga same as the Championship? Foolish.
  4. Not Jon Newsome

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    And a month previous we were in promotion form, fickle fans. Football changes very quickly.
  5. Not Jon Newsome

    Adam Reach

    Christ, these Muppets can't stand the fact we've got a result last night so have to say something, I expected a sound beating when I saw the team line-up but I was chuffed to be wrong, be happy to be wrong for once.
  6. Not Jon Newsome

    Bannan last niight

    How can you expect a player like Bannan to have any influence when all we were doing was lumping the ball forward and hoping for the best?
  7. Not Jon Newsome

    Real Blades

    All the weirdos complaining, how many clear cut chances did they create tonight? ZERO.
  8. Good result, and results are all that counts. God why do I have to deal with fools all the time.
  9. Not Jon Newsome

    Jos out

  10. Not Jon Newsome

    Still dicraceful

    Considering we a mid table side, away against a side near the top, chuffed. What were you expecting, a win? HAHA
  11. Not Jon Newsome

    David Jones....did i hear correctly ?

    That sky commentary was disgusting, the commentator couldn't wait for them to score. Never seen anyone so excited about Kieron Freeman or Enda Stevens getting the ball.
  12. Not Jon Newsome

    Well Done, Dawson

    I've been thinking the same, everyone has been saying poor management but Jos knows them on a personal level. Dawson doesn't seem phased by anything, head never drops, and tonight he'll be feeling on top of the world. I like Wildsmith but Dawson has never dropped a b0llock like Joe.
  13. Lol. Lose that game and the simpletons would be out on force, top result stop trying to cry.
  14. Not Jon Newsome

    My take

    Enjoy the result you freak, I bet Matias didn't make a difference did he?
  15. Not Jon Newsome

    Andy Hinchcliffe

    Say what he wants, I'm loving these salty tears from pigs, apparently we're getting relegated.