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  1. Hardly wasted, we're 8 games into the season with players in his position with suspect injury records, he'll get his chance.
  2. Plenty of good managers are out of work a while, not saying Jos is a mastermind or anything but he's got both Hertha Berlin and Augsburg promoted out of the second division in Bundesliga, he also managed a 14th placed finish in the Bundesliga with his newly promoted Augsburg side. In Germany I reckon his stock is pretty decent.
  3. He was a bad manager for us, but clearly he's not a bad manager as he's done well at big clubs abroad.
  4. Aw Lee Davies, was Reach one of the offenders in Germany who didn't come over and personally rim your arse for 20 minutes after the match?
  5. This, he had the right idea bringing youth through but most of them weren't ready, and leaving out the old guard who had done a lot for the club clearly alienated the dressing room, in October last season we were sat 6th going into the international break, after that it was probably one of the worst 2 months watching Wednesday I can remember. His record in Germany is not to be sniffed at and he'll probably have St Pauli pushing for promotion at some point. Some clubs it doesn't work out, at others it does. Look at Brendan Rodgers at Reading for example.
  6. Now that's a proper tattoo. No SWFC tramp stamp, excellent work.
  7. I think we need someone more mobile alongside Fletcher, Monk played Adams and Juktiwitz (spelling) as a front two at Birmingham, think Winnall and Fletcher are a little too similar with Fletcher being the better hold up man.
  8. If Penney performs well for St Pauli I wonder what will happen to him here, out of contract in the summer and with European rules the Germans could snap him up for pretty much zero tribunal fee.
  9. Monk alluded to how he may potentially be making changes to the formation going forward, we were well organised at Huddersfield, and have managed to keep 3 clean sheets in 7 games which isn't bad, but still slightly disjointed going forward, Reach at the centre of a 4-2-3-1 or as a kind of shadow striker didn't really work we looked far better when he was back out wide. Monk liked a 4--4-2 at Birmingham but I'd be surprised if we go with just Bannan and Hutchinson in the centre against a team like Fulham, they've had a decent start themselves and with the players they've got I expect them to really kick on as the season goes on, they should have beaten West Brom on Saturday. Can see us going with a 4-2-3-1 with Murphy dropping out for Lee or Luongo. Mitrovic is probably the best centre forward in this league so the centre backs will have to be strong and its very important the full backs stop the crosses into the box which he thrives on. Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Hutchinson Lee Reach Bannan Harris Fletcher
  10. That's a very strong line up from Cardiff, Curtis Nelson who they've just signed from Oxford starting too.
  11. Not for me, he ran into the legs and fell over, far from a stonewaller.
  12. That was never a penalty in a million years, ref got it spot on. If that was given against us I'd be fuming.
  13. Hes definitely capable but he's not producing at the minute, if it's confidence or a mental issue I'm not sure. But for now he drops out of the team for Lee or Luongo and Reach goes out wide.
  14. Losing culture there is going to be hard to break, not turned a game around from a losing position since 2016, absolutely devoid of any confidence and the players they brought in summer of 2018 before their second premier season has killed them. 20 million for lads like that Diakabhy and Mbenza who don't look any good at this level even. Not many players left from their promotion winning side either. I think they'll do a Sunderland/Wolves.
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