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  1. Sadly other clubs fans see's them as the Sheffield Wednesday band, I always feel uncomfortable when our fans slate other clubs for having things like clappers and goal music when we have a bloody brass band on the Kop.
  2. Definitely need to play the diamond with Reach at left back, could do with Loovens back though to compensate for Bolton's aerial power, they will bombard the box with long throws and crosses, definitely not a team to give cheap free kicks away too. If we play like we did against Leeds we'll win, make a slow start and Bolton's confidence will build and they'll grow into the game. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Reach Lee Jones Bannan Wallace Hooper Fletcher
  3. If we played through the international break we'd be missing Westwood, Bannan and Fletcher. I'd rather we wait for our best players to come back to be honest.
  4. They are a disgrace, I've always wondered if they are aware of the fans views of them but I doubt they will be bothered. Chansiri needs to ban their trumpets.
  5. Love listening to the ones who don't go complain about TPP, one of my mates last year said it's not fair there should be a free for all so everyone has a chance of going... It's the fairest system, rewards the ones who go and put their money in, while the ones who don't go can still attend but they've got to build their TPP up by attending less glamorous games such as early road cup ties and trips to Reading/Ipswich/Norwich/Weekday games. i also don't see anything wrong with what the OP says, as long as they aren't being sold for profit they've built the TPP to buy the tickets so let them get them, not like the people with low TPP would get them anyway.
  6. Like I've said before it's concerning how adult men are so worried about a football shirt, they shouldn't be wearing it anyway.
  7. Massive revolt at the next home game, rip the seats out and mob justice to get the band off the Kop.
  8. I'd also argue having the band makes our fans more lazy as they just let the band start songs and inflate their egos.
  9. I find the problem that it's tinpot and embarrassing more a problem.
  10. We're not allowed to take flags in the ground but their allowed to take them big daft brass things in, not reyt.
  11. Is there anyway we can get someone to bring this up at the steering group meetings, a brass band at a football match deary me.
  12. Serious embarrassment to our club, why do we still accept them?
  13. What an atmosphere they are making at Wembley, place is rocking.
  14. Why are fully grown blokes so obsessed with this shirt lark, so pathetic leave it for the kids.
  15. The Pigs and Preston are most likely to drop out, Cardiff haven't got great strength in depth so depends on injuries, Wolves will be right up there and Bristol City have a good squad that underachieved last season, so wouldn't surprise me if they were in and around it at the end of the season. The pre season favourites with the bigger squads will climb up there over the winter period as injuries and suspensions kick in.
  16. I remember Jimmy Bullard giving an interview a while back, he said he never had any injuries then for some reason he turned 27 and he was never not injured the body just catches up with you. But if Carlos says he's in full training I'll stick to that story, even if we can get 60 minutes out of him when needed that's better than nowt, quality footballer.
  17. I heard from a bloke called Jon he was considering retirement a few weeks back.
  18. Got tickets for both quite easily. I was worried they wouldn't make Tuesday afternoon as well.
  19. Probably Hutch in for Jones but the good thing is this season, Jones is doing well so we don't need to rush him back in. Let him recover fully first.
  20. Fletcher to get double figures with Hooper hitting 20+, Rhodes and Joao coming in and getting goals as well. Our striking options are crazy.
  21. Maybe it's an age thing mate, I'm only in my 20s so I never saw the dirty Leeds that were good back in the day, they've only ever been as useless as we have during my lifetime!
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