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  1. If that's what I was doing, which I'm not, then I'd be one of the best considering the abuse I'm getting for having a correct opinion.
  2. Why have a lot of the posts been removed?
  3. Westwood Hunt-Lees-Van Aken- Reach Hutchinson Bannan-Lee Abdi/FF Rhodes-Hooper Nuhiu should be in there but he won't sadly.
  4. Never understood the stick he gets, probably the best left back in the league and second name on the team sheet after Nuhiu imo.
  5. The ones using Winnall being loaned out as a reason to bash Nuhiu is the one I'm finding strangest.
  6. Westwood Hunt Lees Van Aken Pudil Boyd Bannan Jones Reach Hooper Fletcher Carlos will go with that in 4-4-2 again which is definitely not the formation to get the best out of the squad we have.
  7. Now now there is no need for that, I've put across a reasonable point and I get called a piece of bobbar?
  8. Nuhiu has for me been one of the best strikers of the last 15 years we've had.
  9. Honestly believe Akpo would have played for England had he not been so unfortunate with injuries.
  10. Akpo was a top quality striker, criminally underrated by many just like Nuhiu. I wouldn't have been against putting him on the 150th anniversary Dream Scene.
  11. Im a Carlos fan, but you can't sign 2 new centre backs, one for a decent fee, and carry on playing a left back there. Pudil being at centre back cost us the goal at Burton, getting outjumped in the penalty area, can't see Van Aken losing many arial battles.
  12. Hillsborough needs the band, they earn us another 20 points a season with their relentless support.
  13. Dont see the problem, they are talented musicians why should we be singled out to hog all the pleasure? Plus a girl has to earn a living.
  14. John Hemmingham and his professional musicians put in a lot of work, and contribute massively to the atmosphere at Hillsborough, they were one of the big reasons in England's come back tonight. It's a shame we can't get a band in each stand.
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