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  1. You'd have thought so mate, some of these kids they get working behind the tills aren't the brightest though. Hope you get refunded.
  2. He's looked poor, seems a real lack of confidence, when he had the chance to run with the ball last night it was slow motion. The slating of Reach is a bit much, clearly the idiots from his first season have had to wait a few years for a chance to stick the boot in.
  3. In fairness to Dawson this is a big ask to come in a few minutes before kick off, he won't have been mentally prepared and these are probably the biggest team in the league.
  4. We're far better than them on the floor, they are very much a percentage and set piece team, cut out any silly fouls in and around the box and we should be fine. Morrison and Flint are huge at the back, big ask for Fletcher to dominate those two.
  5. How the f*ck wasn't Peltier booked for that challenge on Harris, had that been Fox on Mendez-Laing he'd have had the card out straight away.
  6. Most likely be Hutchinson who'd volunteer if Dawson goes off, mans got the character.
  7. Can see a similar result to the Hull game, would take a point.
  8. If he's definitely seen it's said the supposed price then fair enough, just when it comes to contactless payments a lot of people, myself included tend to just scan the card without much thought. Hopefully he gets his refund, contactless is supposed to speed things up and make things more convenient so it's a ball ache when anything like this happens.
  9. No, just go to the football/soccer section, find the game you want, you'll have to close off a few pop ups/tabs but it's good. Vipbox has a really good HD quality option.
  10. https://vipbox.live https://firstsrowsports.tv/soccer My go too websites for streaming, watch pretty much any televised match on these, just close the popups.
  11. It tells you how much you are paying on the card machine, check it before you put your card against it.
  12. I wouldn't be bothered either way, I'm not the offended type.
  13. Kirby in the Macclesfield starting 11 again against Port Vale.
  14. Anyone who knows anything about football knows what he brings to the team.
  15. Clearly a very smart guy, think after he's retired he should go into co commentary for Sky Sports/BT. If it saves me having to listen to the likes of Adam Virgo and Chris Sutton he should be forced.
  16. Always thought it's a bit of a miracle how they survive at that level, and it isn't a fluke considering they were relegated a few years ago and managed to get back up again. Seeing the likes of Dundee, Dundee United in the Championship and Falkirk in League One is also surprising. I think if the likes of St Mirren, St Johnstone, Hamilton were replaced by those 3 the league would probably become more attractive.
  17. To be fair to Edinburgh, yes the standard of the top flight isn't that strong, and Hamilton get lower gates than most National League Clubs, but I actually enjoy watching the matches. Especially the ones with either of the Old Firm playing away, Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen are also respectable sized clubs and the atmosphere in the ground is usually better than at most Championship matches. Adding the relegation play off spot has also livened up the season a bit. The national team really are a shambles though, Russia are probably a C standard international side and they've hammered them, the Kazakhs are even worse.
  18. Think it did Dawson and Thorniley good, both are good enough at this level. Penney seems to be doing the business in Germany now as well so hopefully we can sort him a contract out. Kirby performing well at Macclesfield too, but think League One would be his next logical step up.
  19. Baker would struggle for a weekly start in League Two, it's a shame for Thorniley as he's clearly very talented and will have a good career, but at the minute he's not going to get a look in, but he's too important to be loaned out in case of an injury crisis.
  20. Milan have been crap for years, Inter not much better but they seem to be sorting themselves out now.
  21. Henderson is very talented and will have a good career, but he still makes a large amount of howlers. Not ready for an England call up.
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