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  1. Why is this one up front thing so bad? If the players behind get up in support it works well, why do you think so many top teams play with one? Dinosaurs.
  2. Why do people feel the need to exaggerate transfer fees, it was 8M. Just like Reach wasn't 7M and Van Aken wasn't 4M.
  3. God no, can't stand people who feel the need to sit chatting when you don't know each other, rather sit in silence.
  4. Glad the fatty has been banned, makes us look tacky and just sums the kops clientele up. Having to look at that hideous physique should be enough to ban him never mind the rest.
  5. Dotty where are you? I'm lumping on an away win tomorrow.
  6. Just shows you it's the draws that kill you in this league.
  7. Don't expect Lees will be back until after the international break, also wouldn't surprise me if Fletcher is saved for then if Winnall and Nuhiu do well tonight.
  8. We should go looking for the 3 points, if we come back with 1 I'm also happy. The Championship as we all know is so unpredictable, this season there is no stand out team, there's not one game we go into where I'm extremely confident of winning or any game too tough where I'm certain we'll lose.
  9. Totally agree with the Kop statement, I can actually smell the odour of universal credit pertruding from some of them.
  10. We've not had enough goals spread amongst the team for a long time, Lee used to be good for 8 a season but if he can retain that remains to be seen, Bannan and Hutchinson provide a couple a season if you are lucky, even the centre backs don't seem to chip in with many. Reach Joao and Fletcher have pretty much carried us for the goalscoring in the last 2 years.
  11. Have you got a time machine and gone back to 2014? Have you not seen the hideously inflated market, 4M for Reach would be a joke.
  12. And how many of those 24 belong to us? Fact is he's one of our most creative players and when on form is one of the first names in the team.
  13. So you miss all the assists he brings to the team too? Also the fact that multiple managers have played him and trusted him in positions completely alien to him suggest how good he is.
  14. Even without the wonder goals you have to be a fool to let his start to the season blind you to all the other things he brings to the team.
  15. Then thank God you aren't in charge of transfers.
  16. Crikey that Everton line up should beat our line up pretty comfortably.
  17. Just shows you how much luck and a clear pathway you need to make it as a player, the player for your position getting injured, having the right manager, one little thing can completely derail a career.
  18. One game at a time, try and stay with the pack going into January. Let's try and get past Everton first.
  19. Same as the bloke who sent Forestieri off for being cut in half at Hull.
  20. Hope he takes his chance, same for anyone that comes in.
  21. Wouldn't make too many changes, probably 4 for me. Dawson, Thorniley, Luongo and Nuhiu in for Westwood, Borner, Hutchinson and Fletch. Think Luongo deserves a chance to start as does Adthe after his recent performances. Then again if we go full strength I'll be very happy, really want us to win this one.
  22. Hutchinson is one of those players that wont get away with anything from refs, you'll see him get booked for the slightest thing that other's wont.
  23. Bit early for this, not many would have given Liam Palmer a new one this time last season, but now he's one of the first names on the team sheet.
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