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  1. Absolutely brilliant tonight at Wembley, they've got the atmosphere rocking. Need to be at the top of the Kop on Saturday.
  2. Maybe we didn't want to give Nuhiu away as he offers something different to the others, Winnall is too similar to Fletcher so was the obvious one to make way for now. Football isn't black and white.
  3. Agree, Forestieri should never play as a striker again in my opinion he's wasted there.
  4. Bang on, the guys barely played any football this season and he gets more abuse than he has ever had before. The simpletons are using his inclusion on the bench as another stick to beat the club and Carlos with, almost as embarrassing as the full grown blokes kicking off because they can't buy a football shirt yet.
  5. Not everyone will agree that's fair enough but it's no coincidence to me that most of our strikers have had their best goal scoring periods alongside Nuhiu.
  6. Jon Newsome was my favourite player that's why I chose the name
  7. Indeed, he comes on and we get 2 goals and create a shed load of chances.
  8. Worst thing is this is a genuine correct opinion and the Nuhiu haters can't stand it.
  9. When did I say that, I said he should be starting which is 100% right.
  10. No that is unesccary, my point is reasonable for the short term though.
  11. Nuhiu would walk into League One sides.
  12. Well that's the point, he comes in the team we create more chances.
  13. Definitely, we are far too one dimensional without Nuhiu in the side and easy to defend against. Adthe won't score many but his presence on the pitch will create plenty, the first season Carlos was here he was a pretty consistent fixture in the team and we scored a lot of goals.
  14. No wind up just speaking the truth.
  15. He creates a lot more space while he's on the pitch and we seem to create more chances, it's no coincidence that we score more goals with him in the team IMO.
  16. For me he should be the first striker on the team sheet, it's a fact we score more goals when he's in the team and think he'd be brilliant with Hooper/Rhodes.
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