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  1. Football Heaven Boycott

    It'd help if the people who rung in went to games, ringing in and saying 'I haven't been today but we were garbage on the radio' or 'I haven't been today but our lad has told me' makes for bad listening.
  2. They really are a thick bunch

    How do people listen to that programme? It's full of absolute mongos with half of them not even going to the matches, can't listen to it for more than 5 minutes without wanting to lob the radio out the window.
  3. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Not here but he's done it at Watford, we'd have to play a different formation to accommodate that but while ever we play a 4-4-2 wide left is his best position in this system. When he plays up front he's totally wasted as he can't get involved in the game enough and for me he's not really got a strikers instincts.
  4. Fernando Forristieri injury

    With FF playing wide left or behind the strikers we are a better team, anyone that can't see that is blinded by their dislike for him.
  5. David Jones

    He also shouts take him out, player puts in a tackle and he then goes on to berate player for the foul. He's a simpleton just like all the others who abuse our own players.
  6. David Jones

    Who was the nob head at the top of the Kop shouting get it forward, then we get it forward and then shouts keep it down last night? We've got some r8 idiot fans.
  7. David Jones

    Because he doesn't run around the pitch like a maniac like Hutchinson (who I rate highly), some fans just don't take to him. Sadly a lot of our fans also don't understand football and don't see how important his role in the team is at this moment in time, to them everything's black and white. Not as flashy but he's a solid 7/10 player every game at the minute and keeps it ticking over in midfield.
  8. Adam Reach

    Sadly our fans are too quick to write off players, just watching West Ham and Michail Antonio was another one who got dogs abuse at times on here. Turned out well selling him.
  9. Team 4 Brentford

    Westwood Hunt Lees Van Aken Reach Wallace Jones Butterfield Bannan Hooper Rhodes Butterfield to play the Kieran Lee role from Saturday and get up to support the two strikers.
  10. Team 4 Brentford

    Why are some people saying we should make about 6/7 changes?! We're playing a very decent Championship side not a League Two side at home in the cup. Don't let their league position make you think this is an easy game, these are a more than capable side and won't be anywhere near the bottom 3 come May. Sadly I think this mentaility will be in the stands tomorrow night and the morons will be out in force If we're not 2-0 up at half time.
  11. Adam Reach

    Agreed, I wasn't a fan of Bannan playing left midfield last season as it seemed to leave us with a lack of width, this season he's been more like 15/16 Bannan and with a more athletic full back in Reach behind him it's working very well.
  12. Adam Reach

    I think he's been one of our best players this season and looks a diamond at left back, he has all the attributes to be a top modern day full back and is at the right age to delevop. I know he's had a lot of stick but he's looking more and more like a sound investment every week.
  13. Half Time Fighting On Concourse Name & shame

    Shame there isn't more of this on the Kop, would be brilliant.
  14. Jones the quiet man