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  1. I've said it before, Wednesday fans love Hutchinson because he runs around like a headless chicken, which either results in a red card or him getting injured. Don't get me wrong Hutchinson is a quality player and if it wasn't for his injury issues wouldn't be playing for us, but Jones gets a lot of flack because he isn't a headless chicken despite being the far more reliable out of the pair. His record speaks for itself, calm head in the middle, keeps his position well, and rarely gives the ball away, been there and done it more than enough as well.
  2. No it's just a bit childish that swear words are filtered out, North Korea talk as the pigs call it.
  3. Also for me only those with 500+ TPP should be allowed to ask questions, as the part timers are just gonna waste questions complaining about ticket prices and how TPP isn't fair.
  4. No not at all, but as stated before we are averaging 27,000 fans a game in the second division, the ticket prices aren't keeping fans away like some are making out. We can't expect the level of investment we've been given to come for free.
  5. That's alright then, could do with Winnall banging them in then!
  6. Every team at the bottom claims they should have more points than they have, we could do the same thing. If we get off to a good start and go at them like we did against Leeds we'll win, they are going to be low on confidence so don't let them grow into the game. Their best route to a goal will be set pieces so don't go giving away daft free kicks.
  7. I doubt Winnall will be coming back here, I expect there will be something in place already for at the end of the loan, it'll be a straight swap between Winnall and Butterfield.
  8. Ffs the last transfer window has only just shut, can't be arsed with another just gives the wingers an excuse to pipe up again.
  9. Probably just do what most normal people do when they are off work, get p5ssed and stay in bed longer.
  10. Thorniley and Clare's loan deals are going really well, plenty of game time and their impressing. Be great if Stobbs starts Saturday after a good performance for the reserves, I'd be shocked if he doesn't feature now actually, the others have all had a chance and not done much. Be good if we could get some more out in January, Penney for one, but make sure he's going to a club he's got a chance of playing at.
  11. Same team that played against Leeds, Hunt won't be fit so Palmer will come in.
  12. Really winds me up how people love pandering to students, the idea of giving away free tickets to them is like saying to somebody who goes to work, you pay for this loaf of bread, but here you can have this for nowt, you can have it for free. To be fair it's the norm for this country. I'd rather we focus on getting the youth of Sheffield in, not a bunch of southerners that will take the free tickets and bugger off back down south when their course is over.
  13. Because I work and have to pay for it, students go out and get hammered every night and get everything cheaper and now people wanting to give them free stuff. Nah.
  14. No way should we give free tickets away to students, I've paid a bloody fortune for my season ticket and they get everything else cheaper in life as well. It's not a charity.
  15. Not always as simple as that though, right place right time. I'd even send him to the Conference, standard isn't much different to lower end of League Two.
  16. Wednesday fans are always too quick to judge players and slate them for not being good enough, it's a common theme here, we have a real caveman element to our fan base.
  17. The day they create a closed shop super league is the day I stop bothering with football, the commercial side and social media is ruining the game.
  18. I'd probably look at recalling Jack Stobbs if he still isn't getting any game time in January, and send him somewhere else. Port Vale have a massive squad for that level so he may find it difficult.
  19. Clare was quiet, that Gillingham team is 100% getting relegated absolutely awful so hard to really judge. He looks tidy on the ball but a little bit lightweight in the tackle, Gillingham have been playing him just behind the striker.
  20. Last time I went to to Bolton the train platform was packed full of Wednesday, and the train ride back was like being a tinned sardine, going to wait a bit longer this time, go for a drink and wait for it all to blow over.
  21. I am fairly sure United don't actually own their own stadium? I know who I'd rather be.
  22. My tickets come through other day I'm sat on row 0, hope it's not raining.
  23. Westwood is one of the best keepers in the league if not the best, sounds like he's been playing with injury lately which may have contributed to some of his mistakes, Wildsmith is a promising young keeper but needs to go out on loan in January to a League One side for rest of season. Jake Kean has more than 50 appearances at this level more than good enough to warm bench while our younger players get experience.
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