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  1. Adam Reach will be the new Chris Brunt/Glenn Whelan, took dogs abuse off the portion of our fans who have no idea, we'll probably sell him for an absolute fortune and he'll play rest of his career in the top flight.
  2. Linesman has ruled out the goal of the season, the football in the build up there was something you expect from Tottenham.
  3. I find it more worrying that he's clocked up nearly 2,500 posts on another clubs forum.
  4. Find it cringe that we see Leeds as some form of rival, might be an age thing but I don't see them as any more of a Derby game than Hull City. Leeds don't care about us so why are we bothered. Feel just as satisfied as I would if we'd just beat Cardiff or Brentford.
  5. Without any bias that game on another day could have eclipsed the 6 we put past them in 2014, hit the bar and post, perfectly good goal disallowed, keepers made a couple decent saves and last ditch blocks...
  6. Looked shaky last few games but he'll learn from it, can tell he's got some serious quality and he's only young. Wouldn't be against throwing Loovens back in alongside Lees for a spell when he's fit but Van Aken always looking forward for a pass improves the tempo of the team.
  7. If we play the diamond we played today Forestieri would be unreal behind Hooper and Fletcher.
  8. Anyone that says he's useless doesn't know anything about football.
  9. Carlos will not forget the disloyalty most Wednesday fans show him I'm sure, he said as much last season when he was getting abuse before we went and won 6 in a row.
  10. I think the major difference today was how quickly we moved the ball, 1 or 2 touches and it was gone. Sometimes we take 3 or 4 touches with lack of movement and teams get back in position to defend easier, as much as I like Loovens as a defender he's the worst one for dallying on the ball.
  11. In top 3 performers this season along with Bannan and Hooper. Hunt not far behind either.
  12. Every time the knives are out on here he pulls a result out, wouldn't surprise me if we go on a winning run now. Then we'll lose a game and they'll be wanting him out again.
  13. Referee did well today, got the decisions right and kept his cards in his pocket. The linesman however needs demoting to the National league next week.
  14. I think the system is very important, having that player at the top of the diamond just behind the strikers makes such a big difference, especially when we have goal scoring midfielders in the squad that we've been under utilising. Jones is far better at the base as well, would suit Hutchinson perfectly in that role.
  15. Were my eyes mistaken or was that a diamond we were playing today not a generic 4-4-2, it needs to stay for the rest of the season especially at home.
  16. Good young keeper, made a few mistakes last season but he was great the year before while Westwood was out. Still think he and Dawson both need to go out on loan and play week in week out, Jake Kean is more than capable of warming the bench.
  17. Boring and predictable, we won't start playing until the second half when we're behind, no width in the team, no supply to the strikers. Dreading this.
  18. If Hutch and Loovens are fit they should come back in, take Van Aken out of the firing line for a bit, we need to change formation to get the best out of this time but we all know we won't do that so it'll probably be... Wildsmith Hunt Loovens Lees Fox Wallace Hutchinson Lee Bannan Hooper Fletcher Would like to see- Wildsmith Hunt Hutchinson Loovens Lees Reach Lee Butterfield Bannan Hooper Fletcher
  19. He's spot on, he can't win anyway because if he come out talking about our 'massive fans' people would slate him for that. No doubt the knives will be out tomorrow when the first pass goes astray.
  20. Let's sack a manager that's had us finish 6th and 4th and replace him with a bloke who took years to get Grimsby out of the conference, and who's just had a purple patch at Shrewsbury, boggles the mind.
  21. I'm currently under no illusion that Carlos isn't getting the best out of this squad at the moment, and his tactics are leaving a lot to be desired. But some of the abuse on here is ridiculous, this is a man who's had us finish in the top 6 the last 2 seasons, and we're 10 games in why not have a little bit of faith, before the game against United we were all confident, 2 games doesn't make a season. I could understand a change in manager if the names touted were decent, some of them on here are abysmal, what the hell would Gary Megson be able to do with our best set of actual footballers in 15 years? Roy Keane was a pearler. Birmingham are supposed to have bucket loads of cash and the market for good managers at the minute is that low, they've settled for Steve Cotterill ffs. I'd rather we stick with what we've got than sack Carlos and settle for someone garbage just for the sake of change...
  22. I think it's got to the stage where people are thinking anyone is better than Carlos, some of the suggestions have been laughable.
  23. Aging squad? The team that went out tonight- Wildsmith- 21 Hunt- 26 Lees- 26 Van Aken- 23 Fox- 24 Bannan- 27 Lee- 29 Butterfield- 27 Reach- 24 Fletcher- 30 Hooper- 29 How the hell have we got an aging squad? The rest of the squad is also within their prime years, the problem is we have recruited poorly and refused to address the issue of pace, therefore making us very one dimensional and easy to play against. After tonight it's fairly clear that Carlos isn't getting the best out of this squad and I've been a big backer of his as well, if we don't beat Leeds he'll be gone.
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